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A 60 day continuance granted by the Lakeport City Council on whether or not a cell phone tower should be put up by Verizon Wireless. The appeal of the 72-foot tall monopine tower, those supposed to look like pine trees, but some neighbors saying there are no other tall trees around. Now the council’s looking to explore other areas to erect the tower to increase cell coverage for about 3,400 area residents. The city’s planning Commission approved the project in May and the owner of the High Street Village shopping center appealed.

As many as 12,000 marijuana plants have been yanked off land in far Northern California owned by two federally recognized Indian tribes. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reporting the bust on their Facebook page. The U.S. attorney’s office in Sacramento reported the plants and more than 100 pounds of processed pot found Tuesday as agents carried out search warrants for the properties governed by the Alturas Indian Rancheria and Pit River tribes in Modoc County. The Alturas Rancheria, a tiny tribe said back in March they were planning to grow medical marijuana near a casino the tribe operates. But cops say the amount of pot meant it didn’t meet federal conditions or the terms of California’s medical marijuana laws


A woman in Fort Bragg’s been arrested after a month’s long investigation into threats against illegal citizens. Fort Bragg Police Department accusing Araceli Martinez of falsely telling victims she could expedite their citizenship process. Police say she may have also been accepting large amounts of cash for her bogus services and for requesting identifying documents from the victims like birth certificates, identification cards and social security cards. Police say it could have been ongoing as long as twenty years. Anyone who feels they may have been scammed should call police at 961-2800 ext. 167.

Police in Clearlake say a murder victim knew the man who attacked him last week. Police accuse tattoo artist Billy Mount with murder, assault with a gun and for being an ex-felon with a gun for the shooting death of Steven Galvin July 2nd. Police say Galvin was shot in the torso and the bullet hit his liver, spleen and an artery. They’re not sure what the motive was for the shooting. Cops say neither of the men lived in the neighborhood where the shooting happened and they’re not sure why they were there. Mount arrested 3 days after the death.

A man in Kelseyville’s been arrested after barricading himself in a home after shooting a gun off. Cops say they got a call that Danny Barnes was drunk and locked himself inside the home with a gun. Police say Barnes was upset because he was trying to sleep and the other people in the home were disturbing him so he got a rifle and shot it into the floor then pointed it at a family member and told them to leave. He then shut the door and locked it so they called police. SWAT officers busted in and arrested the guy. They also took several firearms and other items. He’s charged with discharging a firearm in a negligent manner, exhibiting a firearm and exhibiting a firearm in the presence of a peace officer. He was booked into jail with bail set at $15,000.00.

Getting closer for the Palace Hotel to go into receivership. The City Attorney says he was filing the required paperwork by the end of this week at the earliest, but most likely by the end of next week. He says at least 10 people had to be notified, because they had recorded interest in the property. The city has to show it made every reasonable attempt to serve everyone. If they can’t reach some, they can publish a legal notice in a newspaper for at least 30 days. Eladia Laines owns the property which has been boarded up most of the time she’s had it. The city has threatened to declare the building a public nuisance but she hired a contractor to renovate the building.

Woodland Community College has been chosen as one of the best in California. The National Center of Education Statistics lists the school as one of the top community colleges based on affordability, accessibility, retention, and graduation and transfer rates. It’s ranked 14 on the list. reported some of the school’s success was because of its small student body size, so it has a high student-to-faculty ratio and a high combined UC-CSU transfer rate.

Two mental health providers in Mendocino County are getting their funding base matched after a discussion with the Board of Supervisors. The Daily Journal reports it looked for a while like the contracts might not have been approved which could have meant a delay in services. The contracts get a match of $5.1 million for Ortner Management Group, and $4.9 million for Redwood Quality Management Co. for “specialty mental health services.

A teen-aged girl uninjured after driving down a huge hill on Highway 253. The California Highway Patrol reports the driver was probably going too fast on a wet road. They say her Nissan Pathfinder went around a curve, then dove 100 feet down to the bottom of a ravine. They say it didn’t seem the driver was hurt. She crawled up the hill and flagged down help. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority went to the scene and made sure the girl went to a hospital since she was under 18. A firefighter crawled down the hill to get some of her personal belongings and identifying information from the SUV. They say rain contributed to several accidents throughout the day, including a few on Highway 20.


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