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A man from Clearlake’s been arrested for possession of methamphetamine. Police say they Rafael Garcia Jr. has been booked into the Lake County Jail on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant and a felony charge of possession of controlled substances for sale. Police say they stopped the guy on a routine traffic violation and found Garcia had an outstanding warrant for traffic violations and while arresting him, saw what looked to be drugs in his car, next to where he was sitting. He also had a bunch of cash. His bail was set at $25,000, but he was released after posting.

A man busted in Clearlake in a stolen car with stolen checkbooks and ID cards. Police say the caught Zachary Stovall for violating probation during a routine traffic stop. The guy in an unreported stolen car from Sonoma County. Police say Stovall found to be on probation for weapons violations in Lake County and was arrested then later they found several items also stolen including coins, checkbooks and various forms of id’s. Cops say they reached out to some of the folks who had no idea their identity had been stolen and were grateful of the finds.

Umpqua Bank has started Disaster Relief Lending for those in communities affected by natural disasters including wildfires, earthquakes and floods. They’re already helping people affected by wildfires with rapid access personal loans of up to $2,500 at a reduced interest rate. Those within 25 miles of an Umpqua Bank hit with a natural disaster and who were under a level three or higher mandatory evacuation are eligible. Loan approvals have to meet the bank’s minimum credit requirements.

The cause of one of the two fires that became known as the Rocky Fire, a gas water heater in an outbuilding with flammable liquids that failed. Cal Fire reports that ignited and caught nearby brush on fire which quickly spread. The cause figured out but the circumstances of how exactly it happened is still a mystery. The main fire started July 29th off of Morgan Valley Road west of Lower Lake, burning almost 70,000 acres over 2.5 weeks time. 43 homes and 53 outbuildings destroyed and more than 13,000 residents had to be evacuated at one point with 7,500 homes threatened. The fire was fully contained last Friday.

The Jerusalem Fire started 2 Sundays ago in the Jerusalem Fire, south of the Rocky Fire. It burned very close to the Rocky Fire, but it’s considered unrelated and is still under investigation.

A man in Clearlake Oaks recovering from a reported stabbing. The Sheriff’s dept. reports getting a call about the attack, finding a man with multiple puncture wounds. He says he knew he was stabbed, but not by who or why. He says he was standing in front of his house when it happened, after noticing a couple of men walking towards him. He describes the attackers as one Hispanic man about 30 years old and a black man, also about 30 years old, bald with a goatee. The suspects still on the run, but deputies gathered evidence at the scene, noting there were several dozen marijuana plants growing in the backyard.

A man from Graton has been arrested for pointing a gun at hid wife’s head during an argument. The Sheriff’s office reports a woman calling 911 saying she was held at gunpoint by Jose Manuel Gonzalez Monday night. She reported they had an argument and he grabbed her in a headlock, took a handgun from a kitchen cabinet and pointed it at her head, threatening to kill her. Deputies found he had a safe and inside there was high-capacity ammo magazines and about 10 longer guns and handguns. The man arrested on suspicion of two felonies: assault with a deadly weapon and making threats.

Central part of the state is sinking fast because of the mass amount of groundwater being pumped during the drought. This from a NASA report out Wednesday. Research shows in some places in the Central Valley, the ground is sinking nearly two inches a month. This has been ongoing for years in the state because of the drought, but now it’s happening at a faster pace. The head of the California Department of Water Resources says there’s expensive damage to major canals delivering water up and down the state.

School Way at the Russian River Bridge is closing in Redwood Valley for a couple of weeks for a seismic retrofit. The bridge will close down two weeks sometime between Sept. 21st and Oct. 15th for the work. The Mendocino County Department of Transportation also announced other bridge rehab or repair projects too. Two other bridges, Moore Street over the West Fork of the Russian River and Eureka Hill Road Bridge over the Garcia River are also going to get Seismic Retrofits but maybe not until next year.

A man accused of robbing a bank in Ukiah has been arrested. Police say the robbery at the Savings Bank of Mendocino reported yesterday morning, then just hours later, the culprit found hiding in a creek bed with some cash. They say the man didn’t show or say he had a weapon, but threatened some sort of force. Surveillance video caught the guy who was recognized as a local transient named Clarence Christmas. Cops received a tip where he was after circulating his picture. He was found in the creek near Talmage Road. Cops say he had items on him related to the robbery. He’s booked on suspicion of robbery and burglary.

A modified urgency ordinance has been agreed to for the Starview Water System. Because there’s less water being used, customers get an extra 100 cubic feet per month being charged for it. The surcharges are based on how much water is used every month. Customers are being charged $10.47 per cubic foot of water if using more than 1,000 cubic feet or about 250 gallons a day. If they use more than 1,200 cubic feet each month, customers will see a surcharge of $350.

No decision yet on a proposed rezoning of the Lover’s Lane property owned by the Pinoleville Pomo Nation. The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors apparently didn’t have enough info for the land trust application to move forward. The board unanimously continued the decision until October. They need to hear if the Millview County Water District can provide the water hookups for the site because of a moratorium.

An official outside of Detroit says he wants to ban personal flamethrowers, sold online by two Midwest companies, in his city. The companies, located in Detroit and Cleveland say the throwers are used for recreation or to control weeds and insect hives, clear snow and ice, clear brush and start a bonfire. But the Mayor of Warren says they’re “pretty specious” and “silly” so he wants them banned, and wants to create a city ordinance to do so.

A man in New Jersey who has no use of his arms because of a spinal condition had a gun possession charge dropped. Prosecutors dismissing charges against Marcus Hubbard who was charged with three other men who ran a red light in Trenton with a stolen handgun in a seatback pocket. All four charged after none of them took responsibility for the gun. Hubbard stayed in jail 4 months on the charge.

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