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3 people from Covelo have been arrested during a sweep of probationers, sex registrants and other wanted persons. Police say John Hoaglen, Anthony Wilburn Jr. and Tammy Hale were brought in on drugs, weapons and other charges. They say Wilburn was in possession of dangerous weapons and hypodermic syringes and at the same house, Hale was high on meth and had hypodermic syringes. And Hoaglen, at a different house was brought in for a felony arrest warrant for not appearing on a probation violation.

The median sales price for homes in Lake County has gone up. The Association of Realtors (LCAOR) says single family home prices were at $180,000 in February and went up to $224,000 in March, that’s a 24 and a half percent increase and 44.5-percent higher than a year ago. The median price for all of last year hit about $169,000 compared to $175,000 for the first three months of 2015. Also good news, foreclosures or distressed sales, homes selling after foreclosure or for less than what was owed were on the decline.

The passenger of a car that rolled near Hopland had to be airlifted to a hospital. The crash Sunday north of Hwy 175. Police say they think the driver, Brandon Doty of Hopland was going too fast and hit a curve and went out of control. swerving and hitting a wood gate post and metal gate. the passenger Tyler Shepard has been flown to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, the driver reported to be uninjured.

5 jury cases in Clearlake had to be vacated after the passage of Proposition 47. The Record Bee reports the proposition also affected some suspects who’d been up for arrest. They got tickets are were released. The Clearlake Police Chief says because of the initiative, “suspects are back on the streets quicker”. The prop passed by voters a year and a half ago reduced many felonies to misdemeanors and for those already in custody, some had their crimes reduced to appeal or total release.

A man from Lake County has been arrested for allegedly chasing people with a machete. Police say Devin Walker got agitated after setting up his camping gear on someone’s parcel in Upper Lake and they told him to leave. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports it wasn’t the first time the property owners told Walker he couldn’t camp on their land, but he refused. so they took his stuff and moved it and say he started yelling incoherently at them then chased them with a machete. They say he then swam across a canal before he was caught by deputies and booked into jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest and on an unrelated warrant.

Lawmakers from the North Coast are supporting a bill that will require all California schoolchildren to be vaccinated. The Senate Bill 277 would get rid of the religious belief excuse to get out of vaccines, but would allow certain medical conditions. Apparently some of the North Coast has some of the highest opt-out rates for vaccinations in the state. Assemblyman Jim Wood of Healdsburg and Sen. Mike McGuire, also of Healdsburg are the co-authors along with pediatrician and Richard Pan of Sacramento. Those against say it should be a personal choice with parents having the final say.

A public notification has gone out that high levels of a chemical have been found in the drinking water in Nice. The Nice Mutual Water Co. reported testing showed the total trihalomethanes, or TTHMs were above the state standard for drinking water. The general manager of the utility says they test quartlerly for the chemical. The water comes right out of Clear Lake, The chemical is apparently a byproduct of chlorinating the drinking water. The water company sent out the notice to customers April 16th.

Cal Fire is requiring burn permits. Starting Friday a burn permit will be mandatory for outdoor burning in Mendocino, San Mateo/Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Sonoma/Lake & Napa areas. The so-called, State Responsibility areas. Those are usually unincorporated, rural, grass, brush and timber covered lands. Those with a permit still have rules to follow and must have someone monitoring the burn at all times. Any violation of rules could mean the loss of the permit and any associated costs with an out of control fire.

Mendocino County is accepting bids for agencies or groups who want to help the county keep crime down and folks out of jail. The county got a 25-thousand dollar Community Recidivism Reduction grant in December. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports the county’s General Services Agency is managing the request for proposals to help keep those who’ve been out of jail from landing there again. They will use detention programs to teach how to stay away from the life of crime and how they can reconnect with family and contribute to society.

Dollar Tree Stores have to pay more than 2 and a half million in settlement costs and penalties for illegal dumping. The Mendocino County D-A’s office reports the company found to be dumping hazardous waste across the state. In Mendocino, the County’s Environmental Health Dept. is supposed to get $1,000 of that and the D-A’s office, $1,250. Dollar Tree has a few stores in Mendocino County, in Ukiah, Willits and Fort Bragg.

A surprise birth at a farm at the University of Rhode Island. One of the school’s two guard donkeys had a baby unexpectedly over the weekend and apparently the two are both females. School officials say they think perhaps one they had purchased over the last year was already pregnant. They can be pregnant for about a year. The donkeys at the university were being used to protect sheep and goats from coyotes and feral dogs.

A man from Colorado fed up with his problematic computer has been arrested. Police say Lucas Hinch shot his Dell computer about 8 times in an alleyway. The LA Times reports the man says the death to computer incident was quote “premeditated” and “glorious”. It’s illegal to fire a gun in Colorado Springs.

The mystery of the missing wedding ring in Alaska has been solved. Nikki Balovich reported her platinum wedding ring lost in January. She was removing it because she was pregnant and was getting swollen fingers. But alas, her mother’s intuition was spot on as their mastiff puppy swallowed it as she feared. The ring found by a neighbor picking up dog waste at a local
baseball field.


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