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A sheriff’s deputy in Florida made an arrest of a man showing his assets to the world. The Marion County Sheriff’s deputy got a complaint about a naked man on a riverbank so Craig Bierema was tracked down and seen exposing himself as he looked at boats. The deputy says the guy was totally nude, screaming and waving his arms in the air while standing on a log. Then he bent over and mooned the cop. He’s arrested and charged with exposure of sexual organs.

A woman in Birmingham, England is going to jail for a couple weeks for enjoying herself a tad too much. Neighbors complaining that Gemma Wale was getting into loud fights with her boyfriend then making up, just as loudly. She was arrested after neighbors testified that the racket sometimes lasted up to ten minutes. She’s charged under an "antisocial behavior order". She’s forbidden from bothering her neighbors again.

The Upper Lake Union Elementary School District Board is considering a merger with the Upper Lake High School Union High School District. The meeting Wednesday where the public is allowed and encouraged to be present. The two school boards had their last joint meeting on the matter and accepted a final report. If all goes well tomorrow, then the high school board will have a meeting next week. Then it’s up to the county to decide, then the state will have final approval this fall.

Those who don’t follow the rules of marijuana growing in Clearlake to pay steeper fines. A former rule back in place after the city repealed its own no-grow ordinance. So the number of plants allowed to be grown goes back to being determined by property size, ranging between six and 48 plants. But there are tweaks to the old ordinance including stiffer penalties to try to stop large scale grows. Every plant above the limit will be a fine of $1,000. And if the property owner has not complied within 10 days, a fee of $100 a day will be included.

Things improving on the job front. In Lake County April had the lowest unemployment rate in nearly nine years. The California Employment Development Department reports Lake County’s unemployment rate was 7.1 percent in April, down from 7.8 percent in March and 8.9 percent a year ago. Lake County was No. 30 statewide for April unemployment. Mendocino County was #17 at 5.5%. Nationwide, unemployment at 5.4 percent for April, down slightly from March’s 5.5 percent.

Two women from Lake County have been seriously injured in a single car crash near Hopland. Nancy Larios of Clearlake and Patty Wade of Middletown were in the crash on Highway 175 east of Buckman Drive over the weekend. CHP reports Larios as the driver. They say for an unknown reason she came off the road onto the dirt shoulder and lost control. The women hit an oak tree. The driver got out, but her passenger was stuck inside and had to be removed by firefighters.

The official start to water conservation on a major scale across the state. As of yesterday, communities across the state had to cut water use, some as high as 36 percent. Those hit hardest in southern Calif., areas like Beverly Hills and Malibu and in the Bay Area towns of Hillsborough, Atherton and Woodside. Those the highest based on 2013 water usage Even places where they’re already conserving like in San Jose and the East Bay, they still have huge cuts. Cuts of 16 percent in Santa Rosa, Vallejo and Ukiah gets 20% along with San Jose and Livermore. Napa at 24%.

The public pool in Lakeport is open for business. Westshore Pool opened for the summer season yesterday. The city runs the pool. Pool lessons for kids start next Monday and go thru the summer season ending Aug. 1st. The lessons are $60 a child, and they must be at least 3 years old and toilet trained. There are lifeguards and swim instructors at the pool, but apparently they’re looking for more certified lifeguards too. This is the first time in two years the pool’s been open. Last year it stayed closed because of soils testing to make sure the ground was stable.

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