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City leaders in Clearlake to decide what to do in response to a referendum challenge to an ordinance to ban all marijuana growing in the city. A closed session of the city council’s planned for Thursday night to talk over litigation and picking a new city manager. The city council passed an ordinance in February banning the growing of marijuana, it’s been appealed so the council has to decide how to proceed. They have to repeal the ordinance, place it before voters the next regular municipal election next year or there has to be a special election which could cost as much as $30,000.

North Coast Opportunities is getting federal money for those who cannot afford food. The U-S Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced the recipients of the government grants, totaling $31.5 million. The grants come thru the 2014 Farm Bill helping those already getting SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The money for fruits and vegetables. In California about 240,000 food-insecure shoppers and 2,200 small farms are being supported through the grants that went from the federal government to the Ecology Center in California.

A new report shows Caltrans has to bring in about $80 billion over the next decade to cover current and future needs of state highways and that’s not enough. The 2015 Ten-Year State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) Plan shows there’s a $60 billion dollar shortage to improve roads, address major rehabilitation work on state highways and to support Caltrans’ sustainability goal of projects that can bring long-lasting and smart mobility improvements. The plan says roads could deteriorate and it may cost more in the future if it’s not looked at now.

The UDJ Ukiah Boys & Girls Club Spring Fund Drive is almost at its goal. The newspaper reports they’ve reached almost $44,000 toward they’re goal of $55,000 to match $55,000 offered in matching grants from Retech of Ukiah and the Ukiah Police Department. Last weeks’ big bid donations were between $300 to $3,000. If you’d like to donate, check out the Daily Journal website.

A brave little tot jumped from a car with only cuts and scrapes after a carjacking. Police say the 4 year old got out of his car seat and jumped from the moving car. He was waiting for his mom in a running car when a man got in a drove away. Stockton police say the boy jumped out at the end of the block. They say they don’t think the carjacker intended on kidnapping the boy. He’s not been identified or arrested. This comes after a similar incident less than a month ago, when someone stole a running car with an 8-year-old boy sleeping inside.

A man from Willits has been charged in the rape of a drunk woman. Police say 19 year old Brendan Britton was arrested last month in Babcock Park after the alleged attack on a juvenile at a house April 3rd. Police say the victim knows Britton. He is set to go to preliminary hearing June 8th. His bail was set at $100,000… He made it and was released. Police say it’s the second, but unrelated alleged rape of an intoxicated woman in Willits within a one week period. The first was March 30th. The suspect in that case is waiting for his trial to start.

Caltrans is using the second lowest bidder to work on the main mitigation contract for the Willits bypass project. Apparently the first lowest bidder never answered follow up questions about their bid. So the work was offered to the next contractor in line. The start date has now been extended though due to the non-response creating a delay. The bids were opened in March for the first contract which is supposed to cost somewhere near $12 million. A company in San Diego was quoting somewhere around 9 million but lost the contract.

A couple from Florida has to register as sex offenders after being found guilty of having sex on a crowded beach. The two also face up to 15 years behind bars for their activity on the beach. The jury in Manatee County only deliberated for about 15 minutes before convicting 20-year-old Elissa Alvarez and 40-year-old Jose "Benny" Caballero for lewd and lascivious exhibition. A grandma filmed video of the couple at Cortez Beach in Bradenton. They were witnessed by many, including a 4 year old.

George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch volunteer in Florida who gained notoriety for shooting and killing an unarmed black teen in 2012, has been shot himself. Police say Zimmerman had injuries to his face after being shot at by an unidentified man in Lake Mary. Zimmerman was treated and released from a hospital in Sanford. Video of Zimmerman shows what looks to be a bullet hole in the passenger side window of his SUV. Police say the shooter may have been someone Zimmerman knows Zimmerman was accused of second-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford.

Dr. Oz is stepping back from previous claims he’s made about weight loss pills. The Doc on "Fox and Friends" Monday admitting a mistake he made in the language he used when referring to the supplements. Doctors at Columbia University asked for Oz to be removed from faculty, calling him a "quack." He says he quote toggles back and forth… between hard core medicine and other ideas that could be helpful to the masses. He says his popular daytime TV show is not a medical press show. And says it’s his job to elevate the conversation in America.


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