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The Broadband Alliance is meeting again. This Friday at 10-am the groups monthly meeting will talk the recent trip to Washington D-C. They’ll also look at priority areas for better access, like Albion, Gualala and Rancho Navarro. The next meeting Friday, July 10th.

Major road work in Willits as phase II of the Humboldt Street Rehabilitation Project . The work starts Monday and will go thru the summer on the southwest side of Humboldt Street at the Valley Street intersection. Sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and driveways are being torn out on the whole west side of the street which will be rebuilt and the street resurfaced. By Sept. there will be new curb and crosswalk striping. Until then, traffic will be limited to just one lane and there will be no parking on either side of Humboldt Street.

The City of Ukiah has lost in court to get part of an amended complaint against the Ukiah Sanitation District tossed from court. The city and the sanitation district share responsibility for sewage inside and outside city limits, in annexed areas. The city was trying to detach the district from certain areas for care of sanitation services. The sanitation district argued against that. In Sonoma County Superior Court the judge allowed the district to move forward with a complaint against the city. The district argues their rates are lower than the city’s too and if they’re successful in detaching than city resident’s would pay far more and it would cause irreparable damage to the district.

Part of the prison realignment program in California would allow juveniles released early to have their records wiped. But a repeal of that program has been made public because of a case in San Jose with a young man from the South Bay trying to get his record clear but still has a lifetime registration as a sex offender. The court is asking lawmakers to fix that oversight. The state Attorney General’s office is arguing against court intervention. The realignment program moved tens of thousands of inmates back to county jails or released them entirely. In this case, the county cannot change the sex registration part of the record wiping.

A woman from Rohnert Park has been injured in an accident after crashing into a guard rail north of Longvale. The CHP reports Shara Cumins was headed south on Hwy. 101 when she hit a guard rail, a tree, and ended up 60 feet down an embankment. Cumins had a passenger with her Monday, a 19 year old woman from Tracy who was airlifted to a hospital in Redding with major injuries. Little Lake Fire was on the scene. The Chief says the driver and a different passenger were taken to a local hospital with moderate injuries. The CHP says they don’t think alcohol was involved. Laytonville Volunteer Fire Department helped pull the three from the accident.

A local food day lunch at Baechtel Grove Middle School organized by the students themselves along with North Coast Opportunities (NCO). The veggies came from Covelo Organics thru the Mendo-Lake Food Hub where you can get bulk produce from local farmers. The local food day June 1st was the last of the school’s Farm-to-School activities. It’s compliments of a USDA grant. There were also Farm-to-School events in Ukiah and Fort Bragg.

A group representing small marijuana farms is starting a petition drive to put a measure on the ballot they say will protect them. The “Mendocino Cannabis Commission” measure was already pitched to and rejected by the board of supervisors. The Mendocino Cannabis Policy Council says they’ve collected 900 of the needed 6,000 signatures to get their measure on the November ballot. The measure to protect small, family farmers if pot’s legalized for recreational use which would be large scale, corporate use.

A court case against a Lake County supervisor is close to trial. The case against District 5 Supervisor Rob Brown by a couple after an argument when Brown went to serve them a summons in his capacity as a process server.

Robert and Jan Sanders reported an assault, claiming elder abuse, fraud, battery, trespassing and intentional emotional distress too. Some of those charges have since been tossed because of insufficient evidence. But there’s still assault and battery on the table. A settlement conference is set for June 23rd and a potential trial date of July 15th.

Middletown Area Town Hall also known as math is considering the Dollar store in town and needs to look at the cleanup at an old geothermal waste dump site. The group will hear from contractors for Pacific Gas and Electric on the cleanup of the former geothermal waste disposal facility on Butts Canyon Road. PG&E has been working on restoration there for wildlife habitat and wetlands. And Cross Development out of Texas has applied for a permit for the construction of the 9,100-square-foot store on Highway 29 in town. The meeting tonight at 7 at the Middletown Community Center.

A man in Vermont got out of jury duty by wearing a prisoner costume to court. James Lowe says he was dismissed after wearing a black-and-white-striped jumpsuit with a matching beanie to jury interviews. He was immediately directed to an empty courtroom to meet with a judge who immediately dismissed him. He says the judge told him he could have actually been found in contempt of court.

A lawyer trying to get his pet pig elected the mayor of Flint, MI says he’s calling it a day. Michael Ewing was running the “Giggles the Pig for Flint Mayor” campaign because he heard about a mix-up by the town clerk threatening to keep candidates’ names off the ballot. But the Gov. is allowing it to go on anyway. So the lawyer says his write-in effort was just to draw more attention to the race, better educate voters about their choices and get out the vote.


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