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Friday fatalities ID’d in Lake County

Monday, September 27, 2010 at 8:22 p.m.
Lake County sheriff’s officials identified two people who died Friday in separate vehicle collisions, including a Kelseyville restaurateur killed by a hit and run driver. Officers are still searching for the driver of a blue Chevrolet Suburban van that pulled into Highway 29 outside Lower Lake in front of motorcyclist Zino Mezoui, proprietor of Zino’s Ristorante and Inn . Officers found the van at a home off Siegler Canyon Road. Mezoui was flown to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.Twenty minutes later, a 52-year-old Lakeport woman was killed in a three-car collision. Kimberlee Westbay was heading west on Highway 20 when Anton Kloiber of Piercy drove across the double-yellow line and crashed into her pickup. He then collided with a second vehicle. Kloiber suffered minor injuries. Westbay was pronounced dead at the scene. Kloiber appeared to be on drugs at the time of the crash and was arrested.

Cakewalk: Thieves leave trail of snack wrappers
Wichita police say whoever stole a Little Debbie delivery truck left a trail of empty boxes and snack cake wrappers after abandoning the vehicle. The truck was taken around 4 a.m. Monday from outside a Walmart store. KFDI-AM reports the vehicle was driven into a shallow canal – but not before the thieves apparently pulled out some of the thousands of dollars worth of snacks. Police are still looking for the thieves Three wreckers pulled the truck from the canal. It’s been returned to its owner.

Knife removed from Brazil man’s head after 3 years

SAO PAULO – A man in northeastern Brazil is recovering after surgeons removed a 4-inch (10-centimeter) blade that had been stuck in his head for three years following a bar fight. Edeilson Nascimento, a 29-year-old tire repairman, tells reporters Friday he is feeling great after the three-hour surgery earlier this week. He is expected to be released from a hospital in the city of Recife next week. Nascimento says he got into a bar fight in 2007 and was attacked by assailants when he returned home. At the time, doctors only removed the knife handle, fearing that pulling the blade from his head would cause brain damage. But three years of intense headaches led Nascimento to take a chance on the surgery.

San Francisco proposing ban on Happy Meal toys

Recently, Santa Clara was working towards banning toys in Happy Meals over a certain calorie count. Well, San Francisco is following suit, and their first hearing was today. Basically, if a Happy Meal exceeds limits on calories, fat, sugar and salt, it will not have a toy with it. Those with healthier options will. The idea is that kids will be more inclined to choose the healthier option to be able to get the toy. “Supervisor Eric Mar, who proposed the ban, says the toys draw children to the unhealthy meals, which in turn can contribute to childhood obesity. But officials with the restaurant industry say the proposal is an example of government regulation going too far.”

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