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The Lake County Winegrape Commission has some new directors on their board. Two new elected directors have been seated. The commission announced the two new directors as, Keith Brandt and Bruce Merrilees who will be part of the board with incumbent director David Weiss. There are eight directors in all seven of them are Lake County winegrape growers who were elected by other eligible growers. The other is a public member, appointed by the board chair. The commission was put together in 1991 to help promote wine grapes in the region.

A man who used to live in Ukiah’s been arrested for molestation. The Mendocino County DA’s office reports the trial was quickly approaching for Timothy Buckway, but earlier this week in court he admitted responsibility for two different counts of felony child molestation. One was aggravated sexual assault of a 10-year-old then separately the man admitted continuous sexual abuse of two children, both ten years of age or younger. Now it’s up to the probation department to come up with a sentence. Buckway to be formally sentenced June 19th. He faces 21 years to life.

The Elks Lodge of Calif. And Hawaii have gathered more than 3 and a quarter million dollars for children with disabilities. Ryan Cooley, the Exalted Ruler of Ukiah’s Elks Lodge contributed more than $13,000 raised by the members of the local Lodge. A year-long fund raising effort ended with the ceremony at the Elks Convention where various lodges from California and Hawaii presented their donations. The money for kids with disabilities along with other philanthropic and patriotic projects.

It’s National Prevention Week and Mendocino County Health and Human Services Agency shows how employees work daily providing locals with options to stay healthy by preventing illness and injury. The goal of the week, which started last Sunday, is to focus on helping folks live healthier lives thru learning about nutrition, the benefits of physical activity, taking safe routes to school, rejecting tobacco, not abusing alcohol or drugs, and ATV and bike safety. For more information, visit the county’s website at

A five man fishing crew in New Jersey caught a giant shark. The crew hooked the near half-ton mako shark Sunday. It weighed in at 820 pounds and was said to be the second longest shark ever caught off the coast of New Jersey.

It turns out being healthy, can also be harmful… A new report shows reusing plastic water bottles can harm your health, unless you wash your bottles thoroughly because harmful bacteria from tap water and saliva can reproduce inside the bottle. A newspaper in the U-K contacting several water experts who say leaving your water inside your bottle at room temperate for days could cause gastroenteritis which can lead to a loss of appetite, aching limbs, fever, headaches and vomiting.

A minister in Michigan who regularly rails against gay people has been caught using a gay dating app on his phone. Reverend Matthew Makela is married with five children. He’s quit as the associate pastor at his church after his conversations on the app were posted on the website Queerty. He was looking for all sorts of action including massage and cuddling fun. They also posted some of his anti-gay rants there too.

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