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A man in Fort Bragg’s been arrested after a sheriff’s deputy on regular patrol noticed something amiss behind Hoppers Dairy. The deputy saw a car parked in an unusual place, partially hidden and went out to see what was up. He spotted someone in the dark behind delivery trucks he says was trying to sneak away. The deputy recognized the guy from previous contacts as John Cooley Jr. The officer says he noticed locks had been broken off the back of two delivery trucks and doors were open. He checked and Cooley had a broken lock in his pocket, plus other evidence indicating he was to blame. He’s on probation too, just getting out on bail. Cooley charged this time for theft, burglary, possession of burglary tools, committing an offense while out on bail, and violation of probation held on $45,000.00.

Mendocino County District Hospital board members considering ways to review doctor contracts. The hospital lost more than a half million dollars in the last fiscal year which leaves it out of compliance with one of its three bondholders. The CFO says the bondholder Cal Mortgage probably won’t penalize the hospital because its debt service coverage ratio was below the required 1.25. The ratio is basically the amount of money available to pay off debt. So the hospital needs to make more money and cut costs. The fiscal year losses also had to do with one time bankruptcy-related costs. A new subcommittee is being put together to too review doctor’s contracts. The board’s been reviewing physicians’ contracts in closed session.

A joint meeting between the city of Fort Bragg and Mendocino county regarding the certification of the Final Environmental Impact Report for the Central Coast Transfer Station Project. The board and council have postponed any movement though so they could take up the matter of a letter sent by the Department of Fish and Wildlife with more concerns and comments for the EIR. A lawyer for the county and city advising to spend time on the letter before acting.

A man expecting paid sex with two women at a motel in Ukiah didn’t get what he went there for. The Press Democrat reports the man was ripped off by the women instead. They took his wallet, cellphone and clothes. Police reaching out to the public for help finding the women who ripped the guy off at the Motel 6 on South State Street. The women reportedly asked the man to shower first and when he left the room they stole all his stuff. Police say the women even took all of the towels, just leaving him naked with a tiny towel to cover up with. A witness telling police they saw the two women running from the motel and they even followed them but lost them.

Lake County seeing more alcohol and drug-related DUIs so the county can go after an extension of a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety to go after offenders. The Record Bee reports several sources confirming Lake County’s DUI problem got worse as the state’s improved. The office of traffic safety ranks Lake County as the second worst in the state for alcohol-related fatal/injury collisions by daily miles traveled in 2011 and the fifth worst by average population. The county’s age adjusted death rate for car crashes was almost 22 per 100,000 residents, more than double the state rate of 7.5 for each 100,000 residents. The Lake County Sheriff’s office reports meth and pot are contributing factors for the data. The Lake County Board of Supervisors has approved a grant agreement for money to pay for so-called “Vertical Prosecution”. That’s a team to work cases from arrest through sentencing.

The state Supreme Court agrees with a lower court to make it harder for cities and water districts to charge more for water wasters. The Supreme Court refused voted no against an appeals court ruling which found the city of San Juan Capistrano’s tiered water rates were unconstitutional because they charged more for water than it cost the city to provide the service. A lawyer for the State Water Resources Control Board argued for the high court to “depublish” the ruling, saying it was “unnecessary and overbroad” and didn’t help deal with California’s drought. The state supreme court rejected that request. This all at a time when the Gov. has ordered a statewide mandatory 25 percent cut in water usage.

A man who was charged as an Army deserter now caught up in a drug raid. Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman says U.S. Army Sgt. Robert Bowdrie or “Bowe” Bergdahl who was released in 2014 after five years captivity with the Taliban was with a bunch of his friends near Redwood Valley during the bust. Apparently search warrants served at a home where there were nearly 200 marijuana plants found. Several were arrested but the Sheriff says Bergdahl had evidence showing he got to California last Friday and was planning to leave on Wednesday so he was detained, but not arrested. Sheriff’s staffers brought Bergdahl to the Army in Oakland. The Sheriff also says rumors that the military intervened to prevent Bergdahl’s arrest are untrue.

That monopine cell phone tower in Clearlake is reality. The Planning Commission has said yes after all to the use permit and variance for the Verizon cell phone tower facility in the Burns Valley area. The proposed location, as we’ve reported, is a 40-foot by 40-foot parcel on Burns Valley Road, in a walnut grove lined with oak and pine trees. Complete Wireless Communications is putting up the tower on behalf of Verizon. 10 sites for the tower had been reviewed before landing on this one. Many have spoken out against the monopine saying it will be way taller than other trees in the area. Besides the tower, there will also be a 30 kilowatt diesel emergency backup generator with a self-contained 132 gallon fuel tank, prefabricated equipment shelter with nine antenna sectors and two microwave dishes and outdoor equipment cabinets.

That fire in Lake Berryessa has blown into Yolo and Solano Counties. Fire officials say the fire’s scorched 11 square miles near Lake Berryessa so hikers and homeowners had to get out of the area. It was said to be threatening about 200 structures as of late yesterday afternoon. The Wragg Fire’s grown into one of the state’s largest wildfires of the year. The communities of Quail Ridge and Golden Bear in Yolo County had to evacuate, Canyon Creek and Lake Solano campgrounds and Canyon Area hikers have also been evacuated. The fire started Weds afternoon near Lake Berryessa’s Monticello Dam. The cause is under investigation even though it was thought to have started after a car accident. The fire’s burning in rugged, steep, brush with erratic winds blowing. It was at almost 6,000 acres in the first 12 hours. The fire’s only 15 percent contained.

A court of appeals has ruled juvenile offenders should be able to have certain felonies reclassified as misdemeanors like adults. This after a new crime initiative was approved by voters last year. The appeals court ruled juvenile offenders would be spared harsher sentences. The ruling yesterday had to do with Proposition 47, a 2014 ballot measure for certain drug and property crimes to be misdemeanors instead of felonies along with the possibility of lighter sentences or a reclassification of the crimes. It’s all to reduce jail and prison overcrowding and save money.

A man who says he thought he saw a lion folks reported seeing in Milwaukee shot and hurt a large dog instead. Police say the pit bull shot Tuesday, was being cared for at the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. That organization says some folks have been afraid after the reports of lion sightings. Police say they’ve investigated as many as two dozen calls of apparent lion sightings with no animal found.

A bicyclist is being blamed for starting a 73-acre wildfire in southwest Idaho after lighting his toilet paper on fire. BLM officials say the cyclist stopped to go to the bathroom in Boise Wednesday, then lit the used toilet paper on fire but lost control of the embers in the dry grass. Firefighters got control of the fire several hours later. Cops say the man called and his story matched the evidence found at the scene. He’s going to be fined for causing the fire.


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