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Three people in Gualala have been hurt in a car crash, two of them critically. Police say it happened at the intersection of Pacific Woods Road and Tiger Tail Trail. They say a car with three inside went over an embankment and two of them had to be flown to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. A third person went to a hospital by ambulance.

Keep the Code is suing to get the city of Willits to stop REACH from putting an air ambulance base at the Willits Municipal Airport. The company says the city didn’t follow California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) guidelines when approving the project so they’re going to court on the matter. The court will decide if it will make the city fix alleged inadequacies listed by Keep the Code and to pay the company back their legal fees before an air ambulance base can be located at the airport. The nonprofit, Keep the Code (KTC) is also asking the court for a temporary restraining order to stop project until the court case is concluded. Keep the Code says the city has abused its discretion and failed to act in a manner required by law with an inadequate mitigated negative declaration.

Ground’s being broken for the new Medical Office Building (MOB) near the Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital in Willits. The builders, designers and leaders of the new Hospital and the Frank R. Howard Foundation were at the ground breaking. The L-shaped medical office building will have a retail pharmacy, physical therapy offices, a Rural Health Clinic and it will house the Howard Foundation office. It’s expected to be available to rent spots too by this fall.

A man in Ukiah ended up in the hospital with multiple stab wounds saying he was attacked as he walked along South State Street. Police say the guy was attacked by the Express Mart near Luce Avenue after several people jumped out of a blue SUV and started stabbing him. The man flown to a hospital and is expected to live. Cops say they don’t know if it was gang related.

A woman in Covelo’s been stabbed. The Sheriff’s office reports it happened last Friday on Refuse Road. Police say they got a call that the victim, Eugenia Phillips was taken to the fire dept. by someone in a car. Other reports say she was taken to the Covelo Airport for air ambulance transport. She was eventually taken to an out of the area trauma center. Police say the woman got into an argument with her sister and it became physical and extremely violent. Two men at the scene say the saw the whole thing and restrained the sister but she got away. She’s been found and arrested and was being held on attempted murder charges on $125,000.00 bail.

A Sea Lion scares a man sleeping on his boat in San Diego. The sea lion pup apparently decided to sleep there too, waking the owner with its snoring. Michael Duffy says he was on his Yacht and was awakened early in the morning by sneezing and snoring. He says he thought it was a friend after a night out together but didn’t find anyone. He says then hours after, he heard it again and found the 35-pound sea lion pup on another bed. He says it was curled up like a dog. He says he coaxed it back to the water, and that it was extremely well behaved… except for the loud snoring and sneezing.

Police in northwestern Massachusetts reminding residents getting drunk then chasing bears with a hatchet… not too bright. Cops in North Adams say someone chased a bear with a dull hatchet thru the woods. They say that’s just a bad idea and something that cannot end well. The hatchet man arrested and taken into protective custody due to HIS intoxication level. Black bears coming into neighborhoods more recently.

A police officer in North Carolina is suing Starbucks for $750,000 for the hot coffee he spilled in his lap, burning himself. The free cup, given to officer Matthew Kohr, a lieutenant in the Raleigh Police Department who told the jury in his case he didn’t realize the coffee would be "that hot". He reported third degree burns which he says aggravated his Crohn’s disease, caused him anxiety and sleeplessness and led to a loss of intimacy with his wife. The jury found for Starbucks, not the cop.



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