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That cell phone tower is still being considered in Clearlake. The Planning Commission takes up the matter at their meeting tonight after tabling it two weeks ago until now. Complete Wireless Consulting for Verizon Wireless wants a permit to put up a 70 foot monopine tower on a leased 40-by 40-foot area on Burns Valley Road. City staff recommends a mitigated negative declaration first, but also to approve the use permit and variance. The city attorney told the commission it should postpone the last hearing because the mitigated negative declaration was only done that same day so there had been no time to review it.

Lake County Board of Supervisors considering an agreement for veterans housing. At the regular board meeting tomorrow will go over the proposal. The board has it listed on the agenda as an untimed matter where they’ll consider a proposed agreement for supportive housing for veterans and their families. There would be a one-year negotiating period regarding the transfer of two county-owned parcels in Clearlake for affordable, permanent supportive housing for very low income veterans and their families. The board is also considering a proclamation for a local emergency due to the drought which was first passed in March 2014.

More information’s been released regarding the stabbing massacre in Laytonville over the weekend. The Mendocino County sheriff’s office reports the suspected killer, 19 year old Talen Barton was still in jail and due in court this morning. A father and son killed in the attack Sunday have been identified as 52 year old Coleman Palmieri and 17 year old Teo Palmieri. A 54 year old woman and 52 year old man also injured in the attack and two teenage girls, 14 and 15 were at the home but uninjured. Detectives say they were severely traumatized though. Barton had lived with the family at least a year. The mom in the home, who was stabbed and injured but is expected to live is a well known local doctor, Cindy Norvell. Police say Barton first killed his 17 year old friend Teo then Norvell, his mom came to help and she was attacked. Then the dad also rushed in and he was stabbed and another man, believed to be Norvell’s brother visiting from Canada was also stabbed multiple times. One of the teenage girls talked Barton into calling police. The mom and brother were critically injured and flown to hospitals. No motive to speak of, but some told police that Barton had talked to them about killing people.

A massive fine is being considered by California regulators for anyone illegally taking water during the drought. The $1.5 million fine for a group of Central Valley farmers would be the first against an individual or a district with water claims more than a century old. Those rights are called senior water rights holders. The State Water Resources Control Board claims the Byron-Bethany Irrigation District in Tracy took water without permission from a pumping plant. The board says the district had been warned in June that there wasn’t enough water legally available. The district with water rights dating back to 1914, serves 160 farming families in three counties. The district says it’s going to lose as much as $65 million in crops because of the state’s cutback orders. 9,000 notices have been sent out across the state warning that water was running out for those with entitled under rights. Two supposedly went against orders and officials say Byron-Bethany was on the line because the agency publicly defied the board and diverted water in the drought.

A couple of thieves suspected of ripping off an ATM machine in Washington didn’t get too far. Snohomish County authorities say the money machine fell out of the thieves getaway van. A Sheriff’s spokeswoman says the ATM machine was found and the suspects drove away without it. Police say they think the pair backed their white van to a business near Lynnwood Sunday, cut the cables to the ATM and loaded it into the van, but the men went too fast and dumped the machine over a speed bump.

A bus driver in Boston making some new friends, surprising passengers by stopping at a kids lemonade stand. reports ( ) the driver asked riders if they would mind and they agreed so the driver treated everyone on board to a 50-cent cup of lemonade. The driver saying he noticed the lemonade stand an hour or so before, and decided to ask the passengers about stopping on his next trip.

Clover Stornetta Farms out of Petaluma announcing a voluntary recall of some of its milk products because of possible contamination. The recall for three items because the company says they may contain small pieces of food grade plastic. They’re recalling their 2 percent Reduced Fat Milk gallon size, 2 percent Reduced Fat Milk quart size and 2 percent Reduced Fat Milk plastic half-gallon size. All items distributed in Northern California. So far there’s been no complaints connected to the recalled items.

Gunshots reported in Covelo lead to the arrest of a man. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) got several calls, but say the calls were anonymous. They say one caller said they heard a gunshot then a a female screaming to "get off my property". Responding officers found three related calls to a 38 year old male victim who was dating the shooting suspect, 32 year old Anna Roseberry. The two still working together in a marijuana growing operation but no longer dating. There was some sort of argument over payment and the fight got physical and loud. Cops say the woman had a .38 caliber revolver which she used to shoot the victim in the groin. She says it was self defense because the man had a knife. The victim went to the hospital and was expected to recover. Other guns were found at the home where the shooting happened. 200 growing marijuana plants were also found and several pounds of marijuana was being processed. Roseberry was arrested for assault, battery, and dealing. S he was held on $40,000.00 bail.

Fort Bragg Police have arrested a man they say was dealing drugs. Joel Juarez is accused of previous crimes with drugs so officers searched him when they found him July 2nd at Columbi’s Market and Deli. They say they found drug paraphernalia, six pre-weighed bags of crystal methamphetamine, several containers filled with pot, a digital scale, packaging materials, and $129 in cash. Juarez was arrested for Possession of Controlled Substances for Sales, Possession of Concentrated Cannabis and Possession of Paraphernalia. He’s booked in the Mendocino County Jail until his arraignment.

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