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A fire is partially contained that broke out over the weekend near Kelseyville. Cal Fire reports the 215-acre Peterson fire is 30 percent contained after first being reported Saturday, late afternoon near Highland Springs between Kelseyville and Lakeport. There were threatened structures, but none burned. There were firefighters in the air and on the ground fighting the fire reported in rough, rocky terrain that has heavy brush and steep, difficult access. Cal Fire has not given a date that they expect the fire to be totally surrounded.

The Jerusalem Fire is not quite contained yet. Cal Fire has changed the date from last Friday to today. So far it’s burned just over 25,100 acres and is 98% contained. The fire started Aug. 9th northeast of Middletown. It’s destroyed six homes and 21 outbuildings. On Friday the rest of the fire command left the fairgrounds. They had been parked there for several weeks as incident command for both the Rocky and Jerusalem fires.

A man from Ukiah had to be Tased by police after he got physical with them during an arrest. Ukiah Police say they got a call last Monday to a report a teenager from Willits was having an angry fit inside a home in Willits. When police arrived they say they found 18 year old Ryan Mice Kepler who would not stop and ignored them. Officers say they tried to physically stop him, he acted violently and fought with them, both punching and kicking them. They used a Taser on the guy, arrested him on suspicion of assaulting a peace officer and resisting arrest.

A man from Ukiah in trouble with police for head butting an officer. Police say they got a call to the Thrift Store in the 400 block of Leslie Street for a man yelling at store employees. Police say when they got there they saw a man they knew, but the pickup truck he was in was reported stolen. Corey Heine arrested on suspicion of vehicle theft, but police say while he was being taken into a patrol vehicle he rammed it with his head, denting it. He was arrested 2 weeks ago for climbing in the attic above Safeway.

Students headed back to Calpella Elementary School may have to sidestep a construction project. The Calpella Elementary School Bike and Pedestrian state Safe Routes to School Project isn’t finished quite yet after being approved by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors in February. The project paid largely thru a nearly $838,000 grant from the Dept. of Transportation. The project features pedestrian and bicycle facilities and street improvements for Moore Street at North State Street in Calpella. It started in June, but there were some utility conflicts and county culverts that needed to be replaced. It should now be done mid-September.

It’s final, no court date for a Lake County Board Supervisor; who’s also a process server. The lawsuit filed against Rob Brown by Robert and Jan Sanders of Clearlake has been dismissed. Brown’s wife and their bail bonds company were also part of the suit the Sanders’s filed after their son Christopher was arrested for molesting his stepdaughter. He got 41 years in prison but the couple apparently didn’t pay Brown’s bail bonds company back and refused. When Brown went to serve notice there was an altercation, then they sued Brown.

The cockroach problem at Ukiah High continues, but it’s not as bad as rumors suggest. The Daily Journal reports the Ukiah Unified School District says the rumors that the infestation is worse is not true. The school superintendent says they’ve been aggressively addressing the infestation with weekly treatments. Some posting on the school’s Facebook page that they saw bugs at orientation. The school district’s director of maintenance says the treatment they’re using is food-grade safe. Treatments continue even though classes resume today.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors takes up the proposed Dollar General store in Kelseyville. At the board’s meeting tomorrow, supervisors will consider the appeal of the Planning Commission’s denial of the major use permit filed by Cross Development, for a new Dollar General store in town. There’ve been opponents to the proposed plan due to car and pedestrian traffic because of how close it is to Kelseyville High School. The planning commission says the retailer’s design doesn’t match the character of downtown Kelseyville.

A woman in Florida busted by her employer for lying she was kidnapped so she wouldn’t have to go back to her job as a night shift nursing assistant. Panama City Police say they spent several hours searching for the woman, Apparently a concerned co-worker noticed the woman didn’t come back from a break and called to see if she needed a ride. She told her co-worker she was held against her will by her boyfriend but she was found and said she made the whole thing up.

Police in the Indian city of Rajura have cited a parrot for allegedly cursing at an 85-year-old woman. The parrot, "Hariyal" had been trained for two years how to cuss so he could harass his owner’s step mom. The woman reported the bird three times in 2 years. The woman claims her stepson purposely trained it to harass her due to a family dispute.


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