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2 people in Point Arena have been arrested for meth possession. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports getting a call Monday morning to Point Arena City Park regarding someone camping there, they found Rosamond "Lopie" Owston of Pt. Arena and Mitchell Orrick of Stockton hiding at a makeshift camp site near the children’s play area. Cops say they found a Nunchaku as well and found Orrick had a warrant for his arrest for burglary. The two both arrested on drug charges. Owston had bail set at $15,000.00 and Orrick on $30,000.00.

Long Meadow Ranch out of Rutherford has purchased a 145-acre parcel of land in Anderson Valley. They plan to turn it into a farm-to-table business and will grow their wine business, selling high-end pinot noir and chardonnay. The owner of Long Meadow Ranch, is a former Robert Mondavi chairman Ted Hal. The Press Dem. Reports this sale as one of the biggest in the last 10 years in the Mendocino County appellation. The property is near Philo and the Navarro River and will be organic like the other Long Meadow Ranch vineyard properties.

A better rating for the Little Lake Fire Department’s Insurance Services Office. This gives homeowners a scale by which to price their insurance. The rating’s done about once every ten years. The fire chief made the announcement last week at the Board of Directors meeting. The board has also approved their 169-thousand dollar payment to CalPERS. So now the payment is over and it won’t have to be amortized over several years. There was also an anonymous donation made of rescue equipment, 2 – 600 foot ropes for rescues and extractions.

A major reorganization in Willits as the city council approves a makeover for the next fiscal year. Several positions will be cut and new ones added. Plus some will change entirely. Apparently the whole things been discussed since 2013. The Public Works Department sees the most changes. There will not be a city engineer position, lead public works maintenance worker position and an administrative assistant position. There are other changes too including in the police dept. and the hiring of a new planner.

The Willits Kids Club’s been preparing for the summer by catching its own rainwater, 15-thousand gallons worth, which someone has now stolen. The water was for the kids to support the landscaping they were doing, but it was stolen last week. The kids club exec. Director says it feels like a violation. Apparently the kids landscaper was getting things ready for summer watering and found empty tanks. The kids had been collecting it for several months. Those caught would be penalized as if they were shoplifting, with a misdemeanor. There are no leads as of yet.

A little surplus in the state’s bank accounts. Just about a month after the governor revised his proposed budget, it turns out there’s about $69 million more. The State Controller’s monthly report of California’s cash balance, receipts and disbursements also showed receipts were nearly 318 million less than had been anticipated but above last year’s by about 12 percent.

An elderly man in Ohio’s pleaded not guilty in court to charges he accepted cash from a kid accused of stealing $25,000 from his grandfather. The man and his wife accepting less than $7,500 from their grandson who got it from another teen. Court papers say the man’s wife and another woman were also charged with receiving stolen property and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Some of the money’s been found. The two teens face charges too.

A top administrator in the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office is driving a Mercedes SUV taken as part of a drug case. It’s his state-issued vehicle. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports ( ) the office forked over $6,000 to repair the acting chief of staff’s Mercedes R-350 instead of leasing a new one. The administrator driving the SUV for more than a year.

A couple of new electricity circuits are sending power to the south end of Ukiah along the railroad tracks south of East Gobbi Street. Crews put up the power ropes along poles between East Gobbi Street and Hastings Avenue. They also put them up between Cherry Street and Talmage Road. The poles will help bring more power to the Redwood Business Park, which could eventually include a Costco store.

A body’s been found in a crashed up SUV believed to be that of a missing veterinarian from Hidden Valley Lake. The Lake County Sheriff’s office reports a woman’s body has been found in a vehicle registered to doctor Helen Sharp. But they’ve not officially confirmed it. On the Facebook Page, Bring Helen Home, there are several condolence notes and one confirmation by a family member that it’s her. A property owner in Lake County reportedly found the SUV with a dead woman inside in a remote area off Jerusalem Grade in Middletown. Sharp was reported missing last week after getting into an accident in her Toyota 4Runner. An autopsy is being scheduled to formally identify the body and find out the cause of death.

The Service Employees International Union 1021 has started negotiating with Mendocino County. A communications coordinator for the SEIU has confirmed the talks and says they should go thru the week. The union’s asking for a three- year agreement that includes restoring lost wages in the recession, increasing on-call and longevity pay and the elimination of county job outsourcing. The bargaining unit was also asking the Board of Supervisors to restore a 10 percent wage cut from 2011. The current agreement expires at the end of the month.

A man from Clearlake Oaks is busted for trying to leave the scene of a fatal motorcycle crash in Napa County. Kenneth Schussolin is accused in the death of Harley Kellner of Napa. The accident last Tuesday afternoon on Highway 29. The CHP reports Schussolin headed north at an unknown speed and Kellner – on a Harley Davidson headed south, also at an unknown speed. But Schussolin went into a curve and overcorrected over the double yellow lines and hit Kellner’s. Kellner was tossed from the bike and hit a power pole, then Schussolin took off. Several witnesses saw the whole thing. Schussolin and a passenger were taken by police. Schussolin charged with on felony hit-and-run, vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol causing injury.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors says no to an appeal of an aquatic weed management contract. The appeal made by Pestmaster Services who lost the contract to another company, Clean Lakes, Inc. for work on about 230 acres across the lake which need to be treated for aquatic weeds. Apparently the two companies had been splitting the project until now, then decided on a new direction because of budgets. Pestmaster complained about the other company’s pricing and says the company’s unreliable. But the board voted unanimously against Pestmaster.


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