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Residents in Willits say yes they want their city pool open and they’ll pay for it. After a lot of feedback from area residents, the city council voted to raise the fees a buck and package fees proportionately. They’re also raising the amount they charge for previously heavily discounted preschool swim lesson rates. The pool only open 3 months a year and has been working with a huge monthly deficit. While the council was discussing the 2014-2015 budget, city staffers recommended closing the pool down. But this year, when again addressing the budget, the pool and its yearly $45,000 loss came up again. But at the city’s

June 24th council meeting, pool supporters showed up and suggestions were made. The pool will stay open.

A riverfront park in Forestville is banning booze. There are temporary signs at the Forestville River Access, known by locals as Mom’s or Mother’s Beach. The county says they’re trying to stop public drunkenness plus other issues they’ve had over the years. There will be officers on hand warning folks of the new alcohol ban and warnings will be handed out before anything more formal happens. Sonoma County Regional Park officials say if the same folks continue after their warnings, then they may get a ticket. Alcohol is also prohibited at Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach and Guerneville River Park, a small picnicking area.

A man from Guerneville who police call a major heroin dealer has been arrested. Santa Rosa police say Gage Wynne was arrested Saturday night after a stop in Livermore where police say they found two kilograms of heroin hidden in a secret dashboard compartment. Wynne is suspected of transporting and possessing heroin for sale. Police say they’ve suspected him for about 6 months in a high-grade heroin operation thru-out Sonoma County which has spread to the Bay Area. Police say they think Wynne’s been dealing a large amount of heroin monthly which they say he’s been getting in San Diego or Mexico. He’s held on 40-thousand dollars bail.

Fire restrictions start for the Mendocino National Forest. Starting today because of dry conditions and the risk of wildfires. The restrictions continue now through the end of fire season. It means no fires, campfires, charcoal fires or stoves in the National Forest except for designated safe areas in Grindstone Ranger District, Upper Lake Ranger District and the Covelo Ranger District. You will need a permit for those areas. Smoking, welding, using explosives and possessing, discharging or using any kind of fireworks is also prohibited. For more information, contact the Mendocino National Forest at 530-934-3316 or visit

Four people have been arrested in connection to a robbery and assault of an employee at the Walmart in Clearlake. Leanne and Johnny Perez, Cristina Pacheco and Justin Carey all busted for the attack Sunday and the ripoff of the big box store. Police say the Perezes went into the store with their 3 yr old toddler and the other 2 waited in the car. The couple loaded a cart with as much as $1,000 worth of merchandise then tried to leave but were stopped by an employee, looking for receipts. Police say the employee grabbed the cart, but one of the guys in the car jumped out and pepper-sprayed the employee then they all took off. The four were found and arrested on several charges including

robbery using force or fear to take property, burglary and grand theft.

A probation sweep in Clearlake leads to the arrest of more than 20. Police looking for folks on probation, parole or Post Release Community Service. They went to homes to check to see they were complying with the terms and conditions of their release. They found several of them were indeed in violation of their release conditions. 21 people arrested for several violations and others, who were wanted fugitives with active warrants for their arrest. 12 people booked into Lake County Jail, some had new crimes tacked on.

Cal Fire reminding with July 4th around the corner, to help prevent fires caused by illegal fireworks. Safe and sane fireworks went on sale Sunday in hundreds of communities in the state. They remind that the fireworks, if handled incorrectly or used in the wrong environment can be dangerous. The Cal Fire chief saying this is also the most severe drought so everyone should be cautious to avoid sparking a fire. He also reminds the state has zero tolerance for the use and sale of illegal fireworks. Fireworks caused the Monticello Fire near Lake Berryessa last summer which burned nearly 6,500 acres and had five injuries.

The Sheriff of Mendocino County and a former marijuana grower at the state capitol defending small-scale pot growing operations. The two at a legislative hearing on the impact of the drought and marijuana on North Coast fisheries. The committee hearing led by Senator Mike McGuire of Healdsburg. The director of the state Department of Fish and Wildlife says salmon are in trouble in Northern California, saying 90 percent of returning Coho salmon were lost last year in the Russian River watershed. He also said warm water from Shasta Reservoir is hurting Sacramento River salmon. McGuire says the explosive growth of pot the last 2 decades is drying rivers up. McGuire is the chairman of the Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture. McGuire and Assemblyman Jim Wood, also of Healdsburg, introducing legislation to regulate the state’s medical marijuana industry.

A man in Philadelphia busted for robbing a bank in New Jersey four months after being released from prison for robbing the same bank five years before. Court papers say Keith Ney went into the Cape Bank in Atlantic City April 23rd saying he had a gun and got away with cash, but as he made his way out, a bank employee found a cop on traffic detail and waved them down. Ney was spotted and immediately arrested. He was just let out in December and was supposed to be supervised release.

An appeals court siding with a woman in Ohio who says she shouldn’t have to pay her parking ticket, because it lacked a comma. Andrea Cammelleri (kah-meh-LEHR’-ee) says she should not have received the citation in 2014 because wording of a law enacted by the village of West Jefferson says there was a comma missing between the words “vehicle” and “camper” so her truck didn’t fit the definition. The judge agreed saying the town should amend the law if they don’t like it.

A record set in the state for water conservation. The State Water Resources Control Board says the state reduced water usage 29 percent in May. Numbers released yesterday. Regulators say they hope the savings will last through the summer as there’s a mandatory order for California communities to cut water use by 25 percent compared to 2013 levels. This is the 4th year of California’s drought which has led to devastation for some rural communities, has meant some farmers had to leave their fields unplanted or find more expensive water supplies and it’s taken down fish populations too.


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