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A complaint to the Ukiah Planning Commission that they sometimes take too long making decisions and bringing them to the City Council for consideration. The Daily Journal reports the Commission Chair Mike Whetzel saying at a meeting with the Community Development Director Craig Schlatter, he was given the news. Whetzel had some ideas about speeding things up since there’s new technology to help with that. One commissioner saying when things are not clear they kick the ideas back for more consideration before bringing to the council. Another commissioner saying she was offended there was a complaint. The talk at the commission’s meeting Wednesday about how to use technology and work more closely with the city council’s ad-hoc committee and be in closer contact with the council on projects as they come along.

Two people have been injured after a fire breaks out at the Albion River Inn. The fire early this morning in a cottage on the Mendocino Coast. The Press Democrat reports one person may have had burns and suffered from smoke inhalation. Firefighters show up to the cottage totally engulfed in flames with the two people suffering from smoke inhalation. The victims taken to Mendocino Coast District Hospital as the fire’s investigated.

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors having a public hearing on the county’s Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinance (CCLUO) and Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR). The supervisors to consider some changes to county code to accommodate the new legal recreational market. The current permit application deadline was at the end of 2016, but now the county will allow new applications for commercial cannabis activities, including cultivation. There will be more places where it can be grown, have standards for the smell it can leave behind, and where the gardens can be located. Plus they’re considering a cap on the number of growing permits to be allowed based on watersheds.


Fort Bragg has their new city manager. Tabatha Miller has been sworn in by the Mayor. It happened Monday night at the City Council meeting in ceremony, but Miller was officially sworn in before she started work March 5th. The Advocate reports Miller had visited the area last summer for a few days and decided she liked the area enough to move there and find a job. She says when the opportunity came up, she went for it.

The latest budget for the Fort Bragg Unified School District has been approved unanimously. The Board of Trustees combed through the second interim budget report last week and made some changes to it. The revisions to be sent to the Mendocino County Office of Education, and it could change again after that. Cuts of more than $400,000 next year and about $350,000 the next two years after that. That includes the loss of some positions at Dana Gray Elementary School, cuts to after-school transportation for the KUDOS program and no more broadcasting of meetings by Mendocino TV.

The new agricultural commissioner in Mendocino County has resigned. Reports that Joe Moreo was only on the job five days after finding out it wasn’t quite what he thought it would be. He was the agricultural commissioner in Modoc County and took the job here, but reportedly thought he would be move in charge of the county’s cannabis programs. At the same time, this past Tuesday the county cannabis program director presented the Board of Supervisors an overview of the cannabis program. There’s been 847 applications for cannabis cultivation, 87 permits issued and 25 approved.

The consultant Mendocino County hired to help with homelessness has a town hall gathering. Last night at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center, Robert Marbut, Jr. told the crowd there have to be changes. He says instead of arresting people on the streets, there needs to be the opposite approach, treatment programs. Marbut reportedly speaking to many service providers, police officers and the homeless themselves. He found folks working in the arena get along well, some of his recommendations were already being implemented, and the number of homeless was lower than thought. But he says there has to be an awareness of who’s experiencing homelessness, no duplicate services, better data and more beds for substance abuse and mental health treatment are needed among other ideas.

After the recovery from the five year drought in Calif. we’re back at it. The amount of water in urban areas has gone down for the seventh time in eight months. The State Water Resources Control Board not putting mandatory water conservation into effect, but looking for residents to continue to be conservative with consumption. Urban residents had cut only .8 percent of their water use in January, as opposed to more than 20 percent a year before. But there’s been little rain this year compared to last and more hot days, especially in Southern Calif.

A former Lakeport sports official still held on bail for alleged sexual misconduct. The Lake County Probation Dept. set bail at $155,000 for Bradley Pendleton who’s in jail accused of sexual misconduct with at least one underage girl. He’s accused of rape by force, violence, duress, menace or fear, two counts of lewd act with a defendant 10 years older than the child and two counts of victim being under 18 years. This after an investigation last May after reports about Pendleton between 2010 and 2017 meeting with girls while he was a sports official at local middle and high school basketball games.

