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The Rocky Fire has burned thru 62-thousand acres. It increased since late Sunday night by 6,000 acres as the level of containment also went up from 5 percent to 12 percent. It’s the biggest of several in the state, burning more than 94 square miles, which in comparison is the size of the city of Seattle. Cal Fire says they’re seeing unprecedented fire behavior because of the drought. Those living in the community of Spring Valley had to be evacuated last night because of the way the wind was moving. So far mandatory and advisory evacuations have hit more than 13,000 people since last Wednesday when the fire began. 24 homes are gone and 26 outbuildings with another 6,300 homes threatened.

The Rocky fire is burning on the south side of Highway 20 and has left several spot fires in its trail on the north side of the highway. Fire officials say two of them may burn into each other. The Lake County Sheriff’s office says they could also threaten the communities of Spring Valley and the Double Eagle housing development. They’ve already issued a mandatory evacuation order for all residents along the Highway 20 corridor from Highway 53 to Walker Ridge Road. You can see all of the mandatory evacuation orders at our website and our Facebook page. Also Lake Co News dot com, their Facebook page and at the Lake County Office of Emergency Services.

Firefighters from local, state and federal agencies working with inmate crews all along several areas of the perimeter of the fire Monday. They were using shovels, modified axes, fire engines and bulldozers on the flames to try to prevent their spread. There were also helicopters and air tankers making drops on the fire. There are reports of multiple hot spots burning in dry vegetation about two miles east of Double Eagle Ranch, in the Walker Ridge area.

For those displaced by the Rocky fire, the Moose Lodge 2284 (aka on Facebook Moose Lodge 2284/Women of the Moose 1691) at junction 53 & 20 feeding folks and says they have more than 2 dozen Rv’s with displaced people there.

Two official shelters open for those evacuated from the Rocky Fire. Middletown High School, 20932 Big Canyon Road, Middletown and Kelseyville High School, 5480 Main Street Kelseyville. Those staying at the Moose Lodge in Clearlake Oaks are being urged to relocate to one of those sites. If you need help moving there, call Lake County Social Services, Adult Services Office at 707-995-4680 until 5 pm. Or after hours at 888-221-2204.

Officials in the Mendocino National Forest are on the lookout for lightning started fires and find some. 15 fires over the last week and a half or so, 3 on the Upper Lake Ranger District are active, and the rest have been declared either contained, controlled or out. The Etsel Fire about 32 acres and 60 percent contained located in the Yuki Wilderness burning in heavy timber and brush. The Boardman Fire at 72 acres and 30 percent contained. And the Deer Fire, southeast of Lake Pillsbury is the biggest at about 100 acres and threatening three structures. Officials say as the dry conditions and hot temperatures continue, they anticipate more lightning fires in coming days with more thunderstorms in the forecast this week.

Getting closer to registration and filing dates for the November 2015 election featuring consolidated districts. The Mendocino County Clerk and Recorder’s Office says anyone interested in running for office in November has only until this Friday to file with the county. Vote-by-mail ballots are available Oct. 5th. And the last day to register to vote is Oct. 19th. There is also a write-in period for candidacy registration from Sept. 7 to Oct. 20.

At a fire in Ukiah a man living across from the Pinoleville Tribe lost much of his property. Wayne Hunt says he lost 40 motorhomes, boats and a dozen cars, including a 1972 Mustang convertible. He says he also lost a 40-foot shipping container that had hot-rod engines inside and a box trailer full of forklifts. The fire started near a parked car near a pot farm on land owned by the Pinoleville Pomo Nation. It spread to Hunt’s business, Ukiah Auto Dismantlers. Hunt says his estimated losses were in the neighborhood of at least $200,000.

A website is being launched by the state so you can tattle on water wasters. They’ll accept any complaint, from leaky sprinklers to waiters serving water without asking. There are mandatory restrictions on water use, including banning washing cars with hoses that don’t shut off and restricting lawn-watering within two days of rain. The site Complaints go to local government offices depending on what the offense is. So far more than 300 agencies had signed up. Tipsters can remain anonymous.

A dead humpback whale seen on the beach in Pacifica. There’s been several dead whales washing up along Northern California’s coast since April. The Marine Mammal Center says the latest was found by folks on the beach at Esplanade beach Sunday. The California Academy of Sciences and the Marine Mammal Center were going to try to perform a necropsy but that depended on the tides. A humpback whale washed up in May over at Sharp Park Beach in Pacifica too. And a sperm whale was found near Mori Point with that necropsy showing no official cause of death.

A hen owned by a woman in Massachusetts who rehaps ill or injured poultry is getting a prosthetic leg at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Andrea Martin says she’s paying for the $2,500 surgery or she’d have to put the chicken down. The chicken, named Cecily, had a damaged tendon in her leg since birth. The prosthetic is being made on a 3-D printer.


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