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In England and Wales ducks have some power. The little birds walk along next to cars, so the Canal & River Trust, a group preserving more than 2,000 miles of waterways throughout England and Wales created lanes just for waterfowl in London, Birmingham, and Manchester. It’s only temporary though, the Share the Space, Drop your Pace campaign is encouraging awareness of the creatures.

Nine brains have been found on a street in a northern New York. The brains were part of a collection for educational or research purposes and police say there’s no criminal activity suspected though. The brains found on the street in Governeur. A local veterinarian says one of the brains was professionally removed and preserved in formaldehyde. They’re thought to be from dogs or sheep.

Skeletal remains have been found outside San Francisco believed to that of a Swedish exchange student missing for more than 30 years. The Oakland Tribune reports ( ) the remains are those of Elisabeth Martinsson’s whose been missing since January of 1982. She’d been a nanny for a family in Marin County and went missing during a shopping outing. The cause of death is so far undetermined.

The Lakeport Police Department is reminding the public during summer about important safety tips and general information too. They say Traffic Safety is extremely important while looking out for pedestrians as car traffic increases. The summer concert series and Independence Day celebration at Library Park will bring heavy traffic in downtown area. Lakeport Police will be enforcing traffic laws. They also remind to look out for pets and to take care of your pets in cars and at home in the heat.

A freelance KGO-TV news producer is out after a firey tweet. Carlos La Roche has since deleted his account after tweeting about a protest in Oakland saying, quote “Looks like the born losers, er “protestors” will b in #Oakland 2night. Hope O-P-D has real bullets. KGO-TV announced via Twitter they fired the guy. La Roche says it’s been a quote "incredibly difficult time."

The state may soon ban microbeads. The little plastic beads found in many beauty and personal care products. The beads are used for packing and are considered a major polluter and are mostly not biodegradable. They’re found in facial scrubs, soaps, and some toothpastes. The ban passed by lawmakers heads to the senate next, then finally to the governor.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) working with Efficient Drivetrains Incorporated (EDI) demonstrating their first ever plug-in electric hybrid drivetrain Class 5 work trucks. The trucks to be shown off today. They have 120kW exportable power to be used to shorten or totally cut out planned and unplanned outages. The truck will be at the AltCar Expo in Oakland. It was designed, built and tested in Dixon where the Efficient Drivetrains shop is located. The truck’s battery is capable of powering 80% of the transformers in PG&E’s service area or up to 100 homes during planned and unplanned outages.

2 medical marijuana bills in consideration at the state capitol. The UDJ reports the two bills being considered by appropriation committees. One of the bills would create a state Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation. If passed it would mean those growing the drug would have to get conditional licenses including restrictions put in place by local jurisdictions. Required fees would also go to a fund set up as part of the law, the money to be used to enforce the provisions of the bill. Another bill known as the Marijuana Watershed Protection Act would require some growers to get a permit from their local jurisdiction or the state. It would include indoor and outdoor restrictions on growing.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office has identified a body found in a dumpster behind the Staples store in Ukiah. Police called to the scene on Saturday night where they say someone had been dumpster diving and found a body. The body id’d as George Chambers of Ukiah. An autopsy’s been set for today to see how the man may have died.

The Chief Justice of the state is calling for an emergency ruling regarding how the courts in the state deal with traffic fines. The ACLU of No. Calif. is also reportedly concerned about the matter in eight counties, including Mendocino County. Last week the judge said she would ask the California Judicial Council, to take emergency action in adopting a rule of court. She says the law is confusing and there are inconsistent practices or policies throughout the state. She further says there needs to be a court rule making it clear residents don’t have to pay for traffic fines before they appear in court.

A businessman in Ukiah wants to break up a union that most Mendocino County employees are represented by and create a new one. Ross Liberty owns a local manufacturing plant with 65 employees. He’s hired a lawyer and started a website he says to help disgruntled county employees to decertify a union and instead have a less-expensive employee association. It means he has to gather signatures of 30 percent of about 700 employees. If he’s successful, then the members will vote. 50 people attended a meeting Liberty held on the matter. Some locals are calling it union busting. Liberty says he’s simply advocating for employees to have a choice.

2 people have been arrested and Clearlake police say there may be more connected to a murder in the city last year of a man from Hidden Valley Lake. The police dept arrested Clearlake residents Gary Williams and Crystal Pearls for the murder of Guillermo Figueroa. Figueroa reported missing last October after leaving a friend he was visiting. Cops found his car abandoned soon after. Then a month later, a human skull was found. A police dog found the rest of the man’s body near where the skull was found. An autopsy and DNA results showed it was Figueroa. The two arrested reportedly charged with murder and terrorist threats plus more. The two already in jail for stealing a house trailer. They’re held without bail.

Lake County Sheriff’s deputies looking into the death of a couple in Clearlake Oaks calling it a possible murder suicide. Cops called for a welfare check last weekend and found a man and woman dead with gunshot wounds. The two id’d as 58-year-old Laura Matthews and 53-year-old Carl McHughes Jr. Police also found a gun. An autopsy has been set for later in the week. Police asking anyone who may have information on the couple of what happened to them to call the sheriff’s dept.

The name of a woman from Lakeport killed in a car crash Friday night has been released. The CHP says the 19 year old was Francesca Schetter. She was in a car with a man who apparently lost control of the car they were in while going around a curve. 21-year-old Lakeport resident Nicholas Ivicevich has been identified as the driver of the crash. Police say Schetter was removed with the jaws of life but died and the driver was arrested for DUI. Ivicevich has major injuries and had to be flown to a trauma center. He had a lacerated liver and broken ribs.

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