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Some residents in southern Mendocino County north of the Sonoma County line on Highway 101 want help with a dangerous stretch of highway. The Press Democrat reports a 15-mile stretch of highway between Hopland and Cloverdale has had several serious car crashes the last ten years, several were fatal. The latest​
accident​ ​
was a driver losing control and going over the cliff into the river​,
both people in the car survived. But two years ago a 6 year old girl from Stockton was killed. The Cloverdale Fire Chief says it’s a very dangerous stretch of road with weather being an issue and speeding. Caltrans apparently aware of the issues there and says they regularly run reports and use crash data for safety improvements. Caltrans also just put up a nearly 3 million dollar concrete and metal barrier in one part of the area.

A new lifeguard tower in Northern Calif at Goat Rock Beach is the first on the Sonoma Coast and the only one north of the Golden Gate. The tower put in Thursday after the deaths last year of a man and his son, both from Santa Rosa. There’s also been dozens of water rescues in the area including 81 of them in the year 2016. Lifeguards also working to educate beachgoers each year, but the fiberglass tower, six feet above the sand was put up instead of having lifeguards in trucks on roving patrol. The tower is on the south side of the Russian River estuary flowing into the ocean at Jenner beach near the end of Sonoma Coast State Park on the north side.

A big turnout for the annual Clearlake Oaks Catfish Derby. Lake Co News reports the organizers of the Derby, in its 35th year, say it’s the biggest derby west of the Mississippi and possibly the most well attended event like it in North America. More than 900 adults and children participants were at the Lake from as far away as Delaware, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and of course, California. But organizers say most were from outside the County. The top prize for adults of of $4,000 was for at 24,34 pound catch to Lee Her of Sacramento. But the biggest catch of the day Sunday was a 27.36-pounder caught by a 9-year-old. Scarlett Ocheltree of Yuba City won a $100 cash prize.


Some Indian tribes, fisherman and city officials along with environmentalists asking the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to get behind the idea of a full removal of PG& E’s Potter Valley Project dams. This comes after the utility announced they were going to auction off the project. The more than 100 year old dams supply water and power to several hundred thousand people. One of the supervisors said they wanted the dams removed, but weren’t sure how to pull it off. Tribal representatives at last week’s meeting asked to be part of the discussion. The two dams in the Potter Valley Project, the Cape Horn and the Scott Dams provide flows to a federally protected species of salmon too.

Two grant ceremonies held for Redwood Valley and the Santa Rosa Community Recovery Fund after the October wildfires. On Friday the Mendocino Family of Companies had one of the two grant ceremonies at the offices of the Mendocino Redwood Company in Ukiah. The money to be matched up to $400,000 by the Mendocino Family of Companies and then helps local organizations. This time a group of 15 organizations who serve youth, elderly, animals, and educators, especially those that impact local communities. The $261,000 to communities impacted by the October wildfires. They included the Arts Council of Mendocino County, Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County, North Coast Opportunities, Potter Valley Youth & Community Center, Redwood Valley Little River Band of Pomo Indians, and SAFER: Sonoma Action for Equine Rescue.

The man accused of setting the Clayton Fire has his trial delayed. Prosecutors asking for a continuance in the case against Damin Pashilk because of the amount of discovery needing to be gathered. It will reportedly take a couple more months to collect all of the discovery. This continuance after the judge in the case announced his retirement and was replaced. And his replacement had been Pashilk’s lawyer, so he had to get a new lawyer too. Pashilk faces 19 arson charges for the fire complex from back in the summer of 2016, burning up to 4,000 acres and destroying 300 structures, including 180 homes. He’s pleaded not guilty. A preliminary hearing and an update on missing discovery is set for August 14th.

A man from Clearlake accused of stealing more than 100 Redbox movies appears in court. Jason Mifsud has pleaded not guilty to charges he had as many as 140 movies that were taken from the movie rental machine at the Carl’s Jr on Dam Road. He was found at a home after a disturbance call with a gun. Police say he had been illegally camping on a property and when he was searched, the movies were found. He was charged with felony possession of stolen property and had bail set at $15,000. He’s due in court next Tuesday.

A search for a missing woman from Piercy did not lead to where she may be. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and Mendocino County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue conducted a search in the Piercy area for 76 year old Margit Prichard. She was last seen on Friday and may have dementia like symptoms. Police say she may be confused, but is otherwise very fit and has been known to take long walks. The woman is described as a white female, 5′ 1/2″ tall, 110 pounds and has gray hair and blue eyes.

A new report shows not very many Sonoma County residents got official alerts about the October fires. The poll by the Press Democrat also says many residents never got any advance warning. People who responded say if they were warned it was from friends, family and neighbors. The newspaper conducted a telephone poll of 500 registered Sonoma County voters the first week of May. Those surveyed said they did think the county was more prepared now. And 59 percent of respondents said they thought county officials provided effective leadership the first week of the fires. The fires in Sonoma County took down almost 5,300 homes and killed 24 people.

A California assemblywoman who used to be a voice for the state’s #MeToo movement, but was then herself accused of sexual misconduct allegations, has been cleared. Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia will face disciplinary action even after being cleared of supposedly groping a male staffer, for using vulgar language, which is a violation of the chamber’s sexual harassment policy. She will get no committee assignments when coming back to work Wednesday after she volunteered for a three-month absence. She also has to go to sensitivity training and another session regarding the chamber’s sexual harassment policy. The man who complained she groped him says he may appeal.

Police in Ohio say they thought a caller was drunk when he called to ask for help about a pig following him home. But North Ridgeville police say they found that indeed when the man called Saturday morning, there was a pig following him as he walked home from a train station outside Cleveland. The caller’s incident was posted to the police department’s Facebook page. They said they thought he was drunk or hallucinating, but they went to the call anyway and found a very sober man followed by a pig, named Zoey… the officers took the pig to the city’s dog kennel. It was then returned to its owner Sunday.

A man in Covelo reports going away for a few days and coming back to a burglarized home. Mendocino County deputies went to the man’s home after the burglary April 29th and looked at surveillance video where they saw a suspect had forced entry into the home. The suspect identified as Spencer Asher, who also lived in the neighborhood. The deputy says the some of the stolen property was recovered by the victim after confronting the suspect’s girlfriend. Then Asher was arrested and charged with First Degree Burglary. He was also on probation at the time so he was charged with Felony Probation Violation and held on $50,000.00 bail.

A man police say was disguising himself as a cop, complete with red and blue lights flashing on his car, has been arrested. Police put out a Be on the Lookout alert for the guy they say used the lights on the vehicle to stop a female driver in the area of Kits Corner in Kelseyville. A Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy saw the vehicle soon after the alert and recognized the man as being in trouble with law enforcement in the past, as Grant Washam of Clearlake. The deputy reports Washam had on a black beanie saying “Police” on the front in yellow letters, and he had a pistol on him. He told the deputy it was a fake gun, but he was arrested anyway. The Deputy found other items including a semi automatic handgun, a badge that said “U.S. Department of Homeland Security ICE”, and suspected methamphetamine and another badge from the San Francisco Sheriff’s Dept. Washam was positively identified by the woman who says he stopped her. He’s held on several charges in the Lake County jail on $15,000 bail.

A man in Covelo’s been arrested after a report of a disturbance. No crimes were committed, but the responding deputy found Patrick Hanover at the home. He was wanted on a felony warrant of $50,000 for not appearing in Napa County Superior Court for a criminal threats case. He was turned over to the deputy by Round Valley Tribal Police officers, who said they had previously detained Hanover for the arrest warrant. The man was booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held on that of $50,000.00 bail.

A man in Willits has been arrested by the Bypass after a woman reported she was in a physical altercation with the man. The responding deputy reports a woman visibly upset and found that she and Tate Madson were camping in the area when he assaulted her, pushed her on the ground and punched her in the face. The deputy reports the woman had a visible injury on her neck and had pain coming from her face, head, and jaw. Madson was arrested for Felony Domestic Violence Battery and booked at the Mendocino County Jail on $25,000.00 bail.

A woman from Nice recovering after reporting a domestic violence incident in Willits. The Sheriff’s office and Willits police got a call from a woman who says she was dating Javier Garcia and the couple had been staying in a trailer when Garcia threatened the woman, later choking her. She says the man also hit her in the face with his elbow, so she called police. The officers who reported to the incident say the woman had injuries to her neck and mouth. She also apparently had a domestic violence restraining order against Garcia. He was arrested for Felony Domestic Violence Battery and Violation of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order and held on $25,000.00 bail.

A man in Laytonville busted on drug charges. A Mendocino deputy on patrol was contacted by a probation officer who said Levi Lamoureux was nearby and on active order for arrest because he violated the terms of his probation. The man was arrested without incident on several charges including growing marijuana without registering, possessing marijuana by a person with a prior conviction for not registering, prohibited person possessing a firearm, and for not registering as a sex offender at a new address within 5 days. He’s on no bail.

A man in Potter Valley has been arrested for several crimes after police find he didn’t register as a sex offender at a new address. Several law enforcement officers get a call to a home after finding the man got a permit to sell weed, but it turns out he became a convicted sex offender after getting the permit. Officers from the sheriff’s office, marijuana enforcement officers, Calif. Dept of Fish and Wildlife and Ukiah police went to the home, finding Shane Sawdon. Sawdon told police he was staying at a mobile home on the site of a marijuana grow and elsewhere in Willits. But police say that wasn’t true and he was violating the terms of his registration requirements as a sex offender. Cops found about 1,500 marijuana plants and processed marijuana and a handgun. He was booked for cultivation of marijuana as a person prohibited by law due to a conviction requiring registration as a sex offender; Possession of marijuana for sale; being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm; and failure to register a new address within 5 days. He was being held on $25,000.00 bail.

A man who was wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 39 years in prison has been awarded state compensation. The now 70 year old man, Craig Coley, won almost $2 million dollars, $140 per each day he was incarcerated. Coley found guilty for the 1978 murder of his girlfriend and her son. The governor pardoned him last fall after the Simi Valley police chief and Ventura County district attorney cited faulty evidence. The man has said the money wouldn’t make up for the quote "worst nightmare" of spending 13,991 days in prison. The money is the most California has paid under its Erroneous Conviction Program.

Wildlife experts working to restore an area in central Calif. where southern sea otters have long had habitat. The Press Democrat reports the southern sea otters were nearly extinct because of centuries of industrial-scale hunting for their fur pelts. Their numbers have gone from just about 50 in the 1930s to more than 3,000 today now because of both federal and state protection. The animals are still only on about a quarter of their range. The manager of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s sea-otter program says for their population to grow, their habitat needs to expand in Moss Landing. And wildlife experts say predators should stay in their historic range.

A small fire that grew to five-acres on Vichy Springs Road east of Ukiah is thought to be arson. The Ukiah Fire Chief says they encountered about five small fires in a two acrea area near the old landfill east of Ukiah Wednesday. He says there didn’t seem to be a natural cause for the fires, like controlled burn that got away or anyone around where the fire broke out. He also checked with a nearby resident to see if they had power and the weather was overcast, so that wasn’t creating the right condition either. Cal Fire is now investigating.

A new Street Medicine program is coming to Mendocino County thanks to a partnership with the Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center and Mendocino Coast Clinics and Adventist Health Ukiah Valley. The program in Fort Bragg so that homeless people can get healthcare services. The program to screen people then refer them for medical and mental health issues, share health education with them, reduce emergency room visits and help the local homeless population get access to health care resources and services. There’s been a similar program in Ukiah for two years and the hospital says that’s meant a major drop in ER visits.

A man from Kelseyville charged with shooting at a group of Caltrans workers and cops has been released from custody and is on formal probation. Joshua Brown had pleaded no contest last month for negligently discharging a firearm at the group. He was sentenced after a report from the Lake County Probation Dept. with his sentence suspended, but getting three years of formal probation. If Brown violates the terms of probation, it can be revoked and he would have to go to jail. He will have to regularly visit with a probation officer and could have periods of electronic monitoring, flash incarceration periods, and increased community service hours. He also has to go to treatment/counseling programs, and cannot leave the State of California without permission and have no firearms.

A new bill has been signed into law further bolstering the Sanctuary State status of Calif. The governor signing the bill to restrict the disclosure of a person’s immigration status in open court. The Senate got bipartisan support for the bill last week which was put up for debate after reports ICE agents were tracking down undocumented immigrants in courthouses. Some advocates say that’s meant some immigrants don’t end up testifying in court, reporting crimes or showing up to pay a ticket. The law takes effect immediately.

A man from Lakeport has been charged with the murder of his dad and more crimes related to the incident. Steven Fredericks formally charged this week with murder, attempted murder, causing injury to an elder adult and assault with a deadly weapon. The charges after the incident near the Nice Lucerne cutoff across from Hwy 29 where officers say Frederick’s father, David Fredericks was found dead of stab wounds. His mom was also stabbed in the neck, but apparently survived. Witnesses told police the younger Fredericks took off into a wooded area after the incident. He came out and surrendered and has a preliminary trial set for June 6th. He was being held on $1,275,000 bail.

A multimillion dollar contract has been awared to a company to fix the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Fort Bragg. The City Council unanimously voted to award the $15 million dollar project to Wahlund Construction out of Eureka, the lowest of four bidders. The project to replace the trickling filter system with an activated sludge system. It’s to update how the system handles solids, its storm water system, create equalization basins and move the bio-solids storage area. The project to be paid for thru grants and a Wastewater Enterprise Fund and a loan through the U.S. Department of Agriculture will fund the remainder. It should be done sometime in 2020.

A new parcel tax has been approved by the Fort Bragg City Council to help the hospital. Measure C for the Mendocino Coast District Hospital, which is the largest employer on the coast, will bring in money to help stabilize cash flow and revenue. The hospital has 320 staffers who get almost $2 million in monthly payroll and physician payments.

The name of deputies involved in an incident at a car wash with an employee waving a gun. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Dept. had deputies out Sunday at the Jolly Wash Car Wash/Gas Station, after an employee, Ryan Pritel, pulled the gun and shot and injured one of them. Mike Matelli, Greg Hals and Mike Schemmel were on the scene that day and Matelli was shot with a pellet that spread out and hit him on various parts of his body. He is recovering out of the hospital now. Santa Rosa police are investigating. As many as 17 people witnessed what happened and the officers had body cameras on. Plus there was car wash surveillance showing the guy pull a gun and the deputies approach him.

A sketch has been released by Lakeport Police of a man a woman says tried abducting her downtown. The sketch after the woman said a black man in his mid-50’s asked her if he could pay her for sex near Library Park. She says when she turned him down he tried grabbing her and putting her into his red, shiny Lexus with gold details. The woman got away. The man’s described as about 6 feet tall, 225 pounds, with short curly salt- and pepper hair, clean shaven, wearing a black short-sleeved shirt, black jeans and black and gray shoes.

A man in from Los Angeles has been arrested for sex offenses that happened in Garberville. Michael Franco also had been previously in trouble with the law for lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years old. The man busted this week for the crimes in Southern Humboldt County.

A man trying to conceal his face from a sheriff’s deputy in Covelo, found to be high on meth, has been arrested. The Sheriff’s deputy on patrol got a call and found a man walking on the side of the road, the man quickly turning away from him, putting a hand on his face and ran away. The deputy tried to stop the man, who then told the deputy he had a knife and then some suspected meth fell out of his pocket. He was arrested and found to have more meth on him, then charged with Possession of Controlled Substance. Robert Huang also charged for giving a fake name to the cop and was held on $15,000.00 bail.

A man convicted of an armed robbery in Mendocino County has died in prison. The Mendocino County D-A’s office reports Isidro “Blackie” Lopez Bernal who was in the High Desert State Prison in Susanville died in March. Lopez Bernal was convicted by plea of second degree murder and for using a gun after he and two other people devised a plan in Cloverdale to carry out an armed robbery of an illegal marijuana garden in Yorkville. A man watching over the garden was killed by the three men. One of the men was also accidentally shot by his associates and used a cell phone to call for help after leaving the other two behind. Lopez Bernal’s death is being investigated.

A man accused of a 2013 drive by shooting in Gualala has been convicted after a plea. The jury trial was supposed to start Monday, but Christopher Ochoa pleaded guilty to assault with a shotgun and also admitted he shot a woman who was partially blinded by the shotgun blast. The plea agreement says Ochoa will get between 5 and fourteen years, which will be decided by the judge next month. Apparently Ochoa had left town after the crime and was a fugitive from justice from May 2013 until November 2017.

The law in California allowing those who are terminally ill to take their own lives with the use of drugs is no longer. A judge in Calif. has ruled lawmakers illegally passed the law during a special session on other topics. But the Attorney General Xavier Becerra says the state strongly disagrees with the ruling and will go for an expedited appeal. The law meant those who were given six months or less to live can get a prescription for life-ending drugs. Those suing against the law in court said it didn’t have safeguards to protect against abuse. A lawyer for the group, Life Legal Defense Foundation, one of the plaintiffs, says the legislature hijacked the special session they were called into which was for access to medical care.

Some arrests made in Clearlake after reports of an armed robbery involving marijuana. Police got a call to a home for a robbery in progress, someone telling police there were two black men holding three Hispanic men at gunpoint. So when officers got there they say they saw a Cadillac take off, and they stopped the car finding, 18-year-old William Hutton and 23-year-old James Deshawn Celestin Willis, both of Clearlake. Police found a .357-magnum handgun in the car, and detained the two. They went back to the house and found marijuana packaged to be sold. Apparently the two already detained had gone to the house for a drug deal but pulled the gun and tried taking 25 pounds of processed and packaged marijuana. Two men at the house were arrested for possession of marijuana for sale and Willis for carrying a loaded firearm in public and carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle.

A man from Hidden Valley Lake recovering after his motorcycle crashed into a deer. The CHP reports Daniel Sweet had moderate injuries after the wreck Tuesday night outside Middletown. The CHP says the deer wandered out on the road in Sweet’s path and he was tossed off the bike after colliding with the animal. He was taken from the area in a REACH air ambulance. Police say they don’t suspect alcohol or drugs as factors in the crash. This was the second motorcycle crash in Lake County in two days. Another when a rider from Lucerne slid into a guardrail near Upper Lake.

Hundreds of pot plants and a honey oil lab found by police in Clearlake. Police serving search warrants to a couple homes in Clearlake they identified as illegal gardens and found 550 marijuana plants which were taken from the home. There was also evidence the weed was being sold, plus cops found a honey oil lab. Two men, Stephen Steppe and Gregorio Soto-Mora have been arrested for illegally growing marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, manufacturing a control substance and maintaining a residence for unlawful drug activity and conspiracy. At another home 86 pot plants were found and connected to the two men.

Some bones have been found where the new Dollar General Store is being built in Lakeport. Now the construction of the store could be on hold because of the discovery. Lakeport Police got a call to the site after the discovery. The police chief says there was one large bone and several smaller ones taken for further investigation. He says they’re not sure if they’re human bones. The area’s been a site for the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians who have a monitor. That’s usually someone provided by tribes for projects near their boundaries. Monitors apparently provided if anything’s found on site, to make sure it’s handled properly. It’s protocol if bones are found that certain procedures are followed like having the Sheriff’s Coroner’s Office called, have an archaeologist examine what’s been found and take pictures to see if the bones are ancient.

Lakeport Police asking for the public’s help trying to find a man they say tried abducting a woman near Library Park. Police say they got a call to the 26-year-old woman who says the man approached her at the end of Fourth Street Tuesday, offering her money for sex, then when she said no he grabbed her and tried pulling her into his car. She described the car as a “shiny, red” Lexus sedan with gold details. The suspect described as a black, man in his mid-50s, 6-feet tall, 225 pounds, with short, curly salt and pepper hair, clean-shaven and wearing a black, short sleeve shirt, black jeans and black and grey shoes.

Mendocino Supervisors take up mental health services at the same time a former Child Protection Services worker files complaints saying there’s no accountability in how mental health service money is managed. The Daily Journal reports after there was a presentation to the board by the county’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, then resident James Marmon spoke out saying the public has not heard everything going on behind the scenes. He also sent an email to the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission and the California Department of Health Care Services saying Mendocino county has serious problems, spending as much as $28 million a year of taxpayers’ mental health dollars.

A Cloverdale High School student is the winner of the 2018 Congressional Art Competition. Congressman Jared Huffman made the announcement about Jaslyn Ortiz who’s winning piece of art will be displayed at the U.S. Capitol Building for one year. It will sit with other artwork from every congressional district in the country. Ortiz gets two round-trip tickets to Washington, D.C., to go to the ribbon- cutting ceremony and reception for the display next month.

The Lake County Land Trust is taking reservations for their annual Spring Celebration fundraiser. The event planned for Sunday, June 10th with food, wine and music. The event hosted by Lynne and Bernie Butcher, the owners of the Tallman Hotel and Blue Wing Saloon in Upper Lake. The event is $50/person and reservations are required. Visit for more info. Click on “Spring Celebration Tickets.” The money raised goes to support the Lake County Land Trust, including preservation of the Clear Lake shoreline and operation of the trust’s Rodman Preserve near Upper Lake and Rabbit Hill Park in Middletown.

Applications are being accepted until this weekend for the Hanson Memorial Scholarship. Saturday’s the deadline for the Christine Hanson Memorial Scholarship which is open to all Kelseyville High School seniors wanting to go to college in the fall. The scholarship awards, $1,000 to the winner. The scholarship in the name of a school teacher at Kelseyville Primary School for several years, but this year is the last, after a decade.

Cal Fire’s announced some fire prevention grants. The program part of California Climate Investments to bolster carbon storage and sequestration in forestlands. The state budget for 2017 and 18 put aside as much as $195 million dollars for Fire Prevention and Forest Health Programs. So the grants pay for local projects and activities to help bring down the risk of wildfire in forested and forest adjacent communities. It includes hazardous fuel reduction, fire planning, and fire prevention education, focusing on improving public health and safety while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For more info, visit

A woman from Phoenix faces a bunch of charges after sending more than 65,000 text messages to a man after they went on one date. Police say some of the texts from Jacqueline Ades were threatening and downright bizarre. She’s charged with threatening, stalking, harassment and failure to appear in court. She says she met her soul mate and thought she would marry him. Some of the texts anti Semitic in nature and threatening to murder the victim. Cops say she sent up to 500 messages a day since last year, then she broke into his house and took a bath.


The names of the two people in a car that went into the Russian River have been released. The Press Democrat reports the car was a Lexus and there were two women inside who flew 150 feet down an embankment into the river along the 101 in Mendocino County Tuesday. The CHP has identified them as the driver, 20 year old Makaela Dodes and her 21 year old passenger Aiden Harris. One of them had to be flown to a hospital, the other following in an ambulance. Officers say the car was going 70 mph in the fast lane when Dodes lost control, car veered into the neighboring lane and plunged over the side. The highway was closed so the helicopter could land on the highway. Then one lane was closed a couple hours while the Lexus was taken out of the river.

Sutter Health’s back online after a system wide failure of its network which meant spotty access to electronic health records. The network was fully back this morning after more than 24 hours of being out of service. It started Monday night with 2 dozen hospitals affected in the Sutter system. A Sutter Health spokesperson says it happened due to the activation of a fire suppression system in one of Sutter’s data centers. All day Tuesday there was trouble accessing patient histories and the health system’s policies and procedures. They had to go old fashioned, using paper medical charts and forms.

The ten kids we told you about from Fairfield living in squalid conditions were also apparently tortured. The Press Democrat reports the father is accused of shooting crossbows at the kids, strangling, hitting and waterboarding them. The alleged abuse came out in court when the children’s mom, Ina Rogers was in court with prosecutors looking to increase her $10,000 bail to $500,000 instead. Rogers and her husband, Jonathan Allen have pleaded not guilty to several counts of torture and felony child abuse. Allen is in the Solano County Jail on $5.2 million bail after cops entered their home finding it littered with human and animal feces and trash, ceiling high. The kids were all removed, they’re between 4 mos to 12 years old.

A new program in Mendocino county to address the over excavation of some fire ravaged properties. The Mendocino County Fire Recovery Team with the blessing of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services will fix the over excavation issues on a case by case basis. The Army Corps of Engineers had a complaint line set up at the beginning of May but as of tomorrow it will no longer be live. The partnership between the county’s fire recovery team and the state and in other counties across the state that were affected by the October 2017 wildfires. Teams have been assessing eligibility since the beginning of the month. There will still be a local phone number for property owners who are concerned about the over excavating on their properties. You only have until the end of the month though.

Mendocino County Fire Recovery Team 707-234-6076 teamrecovery

A community meeting’s set for the Mendocino County Fire Recovery Team for residents of Redwood Valley. The meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 at Eagle Peak Middle School Cafeteria in Redwood Valley. The organizations planning to be there include the Mendocino County Planning and Building Services Dept., Mendocino County Department of Transportation, Mendocino County Environmental Health, M-ROC Resource Room, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Cal OES. If you cannot be there in person, you can stream it on the Mendocino County YouTube Channel.

4 people have been arrested in Clearlake after detectives with a search warrant find a heroin and meth selling enterprise. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit served the warrant last week at Eric Klein and Alexis Coulter’s home and find about 60 grams of black tar heroin along with packaging materials, digital scales, four ounces of crystal meth, cash and a stolen gun. They also found a couple of other people living in a home behind the main house. There were also small children at the home. Klein and Coulter arrested on several charges including​
possession of heroin and methamphetamine for sale, possession of a stolen firearm and the other two, Adam Gates and Shanel Blevin were also charged with several crimes and Child Protective Services came out and charged all four of them with crimes associated with child endangerment.

The Fort Bragg Day in the Park event is happening this week. Fort Bragg Police and several local community organizations are hosting the event at Bainbridge Park Saturday for a fun-filled family event. They will also have resources on families and organizations to chat with at the event. It’s free and open to all ages with free lunch, music, raffles and giveaways. The police department will have a police dog demonstration and a cash prize talent show. For more info, contact the Mendocino County Youth Project or the Fort Bragg Police Department.

A drug bust in Clearlake turns up hundreds of marijuana plants and processed pot. Clearlake Police went to two homes yesterday with warrants after the homes were found to be growing illegal weed. Police found more than 400 marijuana plants and chemicals and materials they typically find with illegal growing and selling operations. They say there was also more than 2.5 grams of cocaine packaged to be sold. It’s now legal to grow marijuana in Clearlake for personal use, but you can only have up to six plants. Those arrested at the house have not been made public so far.

A teenager accused of stabbing a man to death at Sonoma State University has been caught. The Press Democrat reports there was a fight between the victim and a 19 year old, who police have now identified as Tyler Bratton. He was apparently spotted with a knife and blood on his hands after the stabbing, the night before final exams started. The name of the 26 year old victim has not been released yet. Police say the two men knew each other and there was a fight while the two were on campus visiting friends. The two apparently knew a woman living in the dorm where it happened, the Sauvignon Village, a freshman housing complex on campus. The school has grief counselors available for staff and students​.

The Ukiah City Council is revisiting recommendations from a homelessness expert the county hired at their meeting this week. The staff report for tomorrow’s regular meeting includes a talk about the homeless population in the city, which is said to be the most in the county. Robert Marbut has put together a report after meeting with local agencies and conducting interviews. The police department also put together a report on the homeless in the city limits ahead of the meeting. It includes that nearly 260 homeless people live in the city limits of Ukiah. The police department is also recommending the city council adopt some of the findings and recommendations in Marbut’s report.

A new report in California showing the amount of sexually transmitted disease cases have reached historical highs. The Department of Public Health reports more than 300,000 cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and early syphilis last year. They say that’s a 45 percent hike in cases compared to five years ago. The department also reports 30 stillbirths connected to congenital syphilis last year, which is the most that have been reported since 1995. And for those under 30 years old, the chlamydia and gonorrhea rates were the highest. Chlamydia was highest in young women, while men had the majority of syphilis and gonorrhea cases. The department is urging sexually active people to use condoms and get tested regularly.

The Cobb Mountain Community Fellowship which was gutted by the Valley Fire has begun its rebuild. It’s been almost three years since the massive fire took down the church. Now the major work starts with heavy equipment delivered to the site to put down the foundation. The Record Bee reports the Fellowship had a longer than expected time getting thru the permitting process. Last year was the official groundbreaking ceremony, but the real work didn’t begin until now. Some church members came out last week to be there for the first bit of work since the fire. They continue services in Cobb on the Mountain at the Finely Revival Center on Big Valley Road every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. They’re also accepting donations for the rebuild.

A couple in Fairfield have been arrested after reporting a child missing and cops find kids living in squalor inside. The family called police March 31st. Mom Ina Rogers had reported her 12-year-old son was missing. He was found sleeping under a bush nearby, but police searched the home first and found nine other kids, between 4 months and 11 years old. Police say there were urine-stained floors, human and animal feces, and debris stacked to the ceiling. They arrested the couple and called Child Welfare Services. Rogers arrested but released on bail after being charged with child neglect. Police accuse her kids dad, Jonathan Allen of torture and child abuse and were holding him on $5 million bail.

The former cop being accused of being the Golden State Killer and East Side Rapist in court. Joseph DeAngelo in a courtroom cage yesterday where the press is asking for access to see the search and arrest warrants in his case. Prosecutors say DeAngelo is the notorious killer and rapist from the 1970s and ’80s, responsible for a dozen murders and at least 50 rapes. The Associated Press and other news agencies want the court to unseal details of his arrest and see related search warrants from April saying it contains important details about figuring out DeAngelo was the suspect. Both the prosecution and defense say releasing the info would taint the jury pool​.

A woman in China gets a dog and says it grew pretty big and ate boxes of fruit and buckets of noodles daily, then suddenly had a penchant for walking on its back legs. Then Su Yun realized her puppy was actually a bear. She says the more the animal grew, it looked like a bear, and she says, she’s a little scared of bears. The animal now turned over to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Centre. It’s been identified as an endangered Asiatic Black Bear. The family says they thought it was a Tibetan mastiff.

Quick work thankfully by firefighters in Clearlake after a couple of fires break out. The fires last Friday in the 15000 block of Lakeshore Drive, behind Big O Tires. The first around noon time, very small, only about 100 by 150 feet, but then it blew up to be a 3.5 acre brush fire about an hour later in heavy brush. Then there was a flare up starting a second one acre fire with evacuations about to take place. Businesses were evacuated quickly and several firefighters jumped on the scene. The fires were out in two hours. Those evacuated were allowed back by 3 PM.

A man from Ukiah saying he shot another man on his property in self-defense has been found guilty of manslaughter. The Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office reports Steven Ryan had been found not guilty of murder in the first-degree and then second-degree, but now it’s a conviction on the charge of voluntary manslaughter for the fatal shooting of 20-year-old De’Shaun Davis. Davis was killed in November of 2016. Police found him dead on a driveway after getting a report of shots fired. Ryan has admitted all along he shot Davis dead, but said he found him going thru his trash and it was self defense. Ryan faces up to 21 years behind bars and is set for sentencing next month.

The results of the Broadband Alliance’s October fire outage report have been released. The report after information was collected from a survey online regarding outages during last October’s firestorm. The area of coverage in Marin, Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma counties. The report includes comments and suggestions for elected officials. There’s also an oversight committee made up of Board of Supervisors representatives in each of the counties. The chairwoman of the Broadband Alliance, and three of the counties went thru the results as part of the alliance. She says they got more than 3,700 responses in the three-counties. Some of the recommendations are filling gaps in the way outage reporting is conducted, the need for a state committee for telecommunications, planning for wildfires, and better overall telecommunications services.

More information on the outage report can be found at //

A new boating law in Calif. means those who want to be out on the water have to take a boating course and get themselves a lifetime California Boater Card. The new program will be totally phased in by the California Parks and Recreation Department, Division of Boating and Waterways by 2025. Anyone under 21 has to take the approved boating course this year, then next year it’s for those under 26. Those renting a motorized vessel don’t have to have a Boater Card or if you’re with someone who has one. For more info visit, CaliforniaBoaterCard. com.

A new measure on the ballot next month to raise the bed tax in Mendocino County. Measure G to raise the tax by 8 percent for anyone renting typical lodging, plus they’re adding private campgrounds or RV parks less than 30 days. The money for governmental services and operations. It’s expected to raise as much as One million a year. The measure approved to be placed on the ballot June 5th by the Board of Supervisors. It needs a majority of voters to approve it to pass. The last time the transient occupancy tax hit 10 percent it brought in more than $5 million

A new grand jury report by the Mendocino County grand jury asks for the Juvenile Detention Facility on Low Gap Road to stay open. The report says closing the facility would be “short-sighted” and a way to cut costs, but not adequately care for the county’s troubled youth. The new report simply titled “Mendocino County Juvenile Hall” was released last Tuesday and addresses the county’s proposal to spend just about a million dollars on juvenile detention services for the upcoming fiscal year, but that would mean the forced closure of the juvenile detention facility.

A man in Hidden Valley Lake has been arrested for perjury. The Lake County DA’s Perjury Intervention Unit nabbing Russell Ellis for perjury and perjury by affidavit for paperwork he filed in court in December of last year where he was in a custody fight with his ex girlfriend. The DA’s office says he also lied on the witness stand in March. He had asked for restraining orders against his ex with the affidavit under oath saying he was accosted by the ex and her lawyer in a hallway at the courthouse and says two bailiffs had to escort the girlfriend and lawyer away, he also went on the witness stand with the same story. But the DA found video of the incident which showed something entirely different. So Ellis was arrested with bail set at $20,000. He now faces up to 4 years and 8 months in prison.

A Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputy is okay after being shot at a car wash. The Sheriff’s office says they got a call to the Jolly Washer gas station/car wash yesterday morning and the manager says there was a 19 year old employee acting weird and told to go home but wouldn’t. The manager further said they thought the employee might have a BB gun with him. Deputies found the employee behind a truck acting suspicious and pulled a handgun, then fired. One other deputy fired back but missed the man. Then his gun jammed and he tossed it and was arrested. The deputy hit by a snake shot, which has multiple pellets and hit in several areas of his body. He’s reported in good condition with non-life threatening injuries.

The debris being cleaned up at a senior living facility in Santa Rosa apparently not permitted. The Press Democrat says workers at the Oakmont Senior Living facility in the Fountaingrove neighborhood entered a locked-down fire zone with heavy equipment and started demolishing what was left behind by the Tubbs fire before it was picked thru for bodies or hazardous waste. The senior living facility will not be fined or cited because the city doesn’t have the authority. The city waived all fees for the permits after the fire to speed rebuilding. There was also clearance work happening before an emergency order regulating debris clearance permits, debris handling and access in fire zones.

A man believed to be the age of a student has been stabbed to death in a dorm room at Sonoma State University. College administrators say they got a call to the Sauvignon Village last night to the report of a stabbing and found a man down. Petaluma Police are investigating with the University. The school not saying if the victim or the suspected stabber were students. And neither have been publicly identified. The housing unit for freshman. The final exams start today.

A man from Guerneville has been arrested for stealing a couple of rainbow flags off a flagpole downtown and threatening to bomb the local Safeway and Sheriff’s Office substation. The Sheriff’s dept. says the man said he would make bombs then detonate them to hurt deputies and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community, for which the rainbow flag is a symbol. Vincent Joseph O’Sullivan has been arrested for the threats and theft of the flags. He’s booked on suspicion of petty theft, making criminal threats and a hate crime, and was held on $50,000 bail.