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A woman in Fort Bragg gets arrested after a report of a hit and run. Fort Bragg Police report getting a call Tuesday to a hit and run crash. They say when they got to the location, they found a car that had a note on it saying it was hit. A witness wrote the note with a description of the driver who crashed into it. Police found the other car and found the car had fake plates on it. Lyra Star Mist Jubb of Fort Bragg has been arrested for fleeing the scene of a collision, displaying a false license plate, and obstructing an investigation.

Two men from Clearlake arrested for a home invasion robbery have reached a plea deal with the D-A’s office. Lake Co News reports Sean Foss and Tyler Gallon in court for the June 2013 home invasion at Ronnie and Janeane Bogner’s home in Clearlake Oaks. They’re also charged for the attempted shooting of a Clearlake Police officer. The two part of a group of people accused in the home invasion. One person was shot in the incident. Before the end of the ordeal, the group took $121 in cash, two handguns and a pellet gun, plus a Cadillac Escalade which was later pushed down an embankment. The plea deal means 9 years for Foss and just four and a half years for Gallon.

A man police had been looking for has been busted with the help of a police dog, Dex. Clearlake police report arresting Devin Ray Walker who was a known fugitive. He was apparently spotted walking into a house and cops knew he had outstanding felony warrants for assault with a deadly weapon, resisting a police officer and vandalism. He spotted police and they say he ran out the back of the house, they ordered him to stop but he wouldn’t so Dex went after him. He was bit in the leg by Dex who went over a fence with the guy. Walker had a minor bite wound, the dog was fine. Walker was treated then booked into jail with bail set at $50,000. He was previously in trouble for swinging a machete at Upper Lake residents.

A new memorial’s been approved by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors at the Mendocino County Museum in Willits. The memorial will be erected to honor 21 men who died in the Vietnam War. A proclamation has also been issued to recognize the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War and to honor the soldiers who died in the fighting.

Scientists say next winter could bring a bad El Niño they say could be one of the strongest on record. The report released last week by federal scientists shows California could get a lot of rain, with downpours not seen since the winter of 1997-98 when reservoirs filled to the brim and rivers raged. Scientists at the NOAA’s climate prediction center in College Park, Maryland say it could be good news for California with above-normal rainfall likely. They are calling the chances for an El Nino “greater than 90 percent” starting in March.

It’s Armed Forces Day at the Ukiah Speedway this weekend. On Saturday Anderson Logging Company is partnering with the Speedway to honor members of all branches of the Armed Forces. It’s free to get in for the races for all Military Members and First Responders who have a valid ID. Grandstand entry for all others is $5.

2 members of the Ukiah City Council have been appointed to a committee to help come up with marijuana policies and legislation. The ad-hoc committee may be a permanent. The committee an idea of Council member Maureen Mulheren who says they should be working on possible legalization of marijuana in California and how it will affect Ukiah. The City Attorney says ad-hoc committees are usually temporary, created for a specific issue but a standing committee is supposed to stay permanent.

It’s official, the City of Ukiah has filed for receivership of the Palace Hotel in Mendocino County Superior Court. The City Atty reported the petition was filed last Friday. The city has to wait now for the court to issue the order to allow the city to start to inform some of the interested parties associated with the Palace Hotel thru publication. About a dozen people are listed as having an interest in the property, like a lien. After the city gets the go-ahead, notices will be published for 30 days, then a hearing can be scheduled which the city attorney says should be a couple weeks after that. Eladia Laines, of Unique Properties, owns the property, which has been sitting empty since its purchase about 25 years ago.

The Mendocino County Sheriff is asking the Pinoleville Pomo Nation to move pot plants that can be seen in a fenced area off highway 101. The Sheriff Tom Allman says about 40 plants were on the property Tuesday morning. He says requested they be moved because of concerns for residential safety because of how close they are to the highway and that it could lead to a rip off because of other home invasions in the area. The Sheriff says the conversation with the tribe was very cooperative. The tribe’s got a medical marijuana coop growing facility on behalf of United Cannabis in Denver and FoxBarry Cos. from Kansas.

A man from Laytonville has been sentenced for drug dealing. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reports Todd Wagner got 360 days in jail and supervised probation for 5 years. The Sheriff’s office says even though Wagner had two prior felony convictions, the judge said there was enough time between previous convictions. Wagner also has to fork over a $10,000 penal fine. He was busted last November after police found a hidden underground three-room marijuana processing center. 5 men were also found in the room, all employed by Wagner. They were trimming pot. More than 500 pounds of pot was found in bud form, 410 pounds of shake, and three firearms.

A man from Ukiah’s been found guilty of resisting arrest but not guilty of having a dangerous weapon. The Mendocino County District Attorney’s office reports Francisco Javier Cornejo Zamora was accused of brandishing a walking stick in a threatening manner at another person and police officers. Zamora was on probation at the time of the incident, something the D-A says was not shared with the jury. The Judge found Cornejo Zamora was in violation of his earlier probation so he got more probation and 90 days in jail.

About 4 inches of hail dropped in South Dakota which had snowplows out in the middle of summer. The Pennington County Sheriff’s Dept tells the Rapid City Journal ( ) it happened Tuesday night on U.S. Highway 16 south of Rapid City. The National Weather Service reported pea-size hail pelted the highway for about 15 minutes.

A man in Pennsylvania’s been arrested for trespassing, public drunkenness and indecent exposure after getting caught on a farm naked, drinking beer amongst pigs. Police in Manor Township, Lancaster County, say Larry Henry said he was there because he just likes pigs. He’s charged with trespassing on the same farm he was busted on and banned from four years ago. Henry drinking Hamm’s beers with the hogs.


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