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A driver in a two car wreck seriously injured after his truck rolled off Highway 101 north of Ukiah. The CHP reports the crash between a small blue car and a large white Chevy pickup near Calpella when the car drifted into the pickup’s lane. Both drivers then lost control, the car flipped and landing on southbound lanes. The driver of the truck had to be cut from the wreckage and had major injuries. The driver of the car with minor injuries. North State St. was closed for almost an hour after the crash.

A local veterinarian from Hidden Valley Lake still missing after almost a week. Dr. Helen Sharp seen last Wednesday after a crash in her SUV. Her boyfriend reported she was missing a couple days later. The Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. is checking Sharp’s financial records and talking to coworkers and relatives in an attempt to find her. Fliers and pictures are circulating of the doctor and a new Facebook page has been set up with info on her disappearance called Bring Helen Home. She was last seen in Middletown in her crashed up Toyota 4Runner, a picture of the SUV can be seen on Lake Co News dot com. The Sheriff’s dept has also said Sharp was upset about an argument with her boyfriend and had a history of depression.

The public got to meet new police officers from the Clearlake Police Department who were introduced to the City Council. Current cops have also been commended for their services to the community. The presentations came at the start of the city council meeting. Even police dog, Harley was there. The two new officers are Leonardo Flores, from the Fresno area and Matt Huot from Rohnert Park. The police dog received a commendation along with the human officers.

The $1 million appropriation for Clear Lake restoration projects is in the hands of the Governor. State lawmakers passed the new state budget. The $1M dollar appropriation progressed due to Assemblyman Bill Dodd and Sen. Mike McGuire’s work. The money would come from the Fish and Game Preservation Fund Budget for water quality, wetlands restoration projects and protecting the lake against invasive species. Dodd’s chief of staff says the bill should be in the governor’s hands soon and he has 12 days to sign or veto the bill.

More scientists on the case as the NOAA Fisheries’ Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle finds a massive algae bloom on most of the West Coast. Now there’s a bunch of beach closures and shellfish fisheries in Washington, Oregon and California. The bloom goes from the Central California Coast north to Washington and maybe as far out as Alaska. Scientists says it’s some of the highest concentrations of domoic acid ever seen in Monterey Bay and off the Central Oregon Coast.

A man from Eureka’s been killed in a crash. The CHP says the 69 year old man was killed Monday night as his van flipped on North State Street. CHP reports the man headed north on North State Street south of Highway 101 when for an unknown reason his van went off the road, up an embankment and overturned then rolled back down the hill. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. The CHP says they don’t think alcohol was involved.

The new Ukiah city manager is being sworn into office. Sage Sangiacomo takes office today after the city council approved his contract. He’s getting a higher base salary than his predecessor Jane Chambers. Her last salary was nearing 160k/year but Sangiacomo has a base salary of $161,000. He then receives the same benefits as any other department head. The city finance director says Sangiacomo’s total compensation package is nearly $252.000. That’s almost $20,000 more than Chambers last compensation package. There’s also no time limit on Sangiacomo’s contract.

A local group in Mendocino County is working to bring a Family Medicine Residency program to Ukiah. Family Medicine Education for Mendocino County, a nonprofit working to bring the 24-7 docs to Ukiah Valley Medical Center by 2018. The group had a townhall and invited a professor from the University of Wisconsin and former president of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the World Organization of Family Doctors. He now advises towns about organizing healthcare effectively. Some say Mendocino County is short about a dozen family docs and recruiting is costly. The Residency Program would train docs who would hopefully commit to stay in town. The costs could be $1.5 million over the next four years with Health Partnership donating $50,000, Adventist Health Corporate $100,000 in matching funds.

The Kelseyville Unified School District has announced their teacher of the year. Cheryl Mostin was chosen. She’s a math teacher at Mountain Vista Middle School. The principal there says Mostin is a dynamic and passionate educator who is dedicated to her students’ success. Mostin has also coached high school volleyball and basketball. She says she’s honored, but the best recognition is when she’s recognized by a student or parent out and about and they say she’s made a positive impact in their life.

The final budget’s been approved by the Lake County Board of Supervisors. The budget just barely under 200-million dollars for the fiscal year 2015-16. The County Administrative Officer says the budget has to be totally finalized and approved by state law by the end of this month. Lake Co News reporting the officer saying the new budget has minimal impacts on service levels for the public, improves services when possible, holds onto general fund reserves and won’t include massive layoffs, work furloughs or other compensation reductions.

Going against animal and environmental advocates, the Mendocino County board of supervisors has unanimously approved renewal of the federal wildlife trapping program. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services contract means the county will still be catching or killing animals that cause property damage or kill livestock. Some activists had appealed to the board to try alternatives which was being considered. They even sued the county, but dropped that cause when the supervisors agreed to consider other ways. The activists say they’re considering filing again saying the trapping program is cruel and unnecessary.

A new report by the site 24-7 Wallstreet shows each state’s poorest city, in California, it’s Clearlake. The report shows a typical household earnings against the state’s median income. In Clearlake, the median household income is about 25-grand, the state’s 61. Total poverty in town is at about 30% compared to the state’s 16%. The typical Clearlake household earned around $182,000 less than the average household in the wealthiest town in the state, Piedmont City. The report says most poor cities against the wealthier cities had a lot to do with education attainment.

A random person has left some little houses nearby where a bunch of pigs got loose after a semitrailer crash last week in southwest Ohio. 3 small houses left on the side of the highway in Xenia (ZEEN’-uyh) Township west of Dayton. One of the homes, made of straw, one of sticks the other of bricks, just like the fable the “Three Little Pigs”. Half of the 2,200 piglets were killed when the truck flipped, most of the rest were found.

A man in Pennsylvania $500 richer after another guy accidentally left his winning scratch-off lottery ticket behind. State Troopers from the Bedford barracks say a man from York accidentally left a voucher on a machine which was even scanned in to verify the winnings. But then he left the paper voucher with the winning info showing on the lottery machine. So another guy swooped in and claimed the winnings and used them to buy $78 worth of tickets and the other $422 in a money order.


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