A man from Clearlake Oaks accused of murder has been extradited to Pennsylvania. Court papers say Christian Ian Michael Meiler, who was considered a fugitive from justice from PA, gets that order dropped and the court had already dismissed the murder charge against him for insufficient evidence. But Meiler was still in jail because of that warrant in Pennsylvania which he’ll have to answer now.

A man in Middletown accused of having child pornography pleads no contest. The Record Bee reports Lee Buckmaster was charged with possessing obscene material of a minor and possessing over 600 indecent images of minors. The Lake County Probation Department will decide on the sentencing and Buckmaster is set for sentencing April 9th.

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office releasing their report on what happened last week at the Veterans Home in Yountville where a former patient was accused of holding hostages and killing them and himself. The office says Albert Wong of Sacramento, a former resident at the Pathway Home, held three women who worked for the program for hours and killed them. They’re identified as Jennifer Golick of St. Helena, the Pathway Home clinical director; Christine Loeber of Napa, the Pathway Home executive director; and Jennifer Gonzales Shushereba of Napa, a clinical psychologist with the San Francisco Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, who was pregnant. There was not confirmation the day of the incident last Friday it was indeed Wong, now law enforcement is confirming he killed them and himself.

A debris removal company from Florida working to get Coffey Park residents home again after the October firestorm that took down the neighborhood in Santa Rosa. The Press Democrat reports the Coffey Strong neighborhood group announcing work with the Florida company, AshBritt, along with a nonprofit, Rebuild North Bay. The three working to tear down some walls that were wrecked by the fire. Ashbritt donating money towards the cost of the wall. 5-foot-tall walls of concrete and wood damaged by the Tubbs fire. The fire burned down more than 1,200 homes in the Coffey Park neighborhood. 24 people in the county were killed during the October fires and 5,200 homes were in ashes.

A man who didn’t know how to drive an electric car gets into a violent confrontation trying to steal it anyway. Police in Austin, TX say Cory Patrick’s now charged with robbery by assault, a felony for which he could get 20 years in prison. The owner of a Chevy Bolt says the guy tried taking his car at a stop sign, ordering him out of the car, smashing a window, then climbing inside. The driver says he struggled but didn’t want to die, but when Patrick tried driving away, he couldn’t. A witness saw the whole thing and grabbed a machete and ran to help the victim. Patrick got out and was held by the witness until cops got there.



A man from Northern California who wildlife officers say shot more than 130 hawks and other legally protected birds of prey on his land has been charged under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. California Department of Fish and Wildlife managers say they got an anonymous call about the shootings near the town of Standish in Lassen County. It happened on the man’s land, but Richard Parker was charged anyway. Officers say he left the carcasses on the ground and say they don’t know what motivated the man. Birds of prey apparently help farmers keep rodents away and it’s against state law to kill them. Officers say it looks like most of the birds were red-tailed hawks, but there was an owl, one magpie songbird, and a migratory ferruginous hawk. The chief of law enforcement for the state wildlife agency says the killings were unprecedented and it might take years for the population of raptors to recover.

A man in Fort Bragg arrested after reports of a burglary and vandalism. Police say they got a call from someone at Calvary Chapel Church saying someone broke in and they thought they might still be in the church with the door inside barricaded. Cops get to the scene and check the building and find nobody inside, then find whoever did break in, got inside and set off several fire extinguishers which covered the inside and all over expensive office equipment with the fire retardant powder. Cops say there were multiple ceiling tiles damaged and broken, and water and cases of soda poured on chairs, the floor, and walls of the sanctuary. Police say there were reports that the night before a man had busted into a clergy members home so they think it was the same guy, 25 year old Dylan Morris, who later admitted he was the one who broke in and damaged the church. He’s arrested and awaits his arraignment.

