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The regular meeting of the Lake County Board of Supervisors has been canceled. After a three month trial period, the board decided unanimously to a reduced number of meetings each month. They first considered it in January, deciding to cancel meetings the second Tuesday of February, March and April for time management purposes for staff. Then decided to read the ordinance again at their meeting next week on whether to forego Tuesday meetings permanently. Some opposed say it’ll slow things down, but supervisors say there are things happening in the background the public doesn’t see.

Three men from Fresno are standing trial for the 2013 marijuana-related murder of a man from Redding. The trial to take place in Tehama County though for Chase Doulphus, Alan Doulphus Jr. and Roger Bounnhaseng. They’re charged for allegedly trying to rob a medical marijuana growing operation west of Red Bluff. A man involved in the business, Keo Vannarath was killed during the robbery attempt. The three men allegedly had a shotgun, a semi-automatic rifle and a pistol. The three crashed but were caught soon after in Shasta County.

California landscapers working on removing lawns due to the drought. The Sacramento Bee reports a spike in lawn removals. One landscaper in Woodland says he’s had a 30 percent increase in requests to remove grass and says he gets about three to four calls a week requesting them. The lawns being removed to save water and because it’s costing more to get water. Some folks are going with low water plants like succulents and are modifying their drip irrigation systems. In Yolo, landscapers report the same, an increase in lawn removals to be replaced with rock, bark or synthetic grass.

Court proceedings for a mom in Woodland charged with murder had been delayed. Another pre-hearing conference has been set for Samantha Green who had been charged in the death of her three-week-old baby. She’s also charged with abusing or endangering the health of a child, with an enhancement for infliction of great bodily injury upon a child under 5 years old. She’s pleaded not guilty. Police say she was reported missing with the newborn in Feb. and reappeared “crying and hysterical”. She was arrested 3 days later, after her baby’s body was found.

State water regulators working on first ever cuts for urban water use because of the drought. They’re focusing on farming. The State Water Resources Control Board says they’ll issue so called curtailment orders for the state’s most senior water rights holders soon. That means the flow of water from rivers in major agricultural districts in California will be shut down. Those are in farming areas usually off limits to regulation unless things are dire.

Cops in New York say they found a trio of would be crooks by tracking a trail of macaroni salad. Police in Mt. Morris say they nabbed three burglary suspects Sunday following their macaroni salad trail, left behind as they made their getaway. Police say the three broke into a fast food joint, stole a cash register and their surveillance system and a large bowl of macaroni salad. Deputies caught up to them because of their tail of salad. The 3 eating as they ran. The alleged crooks charged with burglary, criminal mischief and grand larceny.

A student at the University of Central Florida says he punched a shark after it bit him in the leg. Josh Green says he was swimming in the ocean last Thursday and felt something latch on to his leg so he punched it, not realizing it was a shark. He had to get 18 stitches in his foot, ankle and calf. An area lifeguard says the shark was probably a black tip shark.

Pitbulls have some backing… a new political action committee to get rid of pit bull bans in Ohio. The PAC to protect against so called breed-specific legislation A philanthropist and self described dog lover is the founder of the PAC, Ohioans Against Breed Discrimination. Some municipalities in Ohio have stopped the bans but there are still some out there. The national animal advocacy group Best Friends Animal Society says it costs millions to enforce the legislation in the state. The PAC founders say they hope they can raise enough to fight the bans and get it on a ballot.


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