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Cooler temperatures help firefighters at the newest fire in Lake County, the Elk Fire. The fire in Upper Lake has burned 670-acres and was last measured at 30 percent containment. There had been mandatory evacuations in place for a short time in a rural area with ranches north of town, but the flames moved out so folks were allowed to return. Fire officials say the most active part of the fire burned out to an area with no structures threatened. It’s the fifth major wildfire in Lake County this summer. They’ve burned 150 square miles and destroyed more than 70 homes. The Elk Fire has had little growth since it first started Wednesday afternoon along Highway 20 on the north shore of Clear Lake.

Major communication outages across Mendocino County on all devices. The Sheriff’s Dept. reports it started about 10 a.m. yesterday. Cell phones, Internet and landlines were out. 911 hard wired phones so folks could get thru if they needed. It occurred after a fiber break 4 miles south of Ukiah. Crews predicted all lines should be back up by this morning. But there wasn’t a lot of info on the outages. Lake County was also affected. The Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman on KWINE saying all emergency calls were rerouted to CalFire’s Howard Forest station in Willits. He also says they handed out several satellite phones thru the county for emergency personnel to use.

The Lakeport City Council voting for another continuance regarding that Monopine cell tower Verizon wants to put up. The continuance for 90 days. The Planning Commission first approved the Verizon Wireless application in May for the 72-foot tall cell tower. The city’s in need of a tower because there’s a black hole in coverage for nearly 4 square miles. A lawyer working on behalf of Verizon says the one tower up now is being overtaxed and could hit capacity soon. An appeal’s been filed due to the proposed Monopine’s location. This is not the first continuance on a final vote. The city council agreeing to the 90-day extension while seeking out alternate locations.

The Hidden Valley Lake Association has complaints against it by its union golf course workers. The complaint, 22 pages long calling for a hearing. The paperwork filed by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) which is a neutral party that deals with union/employer disputes, shows 20 claims by the union saying the associations been engaging in unfair labor practices. Threats, harassment, intimidation, discrimination and retaliation are just a few of the claims by union workers. A hearing had been set for June but a settlement agreement was signed.

Two weeks after a right-to-die bill was considered in a special legislative session on health care funding, the measure gets bipartisan support easily clearing an Assembly committee. The California Medical Association’s opposed to an amendment by the lower house’s Committee on Public Health and Developmental Services, but the bill moved forward without a lot of fuss. There were also some yes votes from Republicans for the first time.

General deer hunting season starting across California. There’s already archery hunting happening. There are still some deer tags available for those who want to hit some of the most popular areas. Hunting licenses and tags are available for purchased online at any California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) license sales offices or through license sales agents.

A man is going to prison in Michigan for trying to sell a bunch of dirty socks. Police say Michael Suarez was trying to sell some marijuana but when he showed up at a home he had a backpack stuffed with dirty socks, not pot. Police say he swiped a purse from the home with $2,800 in it. He’s not eligible for parole for a year, but was sentenced to 7 ½ years.


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