A little closer for Mendocino County’s supervisors and their work to get cannabis regulations to align with state law. The work’s been ongoing, but at their board meeting this week, supervisors gave their approval for the updated commercial cannabis ordinance. But it’s still a waiting game as the second reading did not happen as anticipated this week. The board’s accepted the changes from Community Development Department staff which still needed to be approved before the second reading. Some changes were small like crosses T’s and dotting I’s but there were also more major changes too, like removing a requirement for a zoning permit related to apartments and mobile home parks. And they discussed having the sheriff’s department do necessary background checks on businesses. Now the board should have the second reading and any necessary changes at the meeting next week.


A woman in Covelo’s been arrested after a reported burglary at an auto parts store. Mendocino County Deputies get a call to an alarm going off at the Napa Auto Parts store and saw the windows in the building had been broken by a rock being tossed into it. Deputies speaking to neighbors find Eraina Davis had been seen in the area when the alarm went off. They found her nearby staggering and said she had blood on her hands and face and lacerations on her face, a hand and leg. She was treated at the scene for the injuries and arrested for the broken window. They also found she’d been arrested before and had warrants and was on probation and not allowed to drink alcohol. She was charged with felony vandalism and the probation violation and held on $20,000.00 bail.

A woman in Gualala’s been arrested, police say she attacked the father of her child, the man she was living with. Deputies say the man told them he was arguing with Kimiyo Jones and the argument got heated and she physically assaulted him and bit his arm. They say he had visible injuries that matched the description of what he said happened. So Jones was arrested for felony domestic battery and held on $25,000.00 bail.


A man from Willits killed after his car drove off Highway 20 near Redwood Valley and hit a tree. The California Highway Patrol has not identified the man until his family was notified. The driver was in a 2004 Cadillac headed east on the Hwy. approaching Hollands Avenue at a high rate of speed early Tuesday morning and went off the road, down an embankment then hit a tree. The CHP says he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, got ejected from the car and was killed. The accident happened in rainy weather, but they’re not sure if drugs or alcohol played a factor.

The board of directors for the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District is talking money for the general manager who’s staying on as a consultant. The agreement with Joe Tait, for “non-exclusive professional services” at $135 an hour for service as a District Manager. He won’t get any reimbursement for travel unless it’s specifically related to District business. He can also work for other businesses or government agencies while doing the day to day for the Sanitation District. Each party has a 30 day out. The meeting tonight on the contract at 6 PM.

A man suspected of stealing a truck near Ukiah last week and running from cops has been caught in Alameda County. David Bonino II of Alameda busted with the help of the Alameda County Auto Theft Task Force last Friday. The carjacking March 6th when the owner of the Ford pickup says they were in a parking lot at a business off Highway 101 between Ukiah and Hopland when a man jumped into it. Suspect was then chased to Cloverdale but took off and the truck was found abandoned near Hopland. The man had run off into a wooded area and vanished. Another car involved was stopped and that driver was arrested on several charges including having stolen guns. Bonino’s booked into the Santa Rita Jail on charges of carjacking, using a firearm during a felony and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

No threat after a social media post had cops searching a high school students home in Clearlake. Clear Lake High administrators get notice that a picture shared on a social media account had, what was thought to be, a high school student with a rifle. They found out it was actually a student’s family member who doesn’t live in the area and the student was just sharing the photo online. Lakeport Police Chief Brad Rasmussen says they got a call from the Lakeport Unified School District so cops brought the student in for questioning and searched his locker. They found the kid had no access to weapons and there was no evidence the student was planning anything.

Several armed robbery suspects chased by police from Sonoma County into Marin County meant some residents had to stay inside their homes and workers inside businesses. The Press Democrat reports four of nine suspects were arrested, the others got away and cops kept searching half the day yesterday. It started after a trio of home invasion robberies in Petaluma about 3 yesterday morning. Nine people in all abandoned two cars, and handguns were found in one of them. Then police in Novato told residents in one neighborhood to stay inside. Cops say the robbers may have been looking for marijuana at at least one of the robberies where a resident reported being tied up and pistol whipped. Cops say they believe the crooks are from the east coast and were targeting growers in the legalized marijuana market.

