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No word yet on who may have been the victim in the likely murder suicide reported in Clearlake Oaks. The Lake County sheriff’s office reported finding the bodies of Laura Matthews and Carl McHughes Jr. last Saturday. The two died from gunshot wounds with a gun found at their home. The Sheriff’s spokesperson says they’re not sure of what a motive may have been. They’ve had no reports of previous domestic violence with the couple. Anyone with information on the couple or their history are asked to call the Lake County Sheriff’s Dept.

Community Services Police Officers watching intersections in town. The out of uniform officer on State Street just checking to see how drivers react to pedestrians in a crosswalk. Ukiah police say their goal is to educate drivers not stopping. Four officers are assigned to the special enforcement. There are also traffic cones set up so cars know where to stop. Those that don’t yield or are speeding could be ticketed by other officers in strategic locations.

New info released on the body of a man found behind the Ukiah Staples store. Police say they don’t think the body found by someone thought to be dumpster diving was suspicious. They also say the person rifling thru the trash was not homeless as previously thought. The body found last weekend in the 1200 block of Airport Park Boulevard. Someone called police, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s office has identified the man found as 46-year-old Ukiah resident George Chambers.

A committee’s being set up to figure out ways to reduce the amount of shopping carts around Ukiah. The City Council to create a panel to consider a possible ordinance regarding the problem. City staff used to round up the carts, but the city manager says they’ve got no time for that anymore. A contractor from out of town instead collects carts for some stores. The mayor says he doesn’t want to use staff for the job and says there should be an “ad-hoc committee" to consider how to attack the problem. The council will consider the committee creation at their next meeting.

It’s a yes… the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges says okay to changes for the College of the Redwoods to transfer the area of Mendocino County to Mendocino College. The two colleges filed proposals with the accrediting commission last month. The request approved for Mendocino College to offer 50 percent or more of a degree or certificate at the Mendocino Coast Center. The board of trustees at each school has to now approve a contract between the two districts to move forward.

A bunch of jobs in the Fort Bragg Unified School District that were supposed to be cut are not. The School’s Superintendent says the dozen full-time positions that got pink slips had them rescinded. Apparently they had to send layoff notices out by March 15 even if the jobs might be safe. The pink slips meant for some packed board meetings with folks in yellow t-shirts to show solidarity with teachers who got layoff notices.

A man in New York named God has been to court so the credit reporting agency Equifax would recognize his name after years of problems with loans and higher limits. God Gazarov sued Equifax in Brooklyn court because the agency said it’s computer systems wouldn’t allow a credit report under the name God. The agency now says it’s made necessary changes so the name is recognized. He told a local TV station "it’s not like I’m Mickey Mouse and my address is Disney World in Orlando." Gazarov also got a lump sum of money from Equifax for his trouble.

A woman in Michigan called a gas person out after smelling natural gas at her home in Southfield. Yvonne Saffold called Consumers Energy and says they came out quick and told her there was indeed a gas leak outside. She says the technician couldn’t fix a leaky pipe though since it was connected to the inside of her house. Apparently the worker used a rag to patch her leaky pipe and it took a month for them to come back out.

Some old drug paraphernalia’s been found in Russia. Historians say the Scythians smoked, and sometimes brewed a combo of pot and opium and ingested it before heading into battle. Now gold cups, rings, and neck rings were found with bongs. They’ve been cleaned and displayed recently in a Russian museum after being found by construction workers putting up power lines.

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