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A tentative 3 yr agreement’s been reached between Mendocino County and the Mendocino County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. The Chair of the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors says they’re happy with the contract. The Sheriff’s Association says they had to adjust the retirement agreement so that employees end up paying the full share of retirement costs or about nine percent of each member’s gross salary. For that the County’s agreed to raise base pay six percent. The agreement is going to be available online and with the next Board of Supervisors agenda.

A jail inmate from Mendocino County working on Talmage Rd as part of a Caltrans crew got away but was quickly caught again. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports Steven Leard, Jr. escaped custody yesterday near the shopping complex on Airport Park Boulevard in Ukiah. The dept. says they picked him up around 4 p-m, after being gone more than an hour and a half.

Sutter Hospital nurses are on strike saying they’re short handed a lot, creating unsafe conditions for patients. The strike started yesterday with picketing across the state. It’s the second nurses strike in the Santa Rosa area in a week.

The Governor is defending a plan to work less with habitat restoration as twin tunnels are built around California’s freshwater delta. The water from the tunnels would deliver water to farms and millions of residents in the state. The gov. says the new approach means restoration for wildlife will actually move faster. This is part of a major overhaul of the governor’s environmental plans including restoring 30,000 acres for wetland and wildlife habitat instead of 100,000 acres. Apparently that’s because another plan was over 50 years. The Calif. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife says there’s too much uncertainty because of uncertain future effects of climate change.

California lawmakers consider ways to deal with the drought. The Senate Democratic Caucus has released a list of 12 steps to deal with the drought including a water czar appointment. Other ideas are taking money from the 7 point 5 billion dollar water bond and the greenhouse gas reduction fund for drought relief programs.

A new report on alternative housing for laying hens has been released. The report shows how housing can impact laying hens who produce the 75 billion eggs produced annually in the U-S.
California has banned eggs from chickens that are in cramped quarters and cannot turn or flap their wings. Now a group funded this major study to see how housing for hens matters. University of California Davis researchers were among those involved in the study with the USDA. The report showed actual cage free Chickens were stronger but they died younger. Hens in enriched colonies fared the best. Cage free eggs are the most expensive.

A number of sightings of Clear Lake Hitch, but no word on actual numbers. The Center for Biological Diversity is asking the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to declare the hitch as endangered, but that could take a year or so. They could also just be listed as threatened. But fisherman are reporting seeing mass numbers of hitch in coves in the lake. Scientists say they could be blackfish too. Scientists took a few of the fish in a large school in Soda Bay and 2 were id’d as hitch, the other a blackfish.

The ACLU is asking several courts including Superior Court in Mendocino County to reverse its fee structure. The group says Superior Courts in 8 counties require traffic tickets be paid in full before going to court which is unconstitutional. The group says that violates due process. They also say a typical ticket is $500 in California which includes a base fine of $100 with other fees tacked on. The ACLU calls out Mendocino County fees referred to as “bail” saying its unjust because paying traffic fines is not a condition of release.

A tabloid newspaper in the U-K says traces of cocaine were found on the toilet close to where the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, was going to give birth to the royal baby. But apparently the drug was found in a wing of St. Mary’s were Kate Middleton is not staying. The duchess is staying in a separate maternity ward. It’s not proven to even be cocaine, but the newspaper went with the story which quickly went viral.

A couple in central Florida have been arrested after police say they stole hundreds of dollars of meat from a grocery store. The Daytona Beach News-Journal ( reports Doris Rowe and Kenneth Edwards were caught stuffing meat products and other items into the woman’s pants at a Winn-Dixie store. Cops say the two were stopped on their way out and the woman punched the manager, dropping pork ribs, some detergent and three water filters. The two were arrested and charged with grand theft and robbery.


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