A man from Clearlake on parole for sex related offenses has been arrested after police find weapons on him. Clifford Cutrell busted yesterday after police see a man they saw was acting suspicious in the Mormon Church parking lot on Lakeview Way. Police found he had an illegal police style expandable baton on him and was acting extremely nervous, saying he was being chased by others with a gun. Cops then found he was on state parole for sex-related offenses and was a convicted sex offender and found a loaded gun nearby. He’s charged with several crimes including possession of a police baton, felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm with a prior violent offense conviction and armed while committing a felony.

A man from San Mateo County suspected of tossing weapons and ammo from a car, has been arrested in Napa County. Deputies and police officers arrest Howard Edejer who was wanted in San Francisco for a pair of shootings. Napa detectives saw him and tried a traffic stop but the guy took off. While they were chasing him they say he threw items from the car. Later they found that to be a short-barreled AR-15, two high-capacity magazines and a 10 mm semi-automatic pistol with tactical ammunition in it. He missed a turn, jumped from the car and ran off. Police grab him and arrest him on several charges including possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition and possession of body armor.

It’s finally settled… Charles Manson’s remains will be released to his grandson who says there will be a public spreading of his ashes. Jason Freeman can take possession of Manson’s remains which have been on ice since November, when he died. Freeman previously said he was going to cremate him and quote, put to rest "this so-called monster, this historical figure that shouldn’t have been blown up as big as it was for all these years." Manson died in Bakersfield in a hospital while serving time for the 1969 killings of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and eight others. He was 83.

A teacher accidentally fires a gun inside a classroom in Seaside, injuring three students. Dennis Alexander was apparently teaching a gun safety course for his administration of justice class when the single shot from the semi-automatic gun went off. The three students hit by debris, one 17 year old boy hit by debris or a bullet fragment in the neck. He was not seriously injured though. Alexander is a reserve police officer and a Seaside City Councilman. The kid hit by the debris apparently told his dad the teacher said he was checking the gun to make sure it wasn’t loaded and it went off.

A bunch of illegally owned weapons have been turned over in a state program. The state attorney general announced confiscating several weapons from seven cases since the end of February, including three grenade launchers. The people arrested in connection to the weapons were mostly identified through the Armed and Prohibited Persons System (APPS) program. That’s a program thru the state which has an automated database to help disarm people who’ve been convicted for a felony, identified as having certain mental illnesses, or are otherwise deemed to be dangerous.


The Laytonville High School Mock Trial wins against Ukiah High for a chance at the State championships. The Laytonville team members against Ukiah at the 30th annual Mendocino County Mock Trial competition March 3rd, winning the Honorable Judge Ron Brown Memorial Perpetual Trophy. Now they move on to the state competition in Orange County next weekend, March 16th to 18th. The trial competition is sponsored by Mendocino County Office of Education (MCOE) where students get to argue on both sides of a fake case. This time it was the People v. Davidson where Casey Davidson, of the town of Acorn, was charged with first-degree murder, and was a member of an extremist nationalist group. The team looking for some donations so pay for some of their trip next weekend. For more info give Laytonville High a call.

A man accused of trying to kill a CHP officer in Willits in December of 2016 gets a life sentence. Ryan Maxstadt of San Jose got 38 years, 8 months, to Life for the attempted murder of a CHP officer, assault with a firearm on a CHP officer, personal discharge of a firearm, felon in unlawful possession of a firearm, and vehicle theft. He was already supposedly serving time for a felony out of Santa Clara County at the time of the Mendocino crime and also had two other state prison sentences on his record.

A man who was convicted of trying to rip off a business in Lakeport is getting parole. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports being told by the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation that Lonny Teter Jr. will be paroled back to the county tomorrow. He was arrested back in 2013 for an armed robbery where he was accused of using a knife and handgun, but the victim and a Good Samaritan were able to subdue him. Teter said he went to the store to rob it and scare people so he could get money. He also said he was planning to shoot cops who tried stopping him. He ended up pleading guilty to attempted robbery and assault with a firearm and got six years in prison. He had to serve 85% of the sentence because the robbery was a violent felony.


