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A man from Fort Bragg’s been arrested for the theft of several redwood split rails off fencing on someone’s private property. Plus cops say John Cooley, Jr. also had meth paraphernalia on him. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports getting a call from someone in Caspar, CA saying someone came in the middle of the night and took their railing. Another Deputy caught a black Dodge Durango with redwood split rails which matched the description of the stolen rails. So Cooley was arrested and the methamphetamine smoking pipe and rails were taken from his possession. He’s charged with Possession of Stolen Property and Possessing a device for ingesting methamphetamine.

Some residents in Lakeport say no to a cell tower in the neighborhood. The 72-foot-high tower would be a “monopine” – in other words, it’s supposed to look like a pine tree to disguise it. But those living near where Verizon Wireless is proposing to build it, 1875 N. High St. say there are no other trees of that size in the area so it will stick out plain as day, and it will block some views to the lake. The Lakeport Planning Commission has approved Verizon’s use permit though. The representative for Verizon said one appeal by a local shopping center owner lacked merit. The matter is continued until the next city council meeting, July 7th.

A couple of people suspected of stealing mail from boxes in Mendocino and other Northern California counties arrested. Donald Powell of Cottonwood and Lawanda Jean Parks of Corning suspected in the ripoff of about 22-thousand dollars. They were also found to have meth on them. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports getting a call to a home in Leggett where a man said he saw the two near his mailbox, then they took off when he approached. He chased them to Laytonville then deputies took the chase. The two caught but denied they stole mail. Charges against them include receiving stolen property, conspiracy and misdemeanor drug possession.

Body cameras likely coming to Fort Bragg after positive response at a workshop. The dept is applying for a federal grant to pay for body cameras which are now being used across the country because of concern about police misconduct. The police dept.’s forum last Sunday had some folks in attendance, but not a lot. The idea to make the public aware. But apparently the chances of getting the grant to pay for the cameras is not a given. Grants will be awarded in October.

Fort Bragg once again considering the fire sprinkler ordinance after a technical error voided a revision. The first ordinance from 1985 with several passes at revisions for the downtown core. Then last fall more ideas and the ordinance reintroduced. The amount needed, raised to $75,000 and a clause that folks downtown have four years to install sprinklers and follow the rules of the proposed ordinance. The council will take up the matter for a first reading next month.

A fire’s been put out on Waugh Lane. No word on how the fire started in the vacant home but word is there had been squatters there in the past with plenty of debris sitting around. Firefighters on the scene had it under control about 11:30 Wednesday night but got a call overnight about a hot spot flare up. Folks on the Ukiah Daily Journal Facebook page say there was quite the traffic backup as lookie loos were stopping to see and photograph the fire. There is video up on that page of the fire burning too.

A man who tried to be a good Samaritan is in jail. Police in Wyoming County Pennsylvania say Christopher Ratcliffe was trying to free a man with a leg trapped under a riding mower but when he tried to free the trapped man he knocked him and his mower down a 12-foot embankment and the mower landed on the man. Ratcliffe got a ticket for uninsured, uninspected and unregistered vehicle, plus he had pot on him.

A man arrested for robbing a bank in Pennsylvania because he stopped at a restaurant to eat biscuits has been sent to prison. Shane Lindsey pleaded guilty to ripping off the Citizens Bank in downtown New Kensington in Jan. He was spotted by witnesses at a restaurant pretty soon thereafter eating. Cops saw him on surveillance video and busted him.

Union workers are going back to work at the golf course at the Hidden Valley Lake Association. Starting Monday employees who’ve been striking have agreed to come back. They were picketing a couple months without pay, working without a contract since last fall. A settlement agreement between the union and the association with the neutral National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) says they have to start negotiations again. The board investigated nearly a dozen grievances by the union and finding enough evidence from the union.

Legislation proposed by state senator Mike McGuire for regulatory policy for medical marijuana has passed from the Senate floor. The senator’s office says most of all the marijuana grown in the United States comes from Senator McGuire’s Northern California District. McGuire says the legal, multibillion-dollar industry is virtually unregulated in the State of California. But his bill, the Medical Marijuana Public Safety and Environmental Protection Act would set rules for zoning, licensing public health related to edibles and product testing marketing and more.

The Mendocino County DA’s office reports petition gatherers in front of supermarkets in Mendocino County misrepresenting Senator McGuire’s marijuana legislation so folks would actually be signing a petition for a competing initiative to be put on the ballot. The DA’s office warning the public to know what they’re signing before doing so.


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