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The latest numbers on the Jerusalem fire at 6,000 acres with continued growth and no containment. There’s an advisory evacuation order for more homes now after some mandatory evacuations. Cal Fire reporting the Jerusalem Fire which started near Middletown Sunday is being whipped by erratic winds. Lake Co News reporting the fire traveling so the Sheriff’s office issued an advisory for:

– Grange Road from Luchetti Ranch Road east to Bucksnort Creek;
– Butts Canyon Road from Bucksnort Creek east to the Napa County line;
– Morgan Valley Road from the Reiff Road intersection east to the Napa County line; and
– Reiff Road from the Morgan Valley Road intersection east to the Yolo County line.

Mandatory evacuations issued on Sunday for the Jerusalem fire remain in place for the Jerusalem Valley area east of Spruce Grove, including Tinilyn Road, Nicholas Way, Jaclyn Road, June Bug Drive, Jerusalem Grade, Jerusalem Valley Road, Jerusalem Road, W Jerusalem Road, Canyon Road, Coon Flat Road and Daly Place.

There are also road closures:

– Morgan Valley Road is closed east of the intersection of Reiff Road to the Napa County line;
– Reiff Road is closed south of the intersection of Morgan Valley Road to the Napa County line. The shelter set up at the Middletown High School for the Rocky Fire is open.

A shooting’s been reporting by the Ukiah Senior Center. The police dept. reported getting several calls around 10 p.m. Sunday night for shots fired in the 300 block of Leslie Street. Cops say when they got there, there was no shooter, but witnesses described seeing a car pull up to a group of people on the sidewalk, and an argument followed. They say one of the people on the sidewalk shot bullets which hit a mobile home and some cars. There were no reports of injuries. And no suspects have been named. But reports of a silver BMW in the area at the time. Cops say there’s no evidence it was gang-related, but they’re not ruling anything out.

Lakeport Police have reopened headquarters after reports of an explosive device someone brought in to be disarmed. Police Chief says a woman brought in an old military shell asking for disposal. But cops say they thought it could be live and dangerous so they evacuated the department and a military unit was called in to help. The chief says they brought in explosives experts from Beale Air Force Base who were able to successfully detonate the shell. The dept was reopened soon after.

Big news over at the former Sutter Hospital in eastern Santa Rosa. Sonoma County Supervisors have agreed to make it a mixed-use housing development which they say could mean more housing, possibly hundreds of new units onto the market. The plan was approved Tuesday and now supervisors are accepting development proposals for the 117-acre county-owned property. One supervisor saying the area is in dire need of housing. The former hospital to be turned into affordable housing. County officials mulling two proposals, including whether to sell the property or lease it under a long-term lease of up to 99 years.

A settlement to a local law firm from those who put together the study saying the invalidated developer’s fees collected by the Ukiah Unified School District were justified. The Daily Journal reports the lawyer on the case said a finance consulting firm has agreed to pay a $95,000 settlement in regards to the complaint. The complaint said the study the consultants prepared for the school district violated the California False Claims Act.

Cal Fire not getting a days rest with this new fire near Middletown burning up to 6,000 acres in the Jerusalem Valley area. The Lake County Sheriff’s dept. also arrested someone suspected of starting a nearby fire to protect his pot garden. As we reported yesterday, Juan Ramos Silva of Lower Lake was arrested Sunday. He says he used to be a firefighter and was lighting a back fire to protect his garden from the Jerusalem Fire. The man apparently the 5th arrest for arson the last two weeks. The cause of the Rocky and Jerusalem fires still a mystery. and no word if officials think they were suspicious starts. The newer fire in rugged terrain headed toward land north of Lake Berryessa. So far about 150 people in 50 homes have been evacuated from the valley and hillsides east of Spruce Grove. There is no containment on the fire. No injuries reported and no damaged buildings.

A special meeting by the Board of Supervisors to talk recovery after the Rocky Fire. The meeting tomorrow at 1pm in board chambers in the Lake County Courthouse. The Rocky fire is one of the largest wildland fires in Lake County history. Just under 70k acres burned since it started July 29th east of Lower Lake. At one point Highway 20 was closed as it burned thru and east of Clearlake Oaks, and crossing into Colusa and Yolo counties. 43 homes were destroyed and 53 outbuildings.

A use permit’s been approved by the Clearlake Planning Commission for a new helipad at St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake. It’ll replace one there already, that’s temporary. And will allow for different types of helicopters to land at the hospital. REACH Air Medical Services is putting up the new pad on hospital property. It’s set to be located southeast of the main parking lot area and will be 43-feet by 43-feet.

A man in Clearlake’s been arrested in connection to a fire he started near another huge wildfire that’s burned 5,000 acres. The Lake County Sheriff’s office reports getting a call to the area of Jerusalem Grade in the Hidden Valley area for a reported wildfire where witnesses say they saw a homeowner setting a backfire on his property. Deputies saw a big pot garden there and talked with several witnesses who told deputies the property owner, Juan Ramos Silva started the fire which the man admitted so he could prevent the Jerusalem Fire from reaching his home. He was trying to protect his pot plants and tried to do his own “controlled burn”. He’s charged with causing a fire to a structure and/or a forest and was booked into jail.

Anderson Marsh State Historic Park is closed until further notice due to the Rocky Fire. Please do not visit the park while it is closed during this emergency. Information will be placed on this site when the park reopens. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Fire crews in Seattle say they’ve rescued a woman stuck inside a charity donation box. Fire crews got a call early this morning to Georgetown where they say a woman somehow got trapped inside the 4-foot by 6-foot donation box. Woman says she crawled in it to get clothes, but then her leg got stuck in an anti-theft mechanism when she tried to climb out. A Technical Rescue Team had to use heavy tools to pry the mechanism open. She did not need medical treatment after that. No word if charges are pending against her.


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