Ukiah High students to join others nationwide for a school walkout to protest gun violence after the Valentine’s Day massacre in Parkland, FL. The walkout tomorrow for seventeen minutes at 10 a.m. in honor of the 17 shooting victims from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. The National School Walkout being organized by the original Women’s March organizers. The kids in Ukiah say they’ll stay on campus for their protest and twelve of the 17 minutes are during a regular break. They will also have 17 students lay down on the floor to represent the students and teachers lost on Valentine’s Day. There will be others talking about gun violence. Students in the United States as well as around the world will protest in solidarity.

Several bills circulating in the Capitol on cannabis regulation. The bills cover several areas as they relate to marijuana, like being used on K-12 school campuses to the penalties a retailer may face for selling cannabis to minors. In Washington, Colorado, Florida, Maine and New Jersey there are laws that allow for medical cannabis to be administered to students at school. A similar bill will be heard in the Senate Education Committee March 21st. On the flip side a bill to make it a penalty to sell recreational pot to anyone under 21 is being considered the following day. Another bill to gather a Sun-Grown Cannabis Commission to represent small sun-grown cultivators.

A new gun reform bill being introduced in the legislature. Three lawmakers brought the bill forward to raise the age limit for purchasing long guns from 18 to 21, the same as for handguns. The bill’s author, Assemblyman Rob Bonta of Oakland says a commonsense law needs to extend to long guns for more public safety. Several other states and municipalities consider the same after the Parkland, FL high school massacre Valentine’s Day where 17 students and teachers were killed by a former student with a military- style rifle he bought legally. In Washington D-C, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Jeff Flake, a Republican from of Ariz., introduced a bill to raise the minimum age for buying military-style assault rifle to 21. But those against the proposed Calif. law say it goes against the Second Amendment.

An all day emergency preparedness event is being planned after the Valley Fire in Cobb. The Record Bee reports the announcement for the event to be called Cobb Safe was announced last week. The event April 14th at Cobb Elementary. It’s going to be sponsored by Cal Fire, the South Lake County Fire District and the Cobb Area Council. The newspaper reports there will topics like Firewise Communities and neighbors helping each other, Sheriff/Neighborhood Watch, helping neighbors clear their lots and of course, warning systems. There could also be a new Cobb Area Community Emergency Response Team that comes out of the event.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors once again hosting special workshops on cannabis-related regulations. Lake Co News reports the next meeting this Thursday morning at 9. You can stream it online too at the county’s website. The board to consider approving the formation of a cannabis budget unit and how to pay for startup staff. They news site reports they’ll also come up with recommendations with staff on personal permits to grow, register and enforce, then the board will consider all of that at a future meeting. This is the third in the county’s ongoing series of workshops as the county works to finalize county code to be consistent with state regulations.

Some local mobile home residents traveling into Petaluma to see what kind of regulations residents of other mobile home parks deal with related to rent control. Wagon Wheel and Valley Oaks mobile parks in Mendocino County trying to come up with their own ideas to coincide with a statewide strategy to deal with so-called “predatory park owners.” The Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League helped those in Willits have a luncheon to discuss ideas. The league is a non-profit helping protect its statewide members and mobile home park residents.

A man in Willits is arrested after a traffic stop turns up a warrant. A Mendocino Deputy on patrol says he saw a car on Hwy 162 and contacted the driver, Juan Berumen-Villanueva, and after doing a check on the guy found he was wanted for a no-bail warrant in Alameda County on a drug charge. The deputy this time around says it seemed Berumen-Villanueva might have been high so he gave him field sobriety tests and says he had recently used a controlled substance. He then found a loaded handgun on the man so he was arrested on several charges including Prohibited Person in Possession of a Firearm, Recent Use of a Controlled Substance with Firearm Possession and other weapons charges. He’s held on no bail due to the warrant.

