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The tourism levy in Mendocino County known as the Business Improvement District will not include Fort Bragg and Point Arena. Some lodging owners were protesting the reimplementation for the upcoming 2015-16 fiscal year. Every year the BID is renewed with another 1 percent tax on guest’s lodging tabs so the money can be turned around and used to promote tourism in Mendocino County. But some lodging owners and stakeholders wanted to do away with it so Fort Bragg and Point Arena opted out of inclusion. The Board of Supervisors will take up the matter at their meeting this week.

A wild fire’s been put out near Clearlake Oaks. The Sulphur Fire only charred four acres Saturday near the Elem Colony. Cal Fire reports they got there and found the fire headed up a hill burning thru brush and oak. Several area fire departments were on the scene and the CHP was also there to keep traffic away. Cal Fire had two helicopters and three air tankers from Mendocino and Sonoma counties there too. There were no structures threatened.

A picture’s been released by Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. of a missing woman’s car. Police are looking for the public’s help finding local veterinarian Helen Sharp of Hidden Valley Lake. Her boyfriend reported her missing last Friday. She had been seen early last week in the gray Toyota 4Runner which friends say was in a crash Tuesday. But police say they got reports that Dr. Sharp was driving the SUV in Middletown Wednesday. She’s been a doc at the Clearlake Veterinary Clinic for 10 years.

Not enough water for senior water rights holders in the San Joaquin and Sacramento watersheds and the Delta. That according to the State Water Resources Control Board. The holders have a priority date of 1903 or later, but they’re going to be sent notices they need to STOP diversions of water to protect more senior water rights and release previously stored water which is required by state law. Any violations are subject to $1,000 a day fines and $2,500 per acre-foot of water that gets illegally diverted. Those with priority dates before 1903 can still divert water and anyone who’s stored water with a valid right can continue to do so.

The pot growing ordinance of old and now new has been approved by the Clearlake City Council. There wasn’t that much discussion then the final decision at the meeting last Thursday. The council unanimously approved a revision of the old pot growing ordinance… it goes into effect in 30 days. The council had another move in mind back in February, to ban all pot growing, but a referendum was going to make it on the ballot and a lawsuit was filed too. So the council strengthened the old ordinance so cops can enforce it. Plant numbers revert back to 2013 numbers.

The SPCA of Clear Lake is looking for some help. The agency is having a couple of volunteer orientations, the first this Tuesday, and another Saturday. They’re both from 1 to 3 p.m. They’ll focus on socializing the cats and dogs, dog walking, safely handling the animals and maintaining a healthy environment. They’re also looking for help with yard work, building maintenance, phone work and more. You must be at least 16 years of age and if you’re a minor, you have to have parental consent.

A couple of ideas for the REMCO site on Highway 101 in Willits. The Willits Environmental Remediation Trust is selling the land with the Skunk Train with priority on the sale, but the trust could change that to endorse an alternative. That being to Ed Mitchell from BEMCORE Enterprises. That idea includes a business park with commercial, light industrial and government space. There’s also interest in renting some of the space for public safety training and possibly housing a new Little Lake firehouse inside.

Residents in one New Jersey town are not allowed to bring guests in as nonresidents are banned. The temporary prohibition announced yesterday by the town’s mayor who ordered traffic into the town from Route 35 to be shut down because the town had reached capacity. He says the move is for public safety reasons. This after thousands came to town to celebrate the annual seafood festival.

A town outside Philadelphia made an oops which is going to hurt. 26 new signs around town with the word commissioners have to be removed since the word was spelled with only one “m”. oops. Town officials say it’ll take about a week and a half to fix the signs using adhesive labels. The signs also have the county’s website and the names of the three county commissioners on them.

OOPs, some high school grads had a surprise when they got their diplomas. The covers protecting the Kelso High diplomas had the state seal of Oregon. The diploma had the right high school listed on it, but the wrong state seal. The Kelso superintendent says it was an ordering error and says students will get new diploma covers.



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