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A Lake County supervisor and multi-tasker has written a song to honor local service members. Supervisor and bail bondsman, Rob Brown wrote the song 21 guns to memorialize three young men each with connections to Lake County who died over the last seven years while serving overseas, Lance Corporal Ivan Wilson of Clearlake killed in Afghanistan, Sgt. 1st Class David Hartman has family in Lake County, he died in Pakistan; and Sgt. Richard Essex of Kelseyville, who died in southern Afghanistan. The video of the song can be viewed at Lake Co News dot com.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors will decide if they want to confirm a contract with a company that claims it can save residents money on power by mixing renewable and green power used locally. The company California Clean Power Corp. of Windsor will be considered at the meeting this morning. They’re offering programs in accordance with state law, allowing purchase or generating electricity for businesses and residents even as regular power flows through existing utility systems like P, G & E.

A group of farmers in California agreeing to voluntarily reduce their water use by one-quarter so there aren’t deeper, mandatory cutbacks during the drought. These farmers, also known as senior rights holders, use the most from area lakes and rivers. Their properties abut rivers and streams and their claim to the water is a century old or more. The state Water Resources Control Board says the drought’s unprecedented, so unprecedented measures must be taken. The state is in the driest 4 year period on record.

A man from Seeley Lake, MT has been arrested for allegedly trying to pimp out his German shepherd to women on Craigslist. William Russell faces felony attempted deviate sexual conduct. The judge immediately ordering the man to give up the dog and has restricted his computer use. He’s also not allowed to use Craigslist anymore. He was booked on $50,000 bail but raised the money and was freed until his next court date.

A resident in Pendleton, Oregon is asking his local city council for a unique request. The city recently enacted a nuisance clause to laws for certain smells. Considering marijuana will be legal in July, the law covers the smell of pot. But now Peter Walters is asking to also start regulating a more noxious scent, passing gas. No word if Russell was kidding or not, but the local paper, the East Oregonian report made it seem as though Russell was mocking the marijuana ordinance.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors is about to take on the Community Wildfire Protection Plan. The plan’s being updated and is due to be presented to the Board of Supervisors by the end of September. THE UDJ reports one Board member, from the 3rd district, Tom Woodhouse, the county Executive Office, and a representative of the Mendocino County Fire Safe Council had a meeting on the plan which will recommend reducing or eliminating county fire hazards. The last wildfire protection plan is from back in 2006.

Four men from Southern California have been sent to prison for the involvement in a home invasion last October. 25 year old Jonathan Otero-Cruz of San Bernardino got the most, with 24 years. He admitted he raped a female at the house. The three other defendants, 25 year old Jose Cabrera and 25 yr old Christopher Montoya, both of San Bernardino, and 38 yr old Filomeno Nunez of Compton were also all sent to prison for at least 7 years, the lowest for the getaway driver, Nunez. The 4 arrested last October with drugs and weapons, a black ski mask and three black bandanas.

A man who owns sheep he rents out for grazing services is complaining to the Hidden Valley Lake Association about the death of 2 of his animals. The two died on Highway 29 Friday night after being hit by cars. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office and California Highway Patrol went to the scene. Apparently about 400 of the animals were asleep when they suddenly left their fenced area and ran down an incline to Highway 29. Their owner says he thinks they were pushed from the area and says he doesn’t believe it was another animal.

A man from Lake County has been injured and a woman from Oroville killed in an accident in Butte County. Another man was seriously injured in the weekend crash. Brandon McGilvray and David Elwell were injured, but 95 year old Paulene King died in the crash yesterday. Cops say one of the men driving with his elderly relative when one crashed into the other at an intersection. Alcohol, drugs or cell phone are not suspected distractions in the crash. ​


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