A couple in Ukiah found guilty of marijuana environmental violations in relation to a pot garden. The two pleaded guilty as prospective jurors waited to start jury selection. Eugene Lincoln of Covelo convicted after pleading guilty to unlawful cultivation of marijuana involving environmental violations of law and for being a convicted felon in unlawful possession of ammunition, both are felonies. And Sonya Lincoln, also of Covelo found guilty after her plea for unlawful cultivation of marijuana involving environmental violations of law, but hers was a misdemeanor. The two to be sentenced in May, but it was decided as part of the plea that Eugene Lincoln would get 3 years behind bars, but to be suspended instead for 5 years of supervised probation. No word on the punishment agreement for Sonya.

A man in Kelseyville admits he shot another man in a shed at his property with a sawed off shotgun. The Lake County Sheriff’s Dept reports getting a call to the home and finding Bryon Manson who admitted he shot the other guy, who was found with small pellet wounds so he was taken to a hospital. Manson says he was home with his wife and heard noises around their house so he went to check it out and saw someone run from his house and then heard noises inside. He says he warned whoever it was he had a gun, but felt they were coming towards him and he felt threatened, so he shot. There were no arrests and it will be up to the D-A to decide if charges will be filed.

Congressman Mike Thompson in town for a gun violence town hall when the Yountville barricade situation was going on. The congressman landed Friday morning in San Francisco and was briefed there was a man with a gun at the Veterans Home of California with hostages. Thompson says he changed his schedule and headed to the home and on the way was briefed by the Sheriff. Apparently Thompson’s son is a deputy who was one of the first on scene at the Pathway Home. Thompson was on scene in the command center and says he was there nervously awaiting info like so many others. Three mental health workers were killed, Thompson knew two of them. The shooter identified as Albert Wong, was a former patient and soldier who had lived there for a year, but was kicked out a couple weeks ago, then came back to an office party and took hostages, killing them and himself after the hours long standoff.


The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office spent some time over the weekend searching for Khadijah Britton who’s still missing. The sheriff’s dept. noting on its facebook page they were out in the Covelo/Round Valley area: Lake County Sheriff Search and Rescue, Sonoma County Search & Rescue , Marin County Search and Rescue, Friends of Napa Search and Rescue, Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit (BAMRU), Mendocino County Search and Rescue, California National Guard, Caltrans District 1 , CAL FIRE Mendocino Unit Wilderness Finders Search Dog Teams ("WOOF") and Cal OES. The dept. reports they were unsuccessful in the search for Britton who’s been missing since… her ex, Neggie Falis who her family says, showed up at her house with a gun. He’s arrested in connection to her disappearance.

The mental health treatment facility in Yountville where three workers were held captive for hours and killed may be closed forever. A spokesperson for the Pathway Home says the directors of the home in Napa County are working on a review at the moment of their security protocols. The San Francisco Chronicle reports six residents from the home have been taken to other homes or facilities while they discuss the future of the program. Albert Wong, a former veteran, and patient at the home is accused of holding three women hostage, then killing them before killing himself after an hours long police standoff.

President Trump’s headed to Calif. so Gov. Jerry Brown has invited him to visit the high-speed rail construction projects. Trump headed to Calif. so see prototypes of his proposed border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Brown’s letter to the president saying the state’s focused on bridges, not walks. The governor’s letter noted visits in the past by president’s George W. Bush, Harry S. Truman and Lyndon B. Johnson. He also noted the state thrives, quote “because we welcome immigrants and innovators from across the globe”. He also said the high-speed rail project has created 1,700 jobs so far.


