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A man from Ukiah suspected of ripping off a motorcycle that somehow started a fire’s been busted. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept and California Highway Patrol got a call July 4th to mile marker 8 on Highway 253 regarding a crash on the bike that ignited a fire that ended up burning 24 acres. Marcelino Anguiano crashed the bike in Boonville than ran into the woods. Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies lost sight of the man but got a call later about someone trespassing near the motorcycle crash site. They found Anguiano who first gave a fake name. They say he was also high on something and had a felony warrant out for his arrest. He’s been arrested and booked at the Mendocino County Jail and was being held on $80,000 bail. Officials say the cost of fighting the fire was in the 60-thousand dollar range.

Summer construction has begun on the State Route 29 (SR-29) Troutdale Creek Bridge Replacement Project. The work in northwest Napa County between Calistoga and Middletown. Lake Co News reports crews starting configuring traffic for work, putting in abutments and retaining walls. The work continues on as weather allows. Drivers coming up to the Troutdale Creek Bridge are being sent thru one lane of alternating northbound and southbound traffic. There’s restriped lanes approaching the bridge. Make sure you have extra travel time and be on the lookout for a new signal light, and new lane configuration. The old bridge is totally being replaced and there will be wider lanes approaching it. The project is set to be done late next year.

Police looking for the driver of a car involved in a fatal hit and run crash. The CHP reports the crash Monday night around 9:35 p.m. on Highway 20 west of Valley View Road near Sarasota Springs. CHP officers went to the call finding a man who looked to have been hit by a car, lying on the side of the road. They say the car that hit the man took off. Officers tried CPR on the victim, but he couldn’t be saved. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Middletown Area Town Hall taking up several items including a possible Dollar General Store. MATH meeting in the town’s community center Thursday night at 7. The group will consider decorative banners on the town’s light poles, there will be an update on free movies in Middletown Square Park and a committee studying a possible Dollar General Store will present their report. MATH members had voted unanimously to form the committee at their June meeting.

A new law being proposed in Sacramento could mean a name change for the city of Fort Bragg. Senate Bill 539, introduced by Sen. Steve Glazer would erase any references to the Confederate States of America from California’s public places. This after the mass murder of 9 black churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., last month. The bill aimed at two schools in Southern California named after Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. Fort Bragg’s an old military reference from the 19th century. The city incorporated after the U.S. Army left town. The city named for Braxton Bragg, a U.S. Army officer who ended up a high-ranking Confederate general and close adviser to Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

Lawmakers speaking out about a failure by federal officials to deport an immigrant with several felony convictions and an outstanding drug warrant who police say murdered a woman in San Francisco. The Senate homeland security committee discussing the murder. An official with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it’s the city of San Francisco’s fault, accusing officials of not following a federal request, or "detainer" to keep Francisco Sanchez in custody. The man from Mexico is in the US illegally and accused of shooting Kathryn Steinle to death while she was sightseeing with her dad at a popular local pier in San Francisco.

A mob of residents have helped catch and hold a suspect in Lakeport, for alleged drunk driving on an off-road quad. Folks out for the July 4th holiday, setting off Safe and Sane Fireworks as reports of a drunk guy on a yellow ATV were reported in the area of High Street and 17th Street. Police say Bruce Haney of Lakeport crashed against a fence in a dark parking lot, got knocked off the quad but hopped back on and raced down a lane behind a church. Residents were able to stop the guy after he parked and took his keys, then he ran off. Two people went after him in a wooded area and performed a citizens’ arrest. Police say he was bleeding from his face so he went to a hospital and was flown out of county for treatment.

A 15-year-old high school student who was at the Museum of Science in Boston found a math error in the golden ratio at a 34-year-old exhibit. Joseph Rosenfeld of Virginia at the museum with his family and noticed something appeared wrong with the equation saying there were minus signs in the equation where there should have been plus signs so he left a message at the desk and later got a letter saying the museum was correcting the equation. The kid says catching the error was exciting.

Police in Detroit reaching out to the public for help trying to find the thief who stole about 28,000 pounds of packaged nuts. The Shelby Township Police Department posted an appeal on their Facebook page, posting a mug shot of a squirrel. A truck and trailer that had 18 pallets of walnuts and other snack nuts were stolen 2 weeks ago. The empty truck and trailer were found July 1st but the $128,000 worth of nuts vanished.


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