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Two small earthquakes rattled a rural area of Mendocino County between Fort Bragg and Ukiah over the weekend.. Early Saturday morning the first quake, a magnitude-3.6, struck. According to the U.S. Geological Survey it was centered 11 miles northeast of Fort Bragg. The second quake, a magnitude-3.0, followed just a half-minute later in the same area. There was no major damage reported. =================
A fire relief fund set up by North Coast Opportunities and Mendo Lake Credit Union for those impacted by the Rocky and Jerusalem fires this summer will begin reviewing applications this week. Anyone impacted by the fires is encouraged to fill out the short application for funding. The money is meant to help with expenses like smoke damage, loss of personal property, and other expenditures incurred during or after the fire. More than $30,000 has been raised, and money is still being accepted with several fundraisers being planned by various individuals and organizations. ============
A Mendocino County restaurant will be given away to the most loquacious bidder. The owner and chef of Mendo Bistro Nicholas Petti plans to give his restaurant away to the best entrant of an essay contest. Those interested must pay a $100 entry fee and explain why they should be given the 16 year old restaurant and Barbelow, the bar located downstairs from the restaurant. The offer does not include the building itself, which is leased. Petti says he wanted to leave the business in a fun way. Now there is a catch. At least 7,500 people must apply for one to win. That would earn Petti at least $750,000, or if not enough people apply entry fees will be returned. =============
Two Capella residents have been arrested in connection with a July burglary in Covelo, according to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. 28 year old Sherrie Petty, and 24 year old Steven Lawson were arrested on suspicion of burglarizing the home on July 26th. Deputies say they have returned some of the items stolen to the victims. More suspects are still being sought in connection to that burglary. =============
The Lakeport Police Department is looking for a woman they say stole a wallet from another woman’s shopping cart, then fraudulently used the credit card at a business in Clearlake. Sgt. Gary Basor says they have surveillance footage of the woman and are hoping the public can help identify who it is ==================
Some Tesla drivers are hoping Ukiah will add super chargers that “fill up” a Tesla in just 45 minutes. Tesla Owner Michael gross says where stations are determines where he stops for lunch, or for the night, and while he would love to stop in Ukiah on drives from Palo Alto to Arcata instead he takes a detour 45 minutes out of the way. City staff told the Ukiah City Council last month, Tesla Motors is interested in installing, at its expense, eight superchargers in the parking lot across from the Alex R. Thomas Jr. Plaza. The company says Ukiah is a natural stopping point for drivers heading north. The council is negotiating with Tesla. ==================
The Lake County Fair Board has named local retired deputy chief of the Lakeport Fire Protection District, Grant Lindeblad, as the grand marshal of the 2015 Lake County Fair parade. The fair parade is the kickoff event for the annual Lake County Fair. Grant Lindeblad and family will lead the parade, which this year will begin at 5:30 p.m. this Thursday, Sept. 3. ===================
Ever wanted to fly in a B-17 Flying fortress? Well you’ll have a chance next month. World War 2 veterans will get a complementary flight, and grade school kids can get a free tour of the plane. Anyone else who wants a flight will have to spend a little bit of money. Flights start at just over $400. =========
A Lake Elsinore, California, man is recovering from a snake bite on his hand after a selfie gone wrong. 36 year old Alex Gomez, 36, found a 4-foot rattlesnake in a lot near his home and decided to pick it up and take photos with it. He did get a picture with the rattle snake around his neck, but when he tried to adjust it for a different pose it bit him on the thumb. Gomez was rushed to the hospital for an anti venom treatment. The total bill for that selfie? $153,000 in medical bills. Gomez says he’s learned his lesson.

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