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A former resident of Talmage has been sent to prison for 20 years to life for the sex assault of a minor. The Mendocino County DA reports Ina Medina was convicted of aggravated sexual assault on a child under the age of 14 years and lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14 by use of force, violence, duress, menace, or fear of immediate and unlawful bodily injury. Medina sentenced Friday. Her co-defendant, Donald Earl Dunakin, is set to be in court Weds. to set a date for his jury trial.

A former surgeon in Ukiah accused of illegally prescribing controlled substances had the charges against him reduced against advice of the Mendocino County DA. Brian Cable of Redwood Valley could have been sent to prison for six years, but after a background investigation, a lighter sentence of supervised probation was decided on. Cable is not allowed to use alcohol or drugs and will be tested and 180 days in county jail. Plus he got 36 months of informal probation, which means unsupervised. He also has to pay some minor fines and fees.

Teachers and the Ukiah Unified School District have come to terms on a new agreement. The tentative agreement which will increase teacher salaries and will consider out of district experience as seniority in regards to salary schedules. Extra funding from the state for the school district helped break the standstill in negotiations.

The Point Arena Schools’ Board of Trustees is coming out against most of the recent grand jury report alleging administration mishandling of a high school drug testing policy, inappropriate Board behavior, Brown Act meeting violations and a high salary for the district superintendent and more. The school board agreed with 2 findings, that the superintendent didn’t correctly follow drug testing policy regarding the girls’ volleyball team and exposed the district to potential legal action plus the trustees acknowledged profanity was used by a board member at a past meeting saying it was unacceptable.

Some Blue Green Algae has been found along the shore of Clear Lake. Cyanobacteria shows up when the climate warms. They are microscopic organisms occurring naturally in many bodies of freshwater. The blooms can grow in perfect conditions and reproduce quickly. Lake County Water Resources confirms blooms in several areas of the shorelines of the Lake. The county warns everyone to stay away from the blooms because it’s hard to tell from above if they’re harmful or not. People and pets shouldn’t swim or wade through the algae. And they say to take a shower as soon as possible after swimming in any lake or freshwater body.

A woman from Clearlake had major injuries after a solo car crash on Highway 29, driving down an embankment in Napa County. Tracy Odetta Prosser driving alone and couldn’t make it around a curve then crashed down the embankment. The CHP reports the woman went 50 feet down the steep embankment before her car stopped. The woman got herself out of the car and waved down help. She was taken to a hospital. The CHP reported her injuries as major.

A teenager from Cloverdale is dead. Police say they think it may have happened while she was watching a street race with friends. They say she was hit, then thrown as far as 150 feet Friday night. The 16 year old’s body was found on the banks of the Russian River Saturday morning. The girl’s name’s not officially been released but several of her friends told the Press Democrat she was Angelica Contreras. Teens driving a red Volkswagen Beetle and a silver BMW crashed with those inside the cars having only minor or no injuries.

A wildfire along Hwy 20’s been surrounded. They dubbed it the Oasis Fire. It was reported Friday night around 8 on the north side of Highway 20 near the Lake and Colusa County line. The fire started to blacken the hill quickly, Cal Fire engines and hand crews on the scene and after 9 stopped because they could not work in the dark. There were other units surrounding the fire too. Since it was close to the highway, firefighters had Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol respond to the scene too.

Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty arrested in New York after a fight between costumed characters in Times Square. The New York Daily News reports Sandra Mocha of Queens and Giovanna Melendez of New Jersey charged with assault. The two work the area for tourist dollars, taking pictures for tips. Police say the two were fighting over tips. The newspaper reports it’s something that happens a lot, characters fighting for territory.

A man in Florida’s been arrested for bragging about being buff. Police say Edward Garcia was arrested last week for several 911 calls where they say he bragged he had big muscles to a dispatcher. Fruitland Park police say he was hung up on then kept calling back. His calls were tracked to a campsite where a phone was found. Then they found him in a tent and arrested him. He also told his arresting officer he wanted to head butt him and kill him.


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