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Officials in Shasta County reaching out regionally to police agencies for help finding an infant missing from her crib. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is one office helping to locate 6 month old Ember Graham reported missing last week. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office reports the dad, 24 year old Matthew Graham called 911 reporting the girl missing from their home in Happy Valley. The man says the baby was last seen last Wednesday night at 10:30 p.m. then when he woke up the next morning at 5 a.m. she was missing from her crib. The Sheriff’s dept. reports interviewing family members including the 19 year old mother. An Amber Alert couldn’t be issued because of a lack of information. The dad’s been named a person of interest, deputies saying he gave inconsistent statements about the baby’s disappearance.

After first saying they would not be in the Mendocino County Business Improvement District, the city of Fort Bragg nay have to reverse course. The city may take part after all in the 1 percent levy for lodging, with the money going back into promoting tourism. Apparently lodging owners who were protesting didn’t have the needed 50 percent or more valid votes required under the California Streets and Highways Code. The BID committee is recommending the board of supervisors reconsider allowing Fort Bragg in. That means going back to a resolution that had excluded Fort Bragg and Pt. Arena. The levy is supposed to start August 1st if the board approves it. Point Arena will still not be part of the BID as the city does have the needed 50 percent or more protest count to opt out.

A man has drowned at the Russian River off Monte Rio Beach. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office identified the man as Jose Fernando-Fernando Campos of Pittsburg. Fernando-Campos died Saturday. He was reported missing Saturday after floating on a raft with a friend’s two children. The man’s body was found hours later. Friends said Fernando-Campos didn’t know how to swim and he wasn’t wearing a life jacket.

The Environmental Protection Agency has developed an app with NASA to track algae that can threaten fresh water supplies. Studies say in the U-S alone bad algae costs the economy about $64 million a year. NASA, the U.S. EPA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and U.S. Geological Survey are watching satellites to locate algae bloom outbreaks in the ocean, but now they’ll watch and send info to cell phones via the new app sponsored by NASA. Since it will help with early warnings about a developing bloom, water treatment plant officials can quickly determine when, where, and how much to treat the water to keep consumers safe.

An investigation in Lake County after a murder. Police and the Lake County District Attorney’s Office looking into a body found in the 15000 block of 35th Avenue. Cops getting a call to shots fired in the area and found someone shot and treated them. The victim then taken to St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake, where he died. There is an autopsy planned and the name of the victim hadn’t been released over the holiday weekend. Witnesses gave police a description of a vehicle seen leaving the scene. Police say they do have a person of interest in the case.

Electricity prices going up for millions in the state after the Public Utilities Commission voted unanimously for a major restructuring of electricity pricing. This comes after lawmakers froze rates for many customers during the 2001 energy crisis. The move will affect customers of Pacific Gas and Electric Co., Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric Co. The president of the PUC says that might mean $5 more a month for about 40 percent of the three big utilities’ ratepayers. These are not new rates per se’, instead a new general structure, to be phased in over four years.

Calif. water managers have turned on one of three temporary pumps along a 62-mile stretch of the Delta-Mendota Canal. That will push water drained from San Luis Reservoir upstream for water districts with major water shortages. It’s said to be the first time in history this has been done, essentially changing the direction of the water movement. Five western San Joaquin Valley water districts are going to get water from the backward-flowing canal which usually runs north to south, but because of the drought, new pumps will be switched on. Federal water managers had reduced flows from the Delta. The new pumps which cost the districts being fed $500,000 will switch on as the others switch off. The old pumps only been running a couple hours at night for months.

A new report from the State Franchise Tax Board says Blue Shield of California got stripped of its tax-exempt status after an audit showing the nonprofit health insurer had $4 billion in surpluses. The California Franchise Tax Board audit said Blue Shield had "extraordinarily high surpluses" and didn’t offer any more affordable coverage or other public benefits. The way to keep exemption is to provide certain benefits, which the audit showed the insurer was not doing, saying quote "Blue Shield is not operating exclusively for the promotion of civic betterment or social welfare". Blue Shield is Calif.’s third-largest health insurer with 3.4 million customers. Its tax-exempt status was revoked last August.

People in Calif. expecting to have lower water rates due to conservation, but many utilities charging more, tacking on so called drought costs. Millions of found their local water departments increasing rates and adding fees as they lose money due to state conservation efforts. The companies blame overhead saying they still have fixed costs which include repairing pipelines, customer service and enforcing water restrictions. Rates could continue to go up as the Governor’s ordered mandatory cuts between 8 and 36 percent compared to 2013 levels. That could mean a loss of $1 billion dollars for local water companies. Some local governments also looking at multimillion dollar losses.

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