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A mobile home’s been destroyed in that apartment fire in Clearlake. 400 residents had to be evacuated Sunday afternoon. The fire on Dam Road near the Cache Creek Apartment Complex reported just before 5 p.m. The residents in the apartments and some nearby homes were evacuated. The Wal-Mart parking lot was used for the residents while the fire was surrounded. Cal Fire reported the fuels tinder dry and the fire moving quickly. It was at 10 acres when firefighters gained control. It took about 2 and a half hours for firefighters to surround the fire and in the cooler, overnight hours, they totally contained it. Firefighters warning to be careful outdoors as triple digits in the forecast.

A woman in Lakeport reported missing has been found safe outside California. Police say 24 year old Amber Costner who was reported missing last Friday has been located and has been in touch with family. Police had said Costner reached her family and said she was okay and didn’t want to be located. They also said they would continue investigating until she was found to be ok, which looks to be the case. Thousands of community members had been helping to find the woman whose car was found in Del Norte County without her. Police say they are not releasing any more information about where she is to protect her privacy.

FEMA has okay’d using federal money to help California fight the Wragg fire burning in Napa, Yolo and Solano Counties near Lake Berryessa. The state requested FEMA’s help last Thursday so FEMA funding would be available. That’s up to 75 percent of firefighting costs under an approved grant for managing, mitigating and controlling the fire. At one point the fire was threatening 230 homes and was growing rapidly, 6,000 acres in one day. At last count it had burned 6,900 acres and was 75% contained.

A possible land record audit in Lake County. The Lake County Board of Supervisors is considering the audit after several residents complained about mortgage issues and foreclosures. A lawyer will talk to the board at their meeting today about so-called quiet titles. These establish ownership of property if there are liens or levies that are tainting the title. The board was considering the matter back in May and voted for state assistance to prevent real estate and mortgage fraud. It asks the California Attorney General to create and coordinate a task force on the matter.

A man in Forestville saying Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies shocked him 23 times with Taser guns and beat him during his arrest for DUI is suing. Esa Wroth looking for $3 million to settle his excessive force lawsuit. He was arrested in January of 2013 for DUI with a toxicology report showing he had .21 alcohol in his blood, nearly 3 times the legal limit for driving after drinking. This is one of 3 lawsuits against Sonoma County regarding potential excessive force. When Wroth was pulled over after leaving the Forestville Club he says he was abused. Jail officials say he was uncooperative and could not be subdued. They say they did hit him and used Tasers during a struggle to gain control over him. An internal investigation showed all of that was appropriate. His lawyer claims he was tortured.

Four firefighters have been hurt on a fire in Nevada County. They were working the Lowell fire, which started Saturday west of Alta. The fire burned 1,500 acres and was only 20 % surrounded over the weekend because of difficult terrain. Two Cal Fire firefighters and two US Forest Service firefighters were burned, They had to be airlifted to the UC Davis Medical Center’s burn center. 3 were being treated and released but the 4th had serious burn injuries.

$165,000 in fines for Caltrans and two construction companies working on the Willits bypass project after a collapse of a 150-foot section of the Highway 101 bypass project. Three workers were injured. OSHA reporting serious worker safety violations by the agency and two contractors responsible for the $275 million viaduct project, a nearly 6-mile route being built around Willits to help with traffic congestion. The biggest fine was for almost $94,000 against a contractor from Benicia for a general violation and four serious violations. Another contractor from Dublin, was fined $49,500 for four serious violations.

A special meeting by the Ukiah City Council to continue its Strategic Planning Process and city projects to be considered the next fiscal year. The meeting set for tomorrow afternoon at 3 in the Ukiah Valley Conference Center. The council will continue drafting its Strategic Planning Process which began in 2007. They’re considering four strategic planning areas:

• Maintain downtown historic place as a regional center of civic and economic activity

• Planning valley-wide takes place based on sound planning principles

• Develop a prioritize(d) plan for maintaining and improving public infrastructure

• Council and staff work together to create a more responsive and effective workplace. Staff also voted back in January to work on goal setting without a consultant to save money.

Private individual health plans as part of the state’s own market place are going up. It’s the second year in a row for the 4 percent hikes. It’s going up 4 percent even, a little less than the 4.2 percent jump this year. The average rate increase though is 1.8 percent or a total of $296 a month. There are also 2 new participants for the first time UnitedHealthcare, the largest health insurer in the U-S and a new one out of New York called Oscar.

A man from Ukiah suspected of knifing another man near Observatory Avenue has been arrested. Ukiah Police report getting a call to the Express Mart in the 900 block of South State Street Saturday, a man had ended up there after being stabbed. Police say a 52-year-old man had a knife wound to his upper chest. He was taken to the Ukiah Valley Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. Witnesses say a homeless man, John Zerangue was responsible. He was found hiding in the restroom at a grocery store. Police say the two men, both transients got into an argument over money. Zerangue booked into Mendocino County Jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and violating his probation on $30,000 bail.

A mountain biker in New Mexico drove his car 20 miles to the nearest hospital even after being impaled in the neck by a tree branch. He had a neck injury after falling off his bike and being impaled in the neck by a two-centimeter-wide branch. The guy was able to get himself to the hospital at the University of New Mexico for treatment. Luckily it didn’t cause major damage to his nerves, airway or a major blood vessel. The branch taken out and the wound cleaned then closed.

San Francisco is turning on those who urinate in public. The city’s painted some walls with UV-coated, urine-repellent paint. The paint so effective at its job, it’s hydrophobic so it keeps walls clean and sprays urine right back at offenders. The Public Works director telling the San Francisco Chronicle it’s a pilot project to see if they can discourage folks from peeing at city hot spots. He says they’re trying new things to try to make San Francisco smell nice and look beautiful.

A fugitive has been arrested in Olympia after federal agents found the guy’s picture in a story about a low-budget horror movie in The Olympian. The newspaper reported Jason Stange was in a starring role in “Marla Mae” which the newspaper ran a feature story on last week. He was arrested close to the location of filming Friday. He had pleaded guilty to an armed bank robbery in 2006 and got almost 10 years in prison. A federal probation violation warrant was issued last year after Stange disappeared from a halfway house in Spokane.

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