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A man in South Williamson, Kentucky apparently really hot, so he went into Wal-Mart to cool off.. naked. The Pike County Sheriff’s Department arrested the man who went into the Big box store and poured cold milk all over his naked self, yelling "I’m on fire". As he left, he hopped into another car, but deputies caught up to him after a video posting on a social media site. Timothy Smith of Phelps and David Daniels of Belfry were both arrested, one the getaway driver.

Police in Logan, Utah have arrested a man they say tried stealing a car, then called a cab because he didn’t know how to work a stick shift. Cops say Alexander Katz was busted last Tuesday with his underage girlfriend for trying to take a car with keys left inside. They ditched the car and hailed a cab then ran when they saw police. He was busted from information given to the taxi driver. His girlfriend was also arrested but released to her parents.

Investigators finishing up a jail drug smuggling ring found an inmate’s apparent escape plot. Cops say Ernest Murphy who was waiting for his attempted murder trial to start had stashed 64 neatly tied together bed sheets so he could slide down from 11 stories up to the street. The commissioner of the New York City Department of Investigation says the bedding stretched the length of a gymnasium nearly four times. Murphy was arrested May 11 for promoting prison contraband.

A fire in the Mendocino National Forest has blackened about 25 acres. Fire officials say the fire on private land south of Little Signal Peak and east of the Sanhedrin Wilderness on the Upper Lake Ranger District was reported Friday night. It’s 80% contained. Officials report it burning thru dead and down trees, in an area burned in 2008. Smoke could be seen along Highway 101 and on the west side of the forest.

U-C Davis is using West Crockett and Middle Creek Campgrounds for archaeological field school. Starting today about 25 field school participants will be at the West Crockett Campground in the Snow Mountain Wilderness on the Grindstone Ranger District until July 10th. Then Monday, July 13th, they’ll be at the Middle Creek Campground on the Upper Lake Ranger District until Friday, July 21st. They say campers may want to camp elsewhere because there will be a lot of activity there. There will be archaeological surveys and maybe even excavations.

A woman in downtown Guerneville’s been arrested for crashing a rental pickup truck with a stolen scooter in the truck bed. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office reports the scooter’s owner seeing their scooter in someone else’s truck at a supermarket parking lot Saturday. The driver sped off after the confrontation with the scooter owner but a sheriff’s deputy saw the incident and stopped. Then the truck crashed into a parked car at the intersection of First and Main streets. Someone got trapped between two cars in the crash. Folks nearby helped police move one of the cars away from the other to free the person who was taken to a hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. Kristy Chavez, the driver of the truck has been arrested for suspicion of possessing stolen property, felony evading an officer and for an outstanding warrant from the California Department of Corrections.

The Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders have agreed on a new budget, $115.4 billion dollars with money going to public schools and universities starting in the fiscal year that starts July 1st. There’s also more money going to social welfare programs. There’s about $265 million so 7,000 state-subsidized preschoolers will be covered and about 6,800 get child care covered. Plus the state’s health insurance program for the less fortunate and for kids in the country illegally which is about $40 million a year. Another vote on the budget to get it approved prior to the beginning of the new fiscal year July 1st.

The Walmart in Clearlake is getting a makeover. Plans have been in the works several years. The store went in in the mid-90’s. There’s a total remodel and expansion planned that had been given to the city of Clearlake last Tuesday. The store looking for a major add on, about 39,000 square feet more of building area. That will bring the store to nearly 150,000 square feet. Walmart says they’re looking to build a larger grocery department, with more food and general merchandise, a larger stockroom/receiving area, ancillary space and food tenant space. There will also be a pickup service for customers to order groceries and general merchandise online from the store website then pick up their stuff in the drive-thru.

4 fires extinguished over the weekend along Highway 20 and near Clearlake. The fires said to be responded to, each within a half hour of each other Saturday. The first on Olympic Drive and Highway 53 in Clearlake, Witter Springs Road near Upper Lake, Old Long Valley Road and Highway 20 and Highway 20 and Walker Ridge, east of Clearlake Oaks. Many regional fire departments responded. One of the fires in a vineyard, with 6 foot tall weeds growing. A man was mowing the weeds when the area caught fire. All told, the fires burned under 9 acres. No homes or other buildings reported damaged and no injuries either.

Pavement and other highway work in Kelseyville starting. The work on Route 29 from Kelseyville to Lakeport over 5 miles. The $5 million project to be worked on at night, and there will be one-way traffic control with about 15-minute delays anticipated. Failing sections of asphalt will be replaced. All of the work is supposed to be done before the July 4th holiday weekend. All paving work to be done by the end of July.

City leaders in Willits to decide how much money to spend on pool operations. The City Council asking for a public hearing this Wednesday during the regular city council meeting. City staff says there could be a loss of as much as $45,000 for 2015-2016. One proposal was to double those fees so it would cost $8/day per person, instead of $4 . But public input showed doubling the fees might have meant less revenue so the discussion was tabled for now. The pool has been discussed year after year since it’s a money loser for the city. Since it’s extra for lifeguards, that’s what creates a loss for the city. The council considering if residents want to spend $50,000 a year to keep the pool open during summer months.

A 300-thousand dollar fine for the owner of a marijuana grow in Shasta County and its contractor. The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board fining the owner of the pot grow and the contractor who graded it for violations of the clean water regulations. Both the Central Valley and the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Boards in cooperation with the State Dept. of Fish and Wildlife working partners of a Northern California Cannabis Pilot Project. The charges after an inspection warrant for several properties in Shasta County. Inspections in Mendocino and Humboldt counties by the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board but there’s been no fines imposed.

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