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The 3rd District Supervisor on the Mendocino County Board says he’s none too happy with the latest version of the county budget. Tom Woodhouse says he’d like the Board to get more say in the 2015-16 fiscal year budget which is at just under $240 million. Woodhouse has voted against the proposed spending plan which was put together by the Executive Office. He says he wants changes in the Planning and Building Services department because the county’s losing money. He also says he’s got some worries about big commercial marijuana grows, he says are wrecking the county. He’s also concerned about money going to Mental Health services even though there’s been millions spent on privatization. He says he’s also got concerns about some county employees and their morale.

Still at about 80% surrounded for the Sanhedrin fire. The Mendocino National Forest reports about 25 acres charred by the fire. They’re removing some firefighters and equipment from the area as they get closer to total containment on the fire which started over the weekend on private land. Forest officials say smoke from the fire will probably be seen the next few days along Highway 101 and on the west side of the forest. The fire burning south of Little Signal Peak and east of the Sanhedrin Wilderness on the Upper Lake Ranger District. The cause is under investigation.

Ukiah Valley Medical Center has announced lower prices for imaging services… the hospital’s President and CEO made the announcement yesterday that they’ve lowered most of their prices for MRI, CT, Diagnostic X-rays and Ultrasound. She says since most people have different deductibles with their insurance, most will still have a major lowering of out-of-pocket expenses for common procedures and other imaging studies.

Lake County’s home prices are going up. The Lake County Association of Realtors reports the month of May’s median sale price on homes was up about 7-grand from last year. The association reported single family residences in Lake County were up from $199,765 in April 2015 to $207,000 in May. That’s also about 24 percent more than a year before when it was just above $167,000. There were 72 home sold in Lake County in May, the same as in April but 10 more than a year before. In California, the median home sale price was $485,830.

The Lake County Planning Commission set to meet and discuss the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the Valley Oaks development in Middletown. There was supposed to be a hearing on the project earlier this month but it was continued so county staff could have more time to prepare. If the report is certified, it would be recommended to the Lake County Board of Supervisors for development.

Sheriff’s deputies in Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity counties busted up a giant marijuana grow. Multiple search warrants served in the Island Mountain area. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports several deputies from the three Sheriff’s offices in three counties went out to the grow in the Emerald Triangle area where they were supposedly expecting to find more than 100,000 plants. The marijuana grows apparently home grown from wealthy locals, not Mexican cartels. Cops also concerned about mass water theft and other environmental violations so the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was assisting deputies.

A woman in Lucerne’s been killed in a crash where her car went airborne over a 6-foot-tall outbuilding. The CHP reports the woman heading west on Highway 20 at a high rate of speed, speeding thru a left curve in the road, then driving over double-yellow lines into an eastbound lane. Officers say the woman over corrected and lost control, sending her off the road, thru some trees and into a wooden outbuilding into two trailers by the Sandbeach Trailer Lodge. The woman didn’t have on a seat belt and died at the scene. Folks inside the two trailers she hit were not hurt.

The second of the budget workshops in Clearlake shows the city’s got enough money to meet basic operating needs. They city’s finance director reported the info to the city council last Thursday. The director explaining that the city’s basic operating needs should be met first including essential public safety, minimal infrastructure maintenance and community development needs. The total operating budget lower than $6.1 million. Apparently salaries and benefits are mostly what the city spends money on, then health insurance is the second largest expenditure. Payments to the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) was accounted as the third largest cost at about $641,000, or 14 percent.

A fire quickly doused at a trash company in Lakeport. Timberline Disposal had a fire in a garbage bin Thursday afternoon. Lakeport Fire Protection District (LFPD) on the scene on Soda Bay Road with Kelseyville and Northshore fire protection districts too. 20 firefighters in all responded to the incident. Firefighters got in thru a locked gate, putting the fire to bed in less than a half hour. It was another couple hours of cleanup afterwards. Soda Bay Road was partly closed during the operation.

The resolution for the asphalt plant proposed by Grist Creek Aggregates has been rescinded. The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors will take up the matter at their meeting after a group of local residents calling themselves the Friends of Outlet Creek had sued saying they wanted a review in accordance to the California Environmental Quality Act, trying to potentially stop the whole project. The group says it could create environmental hazards for nearby bodies of water, endangered species, air quality and also concerns of noise and increased traffic. A 10-year use permit was approved in June 2002 but the previous owner of the site never acted on the permit. Then in August 2009, the Board of Supervisors changed the zoning. Grist Creek Aggregates looking to start asphalt production at the site more efficiently.

Cockroaches taking over at Ukiah High School. Staff at the school trying to get rid of the pests which have multiplied because there’s been no rain. The Ukiah Unified School District reports when they get rain they don’t have the problem as it pretty much washes insects and their eggs thru storm drains and pipe conduits where they breed and lay eggs, but apparently the drought means the pests breed there instead, causing the infestation. The school superintendent says they’ve been working on a way to safely eradicate the pests working with the Mendocino County Environmental Health Department.

Another step forward for an old hotel in Fort Bragg to be converted into office space for a homeless service provider as well as short-term housing for the needy. The judge denying a group’s request for a preliminary injunction to stop the project as a lawsuit filed against the move makes its way to trial. The judge saying the group didn’t establish strong merit on the case and that stopping the project would cause more harm to the hospitality center than to its critics. The vacant Old Coast Hotel is proposed for homeless, mental health and drug rehabilitation services. Those against say it’s the location that’s bad, in the middle of a business district, so those who need services would not have privacy. Those against saying they’d rather have a hotel, restaurant and bar or something else to potentially attract tourists and commerce.

A missing man in Ukiah’s been found in what police say was a gang-related attack. The missing man found at a home Friday with several stab wounds but denied being kidnapped. Another man with him had serious injuries too but was released from the hospital. Police say they’ve grabbed many of the suspects involved in the stabbing last week after a high-speed chase. The driver of the car, Roman Jose Soto of Point Arena has been arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon, criminal conspiracy and possessing stolen property. He’s also charged with reckless vehicular evasion and violating probation. Ryan Raya and a 16-year-old boy charged in the case too, for assault with a dangerous weapon, possessing stolen property, and criminal conspiracy.

A man near Tampa, FL in trouble with the law for trying to drown his pet rabbit in a hotel swimming pool. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office says Steve Rodd purposely dropped the rabbit in the pool. He’s been charged with aggravated cruelty to animals. Sheriff’s officials say Rodd tossed the rabbit into the water, then walked away a couple minutes as the animal went still.

A Chinese teenager texting so intently fell into a drain in the street. The girl’s leg got stuck in the metal grill of the drain up to her thigh in China. She couldn’t move or get out without help. People passing by her called the fire dept. who removed the bars to the drain and got the girl out. She had scratches and bruises but was not seriously hurt.

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