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The Mendocino City Community Services District agreeing with the latest Grand Jury report. The report’s main item says the district wasn’t posting the agendas for their board meetings quickly enough, a Brown Act violation. Another complaint was that the size of the room for meetings was too small. The board says its instructed staffers to take care of the timeliness issue. The board’s also got a plan for a bigger space for meetings, but that’s been delayed due to the Mendocino Town Plan update. The jury saying the district board should check itself yearly in regards to the Brown Act, the district agreeing to do so.

Quick work of a small fire that charred the picnic area at the Yorty Creek Recreation site at Lake Sonoma. The bar-b-q area ignited because of winds yesterday afternoon. The Cloverdale Fire Department along with Geyserville Fire and CalFire on the scene. The fire blackened about an acre of mostly grass. The fire surrounded in about 10 minutes. Fire officials reminding the public to watch closely when a fire’s going to make sure it’s totally put out and to use extra caution right now due to the drought.

Two men in Sonoma County arrested in connection to a large marijuana grow on Boy Scout land. The Sheriff’s dept. says the men caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in environmental damage in Cazadero. Nicholas Henderson and John Henry have been charged with felony cultivation, possession of marijuana for sale and malicious mischief in connection with the pot grow which was found last summer at Camp Royaneh. Deputies say they got a tip and found more than 100 clear cut trees and stumps being used as a terrace. The plants being watered by a tank at a neighboring property. The cleanup there is estimated to be a cost of about 300-grand. 65 plants pulled, weighing more than 1,500 pounds. The two men in court this week saying they were within legal limits for growing medical marijuana with doctor recommendations posted on the property.

No good evidence has come out of a fire investigation for a gutted home on Waugh Lane. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority says they’ve hit a wall in their investigation and cannot figure out the cause and point of origin. They do say however they believe it was intentionally set just before 9 p.m. last Wednesday, June 17th. They say the best evidence they have that it was arson was witnesses saw someone leaving the home before the flames started, but they were about 70 yards away, and the description was very vague. They do say they don’t suspect the owner started the fire for insurance money.

A local church in Ukiah’s been burglarized of items that are priceless. The Daily Journal reports the relics stolen from St. Peter Eastern Catholic Church on Orr Street. The pastor says they realized there had been a break in early yesterday morning and called police. The thief, or thieves went in thru an open window, stealing items, some said to be invaluable, including an Ark, a large Gospel book, two chalice sets and other items. Cops say they think the person who stole the items will try to sell them so they’ve notified local pawn shops in the area of the burglary.

A semi-truck has overturned in Ukiah, dumping its load of hay. The accident yesterday morning on the on-ramp to the southbound 101 at North State Street so the ramp had to be closed for a couple hours. The driver made a left turn and his load of about 24,000 pounds of hay was tossed onto the roadway. The California Highway Patrol reports the truck landed on its side. The driver was not injured.

A developmentally disabled woman is reported missing from Lakeport. Amanda Maher disappeared late Tuesday night. She’s reported as an at-risk missing adult from Tailored Living Choices, or TLC. The home says the woman took her meds before 10pm then went to a porch area, but when someone went to check on her, she was gone. They also say she’s disappeared before and has shown suicidal behavior in the past and needs to have her regular medications. Police say Maher likes to go to casinos and take rides from truckers and other strangers.

A woman who died in a car crash in Lucerne has been id’d. Lisa Hamblock of Lucerne in the crash last Thursday on Highway 20 at Grove Street. She went off the road, at the Sandy Beach Trailer Lodge trailer park, then hit trees, and got thrown over a 6-foot-high wooden outbuilding, before hitting a singlewide mobile home and a travel trailer then stopping. She died at the scene, those in the trailers at the time, not hurt.

Upper Lake Union Elementary getting high marks for all day kindergarten. The principal says she made it a priority after finding out there was no all-day classes for kindies. Kindergartners used to go from 8 until 11:30 a.m. but now they stay until 2 p.m. with the rest of the students. Enrollment has gone up at the school since the start of the all day program. Lake Co News reports according to the National Education Association, all-day kindergarten is better for kids because it allows teachers more time to identify student needs, helps the children prepare for first grade, and offers intellectual, social and emotional benefits.

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