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A 19 year old from Laytonville has been arrested for a stabbing attack on several people, 2 of them dead… Sheriff Tom Allman says they got a 9-1-1 call saying there was a multi-fatality and the suspect was still at the location…

Deputies and the Long Valley Fire Department found 2 people dead, a 17 year old boy and a 54 year old man. The two had been stabbed multiple times The Sheriff reports two other people were also stabbed and were taken to the hospital. Two more people at the home were not hurt. Allman says the suspected stabber had some sort of foster relationship to the victims. Talen Barton has been arrested for 2 counts of murder and 2 of attempted murder.

Mendocino county and county employees in the largest bargaining unit, Service Employees’ International Union (SEIU) Local 1021 have agreed to a new 2 year contract. The contract has a 5% salary bump over two years and other benefit changes too. The Board of Supervisors Chair saying it’s important to recognize the employees for providing County services to the citizens. The Mendocino County Union Chapter President says it wasn’t everything they were hoping for, but it’s a step in the right direction and shows both parties could compromise. The County CEO Carmel Angelo also commented that there was a change in tone in negotiations and that she was grateful for the productive nature of the communication with the union. The details of the tentative agreement are online and will be made an amendment to the Board of Supervisors Agenda.

Police continue investigating 3 fatal car crashed over the last month in Lake County. The Sheriff’s office is leading the coroner’s investigations into the June 27th crash. There were 2 others on July 2 and July 6. Altogether four people were killed. 2 men died in the first crash on Morgan Valley Road near Lower Lake. They left the road, hit a tree and their car burst into flames. The identities of those 2 still not released. In the second crash a box truck and two cars crashed south of Highway 175/Cobb. The driver of the truck died after hitting the other two cars. And in the third crash, a man died in a fatal hit-and-run on Highway 20 west of Saratoga Springs near Upper Lake. His name has also not been released. The CHP and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office investigating that crash.

Lots more mosquitoes in Sonoma County are testing positive for West Nile virus. Officials with the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District say they had positive results in Cloverdale. The insects found in two traps. It comes after mosquitoes with West Nile virus were found in Petaluma near the city’s Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility. Across the state the virus has been found in 31 counties so far this year. Hundreds of mosquitoes tested positive, and fowl have also died.

Some Quick-acting neighbors in Ukiah helped catch a fire before it spread. The fire on West Henry Street Friday night around dinner time. A man who lives across the street tells the Daily Journal he saw smoke and called 911 while his wife grabbed a hose and started dousing the flames which were spreading to the roof. Then another neighbor, who also saw smoke, ran to the home and grabbed a hose. Firefighters say it looked to have started in a wine barrel planter behind the house. Ukiah Valley Fire Authority and Cal Fire were on the scene. They’re investigating how it started and say it’s too soon to know if it was suspicious.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors is taking up a resolution for a revised Library Advisory Board. The board and supervisors met in February to update the resolution that started the library board in 1970. Then there was an amendment in 2006. There are some open topics like board members being reimbursed for mileage to and from library related meetings, the process for appointing members to the board and operating procedures. The topic on the agenda for the board’s regular Tuesday morning meeting.

The preliminary budget has been agreed to for the Little Lake Fire Protection District. At the board meeting last Tuesday, the budget was approved. The final version won’t get approval until the fall and will be made public then. But the total budget is about $866,000 to include new equipment, salaries, health insurance and other expenses. It’s said to be just about $7,000 more than budgeted expenses. The district also announcing they’ve got six openings on their 40-person team. The district is also considering different locations for their fire house.

The Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Costco in Ukiah’s been approved by the City Council. The report has to be done before the store can be built. There’s also a highway realignment project that has to be done being referred to as the Talmage Road/ Southbound U.S. 101 on-off ramp Realignment Project. Caltrans has a preferred design for the work. Comments to the report from the public included road improvements, traffic and air pollution.

Four people in China busted in connection to a sex tape supposedly taken in a retail store dressing room. Police in Beijing say the sex video taken inside a Uniqlo fitting room spread quickly online and contained obscene content. The couple busted can be seen on the cellphone video apparently having sex. Police say the couple sent the video to a friend which quickly went viral via the mobile chat app WeChat. Another man is suspected of posting it online.

A suspected drug dealer in Nevada – trying to get away on a scooter. The Nevada Appeal newspaper reports Joseph Scurti faces charges after the slow speed chase including suspicion of a parole and probation warrant and probation violation. Carson City deputies tried to pull the guy over but he wouldn’t stop. They say he drove on the highway, then onto a sidewalk and hit a patrol vehicle. Then his scooter got stuck under the car. He ran but was tackled and handcuffed.


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