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Pizza Hut’s slinging more than pizza. A pizza box from the company in Hong Kong converts to a movie projector. It’s an advertising stunt using boxes with a perforated, pop-out hole, called a pizza projector. A plastic lens goes into the hole, and your smartphone can slide inside the box. It then shows your phone’s display on a wall. Clever…

A therapy dog who gets dressed like a biker riding a tiny motorcycle has lost his therapy license because of the outfit. Chopper the Biker dog is a boston terrier. His owner Mark Shaffer says the dog in a leather vest and canine protective goggles rides next to him on his bike and into hospital rooms on his mini doggie motorcycle. But his owner recently received an email from Pet Partners, a nonprofit that evaluates and insures therapy animals says they prohibit costumes so he had his registration suspended.

A court in Spain says it’ll hear the case of a woman suing eBay because the company will no longer allow her to sell the sun. The Daily Mail reports Maria Duran was selling 11 square-foot plots of the sun for $1 each. She got 600 orders before eBay took down the listing, saying it might be a scam. Duran says that violated the seller’s agreement so she’s suing for nearly twice what she would have made on the sun, $11,000 in damages. She says she has a right to the sun because of a loophole in the UN’s Outer Space Treaty.

A man from Hopland found guilty of nearly 2 dozen felonies including attempted murder is getting a special trial to determine mental competence. William Steele was found guilty a couple months ago, but fired his lawyer, then got another one too busy to help him so he took on his own case asking for a mental competency hearing. He was charged with shooting at two cops who pulled him over for alleged DUI in Kelseyville in October of 2013. He had a laundry list of charges against him including assault with a deadly weapon, felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition and more than 30 special allegations. He had passengers in the car too, one jumped out, hit his head and died, thus the murder charges. His court date is now next month. If he’s found incompetent, he’ll be sent to Napa State Hospital until he’s deemed for sentencing.

It’s the high school’s turn… the Upper Lake Union High School District Board of Trustees will decide if they want to merge with the Elementary District. The meeting this Weds. Follows last week’s Elementary meeting where the answer was yes. The elementary school district board unanimously approved its resolution for the unification of the two districts.

Lakeport police could have new digs in no time. The Lakeport City Council has unanimously approved the negative declaration and zone change for the department’s new building on Main St. The new location by Kmart used to be the Social Security Department. It needed a zoning change because it was retail use, now will be for public and civic uses. After public comment the council approved the changes which were mostly a formality. There will be more space for cops in the new building, including a larger evidence room and more office space.

Fort Bragg Police reminding the public about illegal dumping in storm drains and gutters. The city had some reports of toxic or hazardous waste being dumped making it to the city’s wastewater treatment plant. The police dept. reports paint, gasoline, and other solvents were detected in wastewater. The city warns most of the storm drains lead directly to the ocean and surrounding streams and rivers. It can be harmful for wildlife, vegetation, and the environment.

A new rule for state courts to allow those with traffic tickets to have an arraignment and trial without paying a fine first. The Mendocino County Superior Court and Del Norte, Fresno, Tuolumne, Mariposa, Tulare, Madera and Shasta all part of an American Civil Liberties Union complaint alleging a violation of the public’s due process and even create financial difficulty requiring people to pay fines before being allowed to contest. The new rule by the Judicial Council starts immediately. So now courts have to notify defendants in their instructions or in any other materials the court hands out to the public.

An elderly man from Utah crashed his Volkswagen Beetle into a power pole in Ukiah. CHP reports the man went airborne in the bug at the intersection of Vichy Springs Road and Acorn Way crashing into the pole which had more than 125 P,G&E customers in the dark. The driver was not injured. CHP says he accelerated instead of braking down a hill, hitting a curb, losing control. The car was lifted off the ground with metal poles so it would be off the power line while the man was pulled from the car. He was taken to the hospital as a precaution and treated for heat exhaustion since he was in the car for a while.

A new program’s being considered in Mendocino County to give discounts on electricity. The Board of Supervisors is considering the program at their meeting today known as Community Choice Aggregation. It could mean discounts ranging from 1 to 8 percent. Power would still come thru Pacific Gas and Electric but the billing would show a lower rate from the county. Those who are not interested in the program would be allowed to opt out. A feasibility study already conducted showed the program could benefit county residents with a competitive choice for electricity sources, reduced rates, sustainable electric energy sources, energy efficiency programs and a new revenue source.

A new report shows a man from Point Arena who died after being hit with tasers as he was arrested, was high on Methamphetamine. Daniel Saulsbury’s family’s suing the county for wrongful death asking for 1.5 mil. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says the stress of Saulsbury being restrained did also contribute to his death. The board of supervisors is supposed to consider the family’s claims at their meeting today. Saulsbury had been a suspect in a robbery last November when cops tried arresting him and Tasered him four times.

Police in Cloverdale say they never got a report of a missing teenager, referring to the death of a 16 year old found a day after being hit by a car while watching an illegal street race. The Press Democrat reports the CHP reporting they were not told after a crash of 2 cars Friday night that a spectator disappeared. Cops say they want to know if them not being told was intentional. Angelica Contreras was found eight hours after the race. She was hit by a Volkswagen Beetle driven by a 16-year-old who police say was racing another teen in a BMW 535i sedan.

The jury is deliberating in the case of a man from Nice suspected of murder and several other crimes. Daniel Loyd says it was an accident, shooting Cindy Quiett who was hit by a bullet in the belly while Loyd had a confrontation with her boyfriend. Loyd’s charged with several felonies, including murder, attempted robbery and assault with a deadly weapon for the death in Lucerne 4 years ago. Cops say Loyd was trying to rob cash and drugs from Patrick Ryden when Quiett was shot. Deliberations are supposed to keep going thru Friday. Loyd has been held at the Lake County Jail since his arrest on $5 million bail.

Several reports of dead carp floating up on shore in Clearlake. A fishing guide tells the Record Bee there’s been at least 2 dozen dead carp near his home and that he’s seen several others. As many as 30 dead carp picked up around Library Park yesterday. Lake County Water Resources says they think the die off is being caused by a virus called Koi Herpes. It hits only members of the carp species. It also cannot be passed on to humans or pets. They also say if you see any dead ones to just bury them.


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