A family member of the Yountville Mental Health Worker shooter says he told them days before the triple murder he was angry at staffers and wanted to get back at them. The Press Democrat reports Albert Wong made his way into a going away party for a Pathway Home staff member Friday with ammo around his neck and waist and took three women hostage. It happened at the Veterans Home of California where Wong had lived for a year, but was kicked out a couple weeks earlier. His brother says he was angry, but didn’t say he was going to kill anyone. Friday Wong killed the home’s executive director, a therapist and a psychologist who was pregnant. Wong, an army veteran at the home for those being treated for PTSD, also dead, after turning the gun on himself.

The Mendocino County Broadband Alliance talking about its new broadband adoption program for schools, libraries and nonprofits. On Friday the Alliance discussed the program which is being fleshed out. The Daily Journal reports the Alliance chair saying they’re trying to get the pieces together so it can be handed over to the state Public Utilities Commission along with suggestions to help match the grant program to projects the county may want help paying for. Money could be funneled to broadband infrastructure in rural and urban areas so more people could have broadband access and digital inclusion for certain demographics. The Broadband Alliance meets again May 4th in Ukiah.

Three men in Kelseyville arrested after a major marijuana dealing operation was uncovered. Mario Santiago Santos of Sacramento, Carlos Reyna of Lodi and Miguel Cruz of Fresno busted after the operation was found in two locations. Deputies along with officers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife found more than 5,550 pot plants, hoop-style greenhouses, 760 pounds of processed weed and garbage and debris. They say there was also a sophisticated drying and processing station in a barn. They say the processed pot was worth about a million dollars on the street. The trio’s booked on several charges including cultivation of marijuana while discharging substance, maintaining a place for unlawfully storing or distributing controlled substance for sale, and possession of marijuana for sale.

The Lake County District Attorney at the Middletown Area Town Hall explaining why his office didn’t file charges against two men working on a hot tub, that is believed to have started the Valley Fire. Don Anderson saying he has had a lot of questions and criticism, and wanted to explain why they would have never gotten a legal conviction. Anderson saying while there was a defective electrical hookup to the hot tub, they didn’t find it had bad electrical wires. All in the convened Grand Jury, some of whom lost homes in the fire, found it to be a “total accident”. The fire burned more than 76,000 acres in Cobb, Middletown and Hidden Valley and killed five.

An 80-thousand dollar contribution’s been giving to the Northshore Fire Protection District by the Habematolel Indian Tribe. Officials presented the fire district with the check in January for emergency personnel in the greater Upper Lake region. Apparently the tribe makes a yearly contribution to the district which goes into their general fund. The chief says they usually spend it on equipment maintenance in the seven stations they manage. Three are run by volunteers. The district said to be one of the largest, in 357 square-miles. That being one of the largest in the state based on land area.

A new report says predicted rising sea levels could sink some coastal areas around San Francisco Bay by the year 2100. The study by UC Berkeley and Arizona State also says landfill in areas like Treasure Island and Foster City will cause worse flooding. The scientists used settling measurements around the Bay Area between 2007 and 2011 with state-of-the-art satellite radar in several waterfront areas. The scientists say these areas which are expected to get flooded would be twice as bad than just the areas where the sea is expected to rise. Apparently other studies didn’t count on places where there’s settling or subsidence.

District 3 County Supervisor Jim Steele not running again. The news after the application deadline for those seeking re-election for the June 5th primary closed Friday. So far we’ve learned Steele wouldn’t run again, Patrick Iaccino, a retired Upper Lake Unified School District superintendent is running against the incumbent Brock Falkenberg, the Assessor-Recorder, County Clerk-Auditor, Sheriff and Treasurer-Tax Collector all filed and are unopposed. There are some others also running unopposed, but their names won’t be on the ballot because they’re judicial races, so they’re just automatically in for another term.

A former student in the UK suing after saying after studying for two years, all she got was a “Mickey Mouse” degree which isn’t helping her career. Pok Wong is suing Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge for about 80-thousand American saying claims the school made about getting a quote, “quality education and prospect of employment after graduation” were fraudulent. The Sunday Telegraph reports the case may set a precedent about how colleges market courses. The woman says she moved from Hong Kong for her studies in business but says the school didn’t deliver, she’s suing for breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation