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The Red Cross has opened a second shelter at the California National Guard Armory in Lakeport. Flood evacuees are welcome. The address is 1431 Hoyt Avenue. Be advised that Hill Road East is closed between Lakeshore Blvd and the hospital entrance so access to the armory is limited to the Park Way area. If you are coming from Highway 29 you are advised to use the Hill Road/Park Way exit.

Several communities along Clear Lake remain under evacuation as the Lake is still hovering around 10.5 feet Rumsey. In their latest warning the National Weather Service says it is forecast to recede to near 10 feet Sunday morning then fluctuate there thru Sunday afternoon. Police are patrolling the evacuated areas by boat.

Mendocino County’s sheriff says his department will not conduct federal sweeps for undocumented immigrants. The Ukiah Daily journal reports Sheriff Tom Allman saying today that the sheriff’s department does not conduct front-line immigration enforcement and doesn’t want residents to ever be afraid to ask for help when they need it. He said he does want his deputies to accompany any ICE agents that come so the deputy can be a witness to what they do, but his department will not put someone on an immigration hold without a written order signed by a magistrate. And Sheriff Allman points out these are not new policies, and he would rather quietly remind the community about it rather than politicize it. He tells the paper “all we have to do is respect the laws that are already on the books.”

Broadband carriers are asking for a six month delay before they implement requirements of the state public utility commission. But Mendocino Broadband sent the commission a letter against the delay saying other carriers exceeded the delay request, but the commission said okay anyway. The other carriers apparently requesting a stay so they can get a rehearing on the entire matter. Some lawmakers are also supporting gut and amend bills to re-authorize the state broadband infrastructure program. The next Broadband Alliance meeting is next Friday at the Community Foundation in Ukiah.

A woman in Ukiah appealing her DUI drive thru a neighbors fence had the conviction affirmed. Joan Rainville appealed her conviction for her May 2013 incident of two felonies for the drive thru the fence nearly hitting two people. At the time Rainville was found to have a blood alcohol content of more than .26, more than 3 times the legal limit. She was found guilty by a jury of two felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon. She also had three prior alcohol-related driving convictions before the incident, so she was on probation.

Some reminders from the Lake County Sheriff’s office if your home or business has been flooded. They remind to wear protective clothing like rubber gloves and boots because of possible water contamination, try not to put your hands near your face or mouth when working, turn all power sources off, look for any foundation shifting or cracks, open the doors and windows so the building or property can dry out, remove standing water, hose down walls ASAP and dilute some w/bleach to disinfect walls and other surfaces. Any items that have been soaked should be cleaned and some should be professionally cleaned. Food items that got wet should be tossed unless they’re in cans or commercially sealed glass jars that were undamaged. Finally, sanitize pots, pans, utensils, dishes, glassware and other items you intend to keep.

The Fort Bragg Unified School District has been burglarized. The district office lost several laptops, monitors and keys last Friday. Staff coming to work found the office was broken into. The superintendent says all of the info contained on the computers was password protected and no vital student records were on the computers. Fort Bragg Police say there were no surveillance cameras at the office or any witnesses to the crime, but they say there was some evidence left behind.

Ukiah High students have won two awards at the state Robotics competition. The kids from the Ukiah High School Science Club members got first- and second-place at the SeaPerch competition. SeaPerch is under water robotics that’s sponsored by the Office of Naval Research. The students were at West Valley College in San Jose where more than 300 students from 13 schools and 18 teams competed. 3 teams from Ukiah were at the competition where they needed to create underwater remotely-operated vehicles out of a basic kit.

The city of Lakeport says it could take weeks before residents told to leave their homes because of rising water, can go home again. A local emergency was declared earlier this week due to flooding and on Monday several mandatory evacuations were announced. The next day more advisory evacuations were also announced. Yesterday in Clearlake, the city had local advisory evacuations too. Several homes on the Lake were first flooded out then others in surrounding areas started to take on water, several roads were also blocked and down to one lane. They warn about contaminated water as sewage drains and manholes were also overwhelmed. Yesterday Clear Lake hit 10.6 feet Rumsey, 9 is flood stage. It’s supposed to recede down to 10.5 feet today.

At a meeting of the Clearlake City Council the G.M. of the Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District gave an update. The district controls the water rights to Clear Lake and operates the Cache Creek Dam. He says the dam’s going to be temporarily taken offline today so they can take out debris. He says everything you can imagine, from trees to refrigerators is stuck there. The GM says they’ll just close it for a few hours.

Lakeport city representatives say they don’t anticipate any more evacuations but they’re keeping an eye on an apartment complex on Royale Avenue and a condo complex at Royale Shores. They’re also asking residents not to drive on Royale Avenue which is flooded because flood water enters apartments. So far 225 people have been evacuated in Lakeport. Lakeport Police are also asking people to stay away from evacuated areas. They’re patrolling some areas by boat. The city is also trying to get a high clearance vehicle so Public Works staff can maintain utilities. They’re also working on damage estimates to turn into the California Office of Emergency Services and the Lake County Office of Emergency Services.

State Sen. Mike McGuire says he’s trying to protect the state against the Trump administration so he’s introduced a package of bills to shield California Wildlands. McGuire says California has the most to lose under the dangerous policies of President Trump, noting nearly 46 million acres or nearly half of Calif. is federal land. His new legislation to make current federal clean air, climate, clean water, worker safety, and endangered species standards enforceable by the state even if the Fed looks to roll back or weaken the current law. It would direct the state to use its authority to make sure current standards are enforced and make sure the state doesn’t suffer if the federal government does rollback protections. Another part of the package makes sure developers cannot get a hold of federal land. And federal workers who report cover ups, destruction of information, or other wrongdoing are protected under Calif law.

Ukiah Unified School District says it will be a sanctuary for undocumented students against the federal government. The school district board of trustees has passed a resolution to declare all schools in the district are a “Safe Haven.” Apparently some concerned citizens came forward regarding possible immigration roundups. The California State School Superintendent also looking for all school districts to pass the same kinds of resolutions. The local Safe Haven resolution follows part of the ACLU’s Model Campus Safe Zones Resolution. The Daily Journal reports the California Department of Education saying about 1.5 million of 6.2 million students in Calif. schools are covered by school districts which have put similar Safe Haven declarations in place.

Mendocino Land Trust has received national recognition, becoming an accredited land trust. The Land Trust announced its now one of 372 accredited land trusts in the U-S showing their commitment to professional excellence and for maintaining the public’s trust. The Exec. Director of the Land Trust says it’s an honor for the Mendocino County community. She says it makes sure donors, their partners and the public know they’re committed to their work.

A self-driving car company that’s part of Google is suing Uber saying a former engineer stole important technology. A lawsuit’s been filed by Waymo who says they started working on technology for self-driving cars eight years ago, which was a secret Google project. Waymo now part of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. The lawsuit says Anthony Levandowski, an ex manager for Google’s self-driving car project took thousands of private files from a laptop before he left to start his own company, later bought by Uber for $680 million.

The rain’s done one good thing, brought amazing snow to mountain resorts, with one saying they plan to stay open until July 4th. Representatives at Squaw Valley say they’re staying open until Independence Day after getting almost 38 feet of snow far this year already. Some of the other local resorts have also extended their seasons, but not thru July, Heavenly and Northstar stay open to at least mid April and maybe beyond.

A 91 year old woman who died in Ohio had a unique wish in her Obituary, she asked people to wait an appropriate amount of time before taking her stuff. Jean Oddi’s obit read, “I was born. I lived. I died.” She went on to say some of her favorite activities were playing cards and teaching her granddaughter “dirty songs.” Her daughter says mom was a blunt woman who lived unapologetically. She also called for a party after her funeral and told sick people not to come, saying “I might be dead, but I still don’t want your germs”.

Dancing’s legal again in Henryetta, Oklahoma. City representatives have voted out an old ordinance saying you could be fined $25 for dancing. There were no dance halls allowed within 500 feet of a church or public school until this week. Someone wanting to host a dance event earlier this month had it canceled which led the town mayor to look over the years old ordinance. The city’s first female mayor said before the cancelled event, she had never heard of the ordinance preventing dancing because before that they always had dances at city’s churches and schools without repercussions.

Lake County remains under a flood warning with Clear Lake hovering around 10.6 feet Rumsey and more rain expected Saturday and Sunday. Despite the colder temperatures that actually brought some snow locally this morning, the National Weather Service says the rain remains a threat through at least Saturday.

As for some of the main roads: The Nice-Lucerne Cutoff remains closed to all traffic due to flooding and in Lakeport a big stretch of Lakeshore Boulevard is closed after showing signs of erosion. In Mendocino County Orr Springs Rd is still closed 5 mile wets if Ukiah where a huge chunk of the pavement gave way.

The City of Lakeport says their municipal water is safe to drink. The water is currently being supplied solely from groundwater wells in Scotts Valley. They say if there were a problem with the municipal water system, staff would provide physical notifications to affected properties. They are however struggling with keeping the waste water from overflowing and are asking resident to cut down in water use while they City works to pump out the excess water.

The Ukiah Unified School Board has passed a resolution declaring UUSD schools a “Safe Haven”
 from federal agents looking to deport undocumented immigrants. The resolution passed last week and now posted on the District Website. It cites a US Supreme Court ruling that public schools cannot deny students access to elementary and secondary public education based on their immigration status and it points out that state and federal laws prohibit schools from disclosing student information to law enforcement without parental consent or a court order. The resolution says if ICE agents come to a school for a student they need a written warrant signed by a federal or state judge and it instructs staff to direct ICE agents to the superintendent.

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Lake County remains under a flood warning with Clear Lake hovering around 10.6 feet Rumsey and more rain expected Saturday and Sunday. Despite the colder temperatures that actually brought some snow locally this morning, the National Weather Service says the rain remains a threat through at least Saturday.

As for some of the main roads: The Nice-Lucerne Cutoff remains closed to all traffic due to flooding and in Lakeport a big stretch of Lakeshore Boulevard is closed after showing signs of erosion. In Mendocino County Orr Springs Rd is still closed 5 mile wets if Ukiah where a huge chunk of the pavement gave way.

The City of Lakeport says their municipal water is safe to drink. The water is currently being supplied solely from groundwater wells in Scotts Valley. They say if there were a problem with the municipal water system, staff would provide physical notifications to affected properties. They are however struggling with keeping the waste water from overflowing and are asking resident to cut down in water use while they City works to pump out the excess water.

The Ukiah Unified School Board has passed a resolution declaring UUSD schools a “Safe Haven”
 from federal agents looking to deport undocumented immigrants. The resolution passed last week and now posted on the District Website. It cites a US Supreme Court ruling that public schools cannot deny students access to elementary and secondary public education based on their immigration status and it points out that state and federal laws prohibit schools from disclosing student information to law enforcement without parental consent or a court order. The resolution says if ICE agents come to a school for a student they need a written warrant signed by a federal or state judge and it instructs staff to direct ICE agents to the superintendent.

A state of emergency put in place by the Lake County Sheriff who’s also the Acting Director of Emergency Services. Sheriff Brian Martin put the declaration in place yesterday because of flooding and storm damage. The Sheriff’s office says they’ve received reports in the last couple days of landslides, downed utility lines, fallen trees, and more. The local emergency declaration helps the county be able to get special services and supplies for disaster relief. It comes after Clear Lake went well above flood stage at 10.55 on the Rumsey. 9 feet Rumsey is considered flood level. 11 feet is severe flooding. The National Weather Service says we’ll get a break from the rain so the lake may recede some but more storms are lining up, with heavy rain expected again on Saturday.

Lakeport is looking for folks who want to be on the Measure Z Advisory Committee. The city needs five volunteers who will be on the committee for serve terms of up to four years. You have to be a citizen of Lakeport to be on the panel. The committee works closely with the city council and recommends projects they feel should be considered for Measure Z. The Measure uses money from a one percent sales and use tax for city improvements. They can also comment or recommend moves for the 2017-2018 budget which will then be given to the council for consideration. Those interested in serving on the committee have until March 16th to apply.

Pump trucks still working to get water out of over-taxed water systems in Lake County. The Lake County Special District reports most of the sewer systems in the county have way more water than usual which they’re having a hard time processing. There have been some sewer leaks reported in Northern Lakeport and Clearlake. The district warns to steer clear of flooded areas and leakage spots. They do say however that the lake water has somewhat diluted the sewage. They also say some of the manholes around low-lying areas of the county are completely under water and have been leaking lake water into sewer systems.

Flooded roads, sink holes, erosion and broken off asphalt across Northern Calif. In Mendocino County, Orr Springs Road has a huge chunk of road missing, something the County Transportation Director says they’re working on to get back together as soon as possible. He says the street is part of the Federal Highway System so the county can try to get federal money to help fix it. The cost could be in the $1.5 million range. The director says they may just pop a temporary bridge up until they can get the road properly patched up. He also says they’re working as fast as they can, but they’ve got to make sure the solution they come up with is safe and they have a lot of paperwork to process to get federal money.

The Economic Development and Financing Corporation in Mendocino County is considering ways to help fund the legal Cannabis industry. The Daily Journal reports the executive director of the EDFC John Kuhry says it’ll be like a state regulated crowd fund to help the legal industry startup. He says it could help the industry compete with the big dogs across the state when marijuana is available in retail stores. Those who open businesses will need startup funds so they can compete with others in the Central Valley and Central Coast. But they cannot use traditional lending sources, so Kuhry says it could be an outlet for them. He says the board discussed the topic last week and will continue to consider the investment model moving forward.

14,000 people had to leave their flooded homes in San Jose. The 101 was also closed in both directions near the town due to rising floodwaters yesterday. Police had to go door to door to get people out of their homes because creeks and reservoirs were over their banks. There was heavy rain pouring down on the region, which had chest deep water in some neighborhoods. The Fire Captain says they took more than 200 people to dry land and had them rinse off with soap and water so they don’t get sick as the water could also contain fuel, garbage and sewage.

No detectable mercury in water in Guerneville. Cal Water tested the town’s water after reports there were elevated levels of mercury from the old Jackson Mercury Mine flowing into the Russian River. The Press Democrat reports state water quality regulators worried heavy rain could have moved tailings from mining waste at the old mine into a creek that flows to the river off Sweetwater Springs Road. Cal Water tests for mercury every few years as part of state requirements, but for this last test, they took more samples because residents had voiced concern. Water quality testing for mercury has been normal since they started testing in the area in the year 2000.

Areas of the Mendocino National Forest have been closed down due to rain and fast moving winds. The Red Bluff Recreation Area and OHV trails are closed on the Upper Lake and Grindstone ranger districts. Forest staff says the public should be careful as there are unstable roads because of saturated soil, blocked roads from downed trees, plugged culverts, deep ruts and running water. The Acting Mendocino National Forest Supervisor says there could be hazards they haven’t found yet because some areas are unsafe for employees to enter. They say if you’re planning to visit the forest to call ahead. You can also visit the forest website for more info. (

A public meeting’s being held by the Lake County Water Resources Department regarding the urgency ordinances about boating on Clear Lake during the flood emergency. The meeting Sunday at 2p. The Water Resources department will talk about the status of the Lake, it’s level, dam discharges, and effects of the latest forecast. The meeting in the Board Chambers of the Lake County Courthouse, at 255 N. Forbes Street in Lakeport. There will also be a live stream on Facebook if you can’t make it, visit the Lake County Office of Emergency Services page for more.

The man who destroyed President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star has to pay to fix it, plus he got probation for vandalism. James Otis pleaded no contest and agreed to fork over more than $4,000 for the damage and lawyer fees. He will also do 20 days of community labor. Police say the man took a sledgehammer and pickax to the star a week before the presidential election in November. He said at the time he wanted to steal the star and sell it, then turn the proceeds over to 11 women who claim the president groped them.

A 10-year-old girl in Ohio gets her wish after messaging police on Facebook for help with math. Molly Draper says her daughter Lena sent the message to police in Marion because she was stuck on her equations and needed some help. An officer responded and apparently walked the girl thru some problem solving. Mom says he got one problem right, but made a mistake on another. Mom shared the whole story on Facebook saying it shows her daughter’s trust in police officers and good community relationship-building on their part.

Sheriff Brian Martin, Lake County’s Director of Emergency Services, has issued a declaration of a local emergency for this week’s storms which began February 18th. The purpose of declaring the local emergency is to make is easer to bring in help and supplies for disaster relief. It also paves the way for issuance of a State or Presidential declaration of emergency. And in announcing the declaration, Sheriff Martin also urges you to get ready for more heavy rain forecast to hit on Saturday.

Lakeport’s sewer collection system is nearing capacity and the City is asking you to conserve water usage. The City says the elevated level of Clear Lake is having a major impact as the high water levels have drastically increased intrusion into the system through clean-outs, manholes and cracked pipes. The inundation of lake water on top of the normal winter flows is making it difficult for the city’s lift station pumps to keep up. The City asks that you conserve as if it were a severe drought so less water goes into the collection system. That means shorter showers, less laundry, dishwashing and toilet flushing, and anything else that sends water down a drain.

A portion of Lakeshore Boulevard may be structurally unsafe. Police issued an alert this afternoon saying Lakeshore Blvd across from Jones Street appears to be undermined and are telling you to avoid the area. The City has closed Lakeshore Boulevard to all traffic from Giselman Street to the north City limit boundary.

With nearly 50,000 residents under either a mandatory or advisory evacuation order, the mayor of San Jose has acknowledged that residents were not properly notified to evacuate. Mayor Sam Liccardo held a news conference this afternoon. (SOT) Officials said they did not anticipate this level of flooding because their stream flow model showed the channel could handle the water without spilling over but that model turned out inaccurate for Coyote Creek when the water rose early this morning. Coyote Creek has reached a 100-year high this week.

A man from Ukiah goes to jail for a domestic violence incident. The Mendocino County sheriff’s office reports getting a call and find Raul Arriola Bojorques who they start talking to as a woman comes out of the bathroom beaten up. Police say the woman was his wife. She had a swollen lip and blood on her shirt, but told cops everything was fine. They asked her if her husband hit her, then arrested the guy on suspicion of domestic violence. He was held on $25,000 bond.

A woman from Albion hauled to jail for a domestic incident. Police say they got a call to Ukiah Street in Mendocino from the man of the house who said his ex-girlfriend, Justine Battersby, wouldn’t leave. He says she came over, they argued, then she kicked him and threatened him by text message on Facebook Messenger. The woman was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats and misdemeanor domestic violence battery. She was held on $20,000 bond.

Residents in Healdsburg came up in big numbers to support undocumented immigrants. The Press Democrat reports standing room only at the City Council meeting where residents urged members to help protect immigrant workers. Neighbors reminding the council how central immigrants are to the wine, restaurant and hotel industry. There were about 20 speakers who were all favoring supporting workers the federal government’s been going after the last several weeks, putting fear into Healdsburg’s Latino community. The council unanimously supported a resolution to acknowledge and embrace the diversity and show the commitment to non-discrimination. The council also says they’ll work with nonprofits to help immigrants learn their rights and help them get legal representation if necessary.

Several Northern Calif. schools and municipalities are taking a position to support undocumented students and workers. The Press Democrat reports last week the Santa Rosa Junior College board declared the campus a “safe haven” and says it will protect personal records of students against federal immigration agents. The Sonoma City Council will affirm their commitment to diversity and the civil rights, safety and dignity of all residents. The Sonoma Board of Supervisors has also voted unanimously to support proposed California legislation so local officials don’t follow federal immigration enforcement. Staffers will also review county programs to make sure there are no obstacles for residents getting services. Plus there’s now a centralized information hub and there will be community workshops.

Caltrans says it has no idea when it will reopen Highway 37 in northern Marin County due to flooding. The highway is a major thoroughfare for folks in 4 counties in the North Bay. It’s been closed both ways between the 101 and Atherton Avenue since Feb. 9th. Caltrans says they’ve accomplished a lot but the rain has been so unpredictable, it’s hard to say when it will all be done. The highway was also closed for almost two weeks last month. Apparently it’s one of the lowest lying highways in the state, built across marshland. Caltrans says there’s been so much flooding that the water level couldn’t recede because storm drains were full and regurgitated water back out onto the highway. The work could cost upwards of 10 million dollars.

Abandoned vehicles are starting to be removed in Clearlake as the City Council approves a fee structure to pay for the work. The City Manager Greg Folsom will start to use fees from the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement program to take out the blight from the city. Right now they have about $5,000 set aside from the general fund for the work. The money comes from a one dollar car registration add on. Apparently it’s pretty expensive to remove one vehicle. But the county’s been holding on to some money for abatement too, and has about $300,000.

A new Assembly bill is aimed at helping businesses stay open when they get unexpected tax bills. Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry of Winters says new businesses can be overwhelmed and have unintended mistakes because the tax code can be confusing. She says many small businesses don’t have accountants so they have to figure things out on their own… so the Offer in Compromise Program helps entrepreneurs with their taxes. The Board of Equalization decides on cases where a business owner is unable to pay unexpected taxes in full. A bill already in place to support these cases ends next January, so the new bill would make the Offer in Compromise Program permanent.

Four neighborhoods in Lakeport are still evacuated because of flooding so the city council has ratified its emergency declaration. The city ordered the mandatory evacuations for three mobile home parks – Willopoint, Aqua Village and Lucky Four – and homes nearby on Esplanade Street. The Lakeport Police Chief Brad Rasmussen says the evacuations were for about 125 people in the four neighborhoods…

The chief says anyone caught in evacuated areas will be arrested. He says they want residents to be able to go home, but they have to consider safety first before they lift the evacuation orders. Library Park in Lakeport had major damage because of the failure of a seawall. The crank up docks on Third St. were also damaged and the clubhouse is surrounded by sandbags. Police are thinking of closing part of Lakeshore Boulevard after this morning’s school busses pass by.

A proposal for another Dollar General Store in Lake County being discussed. The Lake County Planning Commission is looking at a proposal for Clear Lake Riviera. They’re meeting tomorrow morning to consider the plan from a development company in Texas to add on to the area. They already have stores in Clearlake Oaks and Nice and are trying for Middletown and Lucerne. They were trying in Kelseyville, but the commission said no to that one. An appeal by the developer’s been upheld by the Board of Supervisors and the developer has a new location in mind.

More areas in Lake County have been evacuated because of rising flood waters. Residents in Clearlake Oaks, the Clear Lake Keys and surrounding areas ordered by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to evacuate. The urgent update released yesterday for the residents just after the Big Valley Rancheria, Lands’ End, Corinthian Bay and Soda Bay were also evacuated. This because Clearlake is above flood stage and was expected to rise last night. The Sheriff’s office reminding residents to secure their belongings – including medications and important papers and pets and to leave early because some routes out are blocked by flood waters. There’s an emergency shelter at the Seventh-day Adventist Church, located at 1111 Park Way in Lakeport.

Little Lake Grange the scene of a community gathering to raise awareness for Standing Rock and the Oil pipeline. An event last Saturday called, Water is Life, A Benefit for Standing Rock, was a fundraiser in support of the Standing Rock Sioux who have been protesting the pipeline because it’s near religious relics and they say the oil pipeline could taint their drinking water if there’s a failure. The event organizers say the money they raised will go to help cleanup the camp in North Dakota and help sponsor local activism. The money to be distributed by “Mendo Stands with Standing Rock” and the Cloud Forest institute.

A solar energy company in Hopland is helping donate equipment to power a school in North Dakota for Pipeline protestors. Real Goods partnering with an activist from the Earth Island Institute to donate and install equipment for a solar and wind turbine generator for the camp near the town of Cannon Ball in the Standing Rock Reservation. The project could be put on indefinite hold though as protestors have been ordered to leave the camp.

A woman in Northern Calif. has died after driving on to a flooded rural road with signs not to enter, she drowned. The Undersheriff of the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office says witnesses saw the woman go on to the road near Orland and her car was completely submerged. Helicopters were above trying to scout out where the woman went, but divers found her body inside the car later. The woman has been identified as Nicole Dufour of Orland.

Goats are going to be busy in Southern Calif. as there’s high demand after the rains end to get the animals chomping on weeds. A couple of companies in Chino say they’ve been getting a ton of requests for work for their goats. One company, “Goat ‘Er Done” grazing service also has dogs that protect the goats as they chomp away. The goats eat weeds and help to prevent wildfires. One company says they’re getting five or six calls a week, as opposed to last year, when he got, maybe one call a week. The company says they’ll buy 100 more goats this winter.

The Lt. Governor of New Jersey says she got a letter of resignation — from her husband, an appeals court judge. Kim Guadagno’s hubby had to notify his wife, so he could get his pension. She’s also the secretary of state. Her husband will hit the mandatory retirement age of 70 this month. Michael Guadagno writes his term will end next January and that means his income will be “substantially reduced” which may mean it’s time for his wife to consider a career change to a more lucrative position, but that they could discuss it “over dinner”. Kim is running to succeed Republican Gov. Chris Christie.

Cal Trans says Highway 101 is closed about 6 miles North of Laytonville due to a slide. Cal Trans is working to clear the slide and the CHP has intermittently been allowing one-way traffic control to ease congestion.

The flood warning continues for the Navarro River At Navarro, which crested this morning at more than 24 feet. It fell below flood stage at around Noon when it was measured at 22.5 feet. The Mendocino County Roads Department has been monitoring several roads that are having either flooding, integrity or slide issue.

Highway 1 closed at the Garcia River for flooding. 

Highway 128 closed at Navarro
Highway for flooding. 

175 closed at Hopland for flooding.

Orr Springs Rd is closed 5 miles west of Ukiah where the road is crumbling.

Mountain View Road between Boonville and Point Arena has only one lane open at a slide at MP 18.50

The flood warning for Clear Lake will stay in effect through Thursday with the rain continuing through tomorrow keeping Clear Lake around the 11 feet Rumsey mark, well over it’s 9 foot official flood stage. Four areas along the lakeshore in Lakeport remain under a mandatory evacuation order.

An Albion woman’s been arrested for allegedly making criminal threats against her ex boyfriend. On Saturday the man called for help saying Justine Battersby was refusing to leave his home. When deputies got there he told them Battersby had been sending him threats through Facebook Messenger and text messages with one allegedly saying she was going to drive her car into his bedroom and another saying she would have someone come over and assault him.

An arrest has been made in a February 4th stabbing death in Clearlake. Police say James Laurence Mongi was taken into custody Monday in connection with the death of Richard Garner Jr. Police say Mongi stabbed Garner in the neck after a fight. He is charged with homicide and assault with a deadly weapon and has had bail set at just over a $1 million. He is set to be arraigned Friday.

Nonstop rain over the last couple of days had people evacuating, homes flooded, land and mudslides, a woman swept into the ocean and a vacation home sliding into the Russian River. A 19-year-old woman hit by a wave while on a rock at Schoolhouse Beach near Bodega Bay went to a hospital with serious injuries yesterday. Up to 5,000 Pacific Gas & Electric customers were without power west of Highway 101 with the most in the dark around the Forestville area. Roads were closed across several counties including Lake and Mendocino. Lakeport Police called for mandatory evacuations in four areas because of flooding and reports of a sinkhole in the Russian River takes a vacation home. The home listed on Air BnB as a pyramid shaped architectural delight.

A 4.2-earthquake near The Geysers reported by the USGS. The US Geological Survey reported the shaker near the geothermal steamfield yesterday afternoon. The epicenter about 2 miles northeast of The Geysers. The USGS reported getting 48 reports from 20 zip codes, including several in Lake County and in Sonoma and Napa counties and all the way out passed the Oregon border.

Hundreds of homes had to be evacuated in Northern Calif as the latest Atmospheric River hits. The ground already swollen from the wettest winter in years. Creeks and rivers were flooding over their banks as the storm started to weaken yesterday. The National Weather Service reported nearly 2 inches of rain in San Francisco, around 2 inches in the Central Valley and more than 7 inches above Big Sur. Scattered showers were still expected today. Flash flood warnings in areas where fires blackened the earth the last couple of summers. More than 100 homes in three mobile home parks in Lake County and nearby had to be evacuated as Clear Lake hit a foot above flood stage. Sheriff Brian Martin says as many as 2,000 people in Spring Valley were blocked in after mudslides blocked or washed out the two entrance roads. A temporary bridge should be put into place soon to reopen the area. Water flowed into the spillway at Lake Berryessa for the first time in a decade. The water level is falling though at the Oroville Dam where the emergency spillway eroded with a crater forming. 188,000 people were evacuated there a couple weekends ago.

The National Weather Service has an updated flood warning through Thursday in Lake County with that high wind warning ending this morning. Rain was still expected today and tomorrow with a potential break Thursday, but more rain on the way this weekend. Clear Lake was way over flood stage nearing 11 feet Rumsey. Early this morning the lake hit 10.24 feet Rumsey which is reported to be the highest the lake’s been in 19 years. Clear Lake hit 11.44 feet Rumsey in February 1998, that was the highest it was since February 1909, when it got to 13.38 feet Rumsey.

– The city of Lakeport has designated 707-263-5614 as a line for community members with questions.
– Red Cross’ temporary shelter for evacuees at the Seventh-day Adventist Church, located at 1111 Park Way in Lakeport, can be reached at 707-263-6002. Pets will be allowed at the shelter.
– Lake County Animal Care and Control has set up an information line for residents needing help and information related to animals and the evacuation at 707-245-5276.

A man in Clearlake’s been arrested for the stabbing death of another man. The Clearlake Police Dept. reports arresting James Mongi for stabbing Richard Garner Jr. to death February 4th. They say the two had a confrontation at a home where they found Garner stabbed in the neck. He was taken to a hospital and died there. It took police a few weeks to arrest Garner who they say became a person of interest after interviewing witnesses. Mongi’s booked into jail on homicide and assault with a deadly weapon charges with bail at $1,025,000.

Calif. topping the list of children living in poverty. That from the State Sen. Mike McGuire’s office who says they’re working to enroll more kids in school lunch programs for free or reduced prices. His office says they’ve enrolled more than 326,000 students for free lunches, a 30-percent increase from the year before and the most kids enrolled in Calif. in decades. Now McGuire’s moving a bill called the "Feed the Kids Act" to tackle childhood hunger by getting rid of some red tape. McGuire says it’s hard for kids to learn if they go to school hungry. He says SB 138 will improve the certification process to make sure all state school districts use Medi-Cal data so they can automatically enroll income-eligible students in free and reduced-price school meals. He says most districts currently don’t use the info.

The Flood Warning is still on for the Navarro River At Navarro in Mendocino County. The National Weather Service said showers and isolated thunderstorms were still possible today, but the precipitation will be light compared to yesterday. They warn though that rivers can still rise thru the afternoon so the flood warning is extended until 3:20 pm today. The river’s flood stage is 23.0, and the river hit 23.5 feet earlier this morning. It’s forecast to get near 26 FT this morning then fall below flood stage mid morning and recede all the way back down to 10 feet by Friday morning. Highway 128 is flooded from mile marker 0 – 11. And Hwy 175 in Hopland from mile marker 0 to .75 is also closed. They warn of course, not to drive your car over flooded roads as only 2 feet can float most vehicles.

Ukiah police say they had to call in a mental health care worker after a knife fight near Safeway. Police say they got a call to the grocery store on Valentine’s Day to the fight between two men in front of the store, one of them, holding a knife. Cops say they found one of the men was dealing with “mental health issues” so he was taken to a hospital where a mental health worker was called and the hospital took custody of the suspect.

A man from Ukiah has been arrested after police say he smashed a car window. The man, Hector Solis was found with a cut on his arm near Round Table Pizza on South State Street Feb. 9th. Officers detained Solis after finding out some items were also stolen from the car. He’s charged with suspicion of burglary, vandalism, being drunk in public and violating probation for another vandalism incident.

Medical Marijuana dispensaries are going to be allowed in Ukiah even though a local doctor tried to stop the move. The Ukiah City Council has taken the final yes vote for medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in city limits. The new rule starts March 20th. The Mayor asked for public comment earlier this month and local Dr. Robert Werra showed the council a petition he started to totally ban medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. He says he got 40 other docs to sign the petition, saying most of them practiced in Ukiah. He says he doesn’t think the medical pot shops are needed in the city, because there are plenty outside the city and people needing the medicine have managed to still get it the last 20 years. One other resident said they were also concerned about the idea. But still, the council voted unanimously to adopt the ordinance.

Water levels at the Lake Oroville dam meet the goal set by the California Department of Water Resources. The agency saying they wanted to lower water levels to about 850 feet by the next storm, which hit already and the engineers say they hit they’re target. The department’s Acting Director says they had taken the levels down to 50 feet under capacity yesterday, with the inflow at the dam about 53,000 cubic feet per second and the water moving over the damaged emergency spillway was at 60,000 cubic feet per second. The levels were expected to rise again with this storm, but the agency says it should only be about five feet more. So there’s still about 45 feet of space left to go before capacity.

Officials are watching the Navarro River at Navarro again with the National Weather Service issuing a flood watch from late tonight through Tuesday afternoon. At 2:15 pm today the Navarro was just shy of 15 feet but they say it could reach it’s 23 foot flood stage by early Tuesday morning and possibly crest near 24 feet before falling later Tuesday.

Clear Lake has stayed well over its 9 feet Rumsey flood stage over the weekend and through today. It was at 10 feet this morning and forecast to rise to 10.5 late Tuesday and fluctuate there through Wednesday. The USGS reports the Cache Creek Dam was also releasing at high volumes of about 4,300 feet per second.

New Long Valley Road in Spring Valley is closed for a couple of days while the Lake County Public Works Dept. builds a temporary bridge. The road has become increasingly unstable. Currently New Long Valley Road is the only way in and out of Spring Valley since other roads also have erosion and weather issues so residents were encouraged to evacuate or be prepared to stay put until Wednesday. Some Deputies and Northshore Firefighters have stayed there.

A Covelo woman’s been charged with Harboring a Wanted Fugitive after Mendocino Deputies learned a man they were looking for was staying at her house. Leonard Whipple, also known as Ed Davis, was found last Wednesday at the Ledger Lane home of Chayni Frazier. Whipple had a warrant out for violating his Post Release Community Supervision. The Sheriff’s Office got a tip he was at Frazier’s home and Deputies were able to surround it and arrest him without incident. The Sherriff’s Office says Round Valley Tribal Police had told Frazier earlier in the day of Whipple’s warrant and warned her she could be arrested for harboring but she still allowed him to stay. She’s been booked on $15,000 bail. Whipple was booked with no bail.