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A woman in Santa Rosa’s been arrested in connection to a standoff with police. Police say Francesca Cordova had a shotgun and a semiautomatic handgun when she reportedly took her mother and sister hostage Sunday morning which in turn meant police cordoned off her entire neighborhood until she surrendered. The Press Democrat reports it ended about an hour after one of the family members inside the house called 911. Police say Cordova was booked into the Sonoma County Jail on $30,000 bail and has an expected court appearance Tuesday afternoon.

A man in Hopland has been killed after a crash on his motorcycle into a pickup truck. Police say Patrick O’Donoghue of San Francisco was headed east on a rural highway and lost control of the motorcycle, then slid into the oncoming traffic lane and crashed into a 2012 Ford F-250. The driver of the pickup truck slammed on his brakes but couldn’t stop in time. The CHP says alcohol did not seem to be a factor.

A home in Clearlake has been damaged by lightning during a weekend storm. The home hit by the strike Sunday night causing damage to the roof, above the master bedroom. The Lake County Fire Protection District responded and says there was a 10 X 15 hole and about 15 thousand dollars damage. The house did not ignite on fire but there was serious damage to the inside of the home too and they lost power.

City leaders in Lakeport are considering an updated contract for Lakeport Disposal for universal waste disposal services. The city council is also considering a final restructuring plan for the city’s CALPERS obligations. The city council will have to decide if they want to hire a law firm to walk them thru the restructuring of the CALPERS agreement. The meeting tonight at 6-30.

A man in Clearlake’s been arrested for seriously injuring a puppy. Police arrested Michael Truscott last Friday for felony animal cruelty for abusing the pup, Roxie. Police say they got a call to the Clearlake Veterinary Clinic where the pup was taken after being thrown to the ground. She had a severely broken jaw with bones protruding from her face. Truscott was booked into the Lake County Jail on $15,000 bail and released. Clearlake police have forwarded the case to the D-A for further consideration. The man’s a convicted felon with a long list of arrests in Lake, Marin and Napa counties for drug and weapons charges.

Controversy in Middletown surrounding a proposal for a new Dollar General store. Community members at the meeting discussing the possible impacts to the town if the dollar store is approved. Several people spoke at the meeting asking questions and commenting on such things as the kinds of products that would be sold, the company’s potential community involvement and more. The same company is looking to set up shop in Kelseyville as well and already has stores in Clearlake Oaks and Nice.

One million dollars has been approved by a state Assembly committee to help protect and improve Clear Lake. Assemblyman Bill Dodd of Napa addressed the Budget Subcommittee on Resources and Transportation for the money which has been included in the Assembly Budget for 2015-16. The money part of Dodd’s petition to the Budget Subcommittee for money for water quality improvement, wetland restoration and protection against invasive species.

A big turnout of businesses and guests at the American Red Cross of the California Northwest’s 12th annual Real Heroes Breakfast. The breakfast last month at the Doubletree Hotel in Rohnert Park where contributions were at more than $172,000 to benefit the American Red Cross. It was an invitation-only event for local heroes as well as a chance for the agency to raise money for programs and emergency services the Red Cross provides in the Northern California area.

A man from Georgia says he got angry after a fight with his wife so he drove his truck thru their house. John Paul Jones, Jr. says he decided to drive into the house from the backyard to the front yard by way of his living room. He says he was also upset because he couldn’t sell his home. When cops arrived they found the truck parked with furniture caught in its bumper.

A pig in Flint, Michigan is getting into the mud… Giggles is running for mayor against two convicted felons, including one who served nearly 20 years for murder. Giggles owner and campaign manager Michael Ewing says his candidate has an impressive resume, enjoys grass and unlike some of her opponents has a clean criminal record.


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