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A petition to qualify for an ordinance against hack-and-squirt processes by timber companies. A group of mostly coastal firefighters gathering signatures for the June 2016 primary ballot. Opponents of the process call it "intentional poisoning of trees”. If passed it would immediately declare certain dead trees a public nuisance. The trees intentionally killed and left standing more than 90 days, are more than 16 feet tall, within at least 3,200 feet of critical infrastructures like roads, driveways, fire lanes, significant water sources and telecommunication structures. Any company or group involved in the hack-and-squirt activities, would be liable for damages.

The Valley Fire now at 70.000 acres and is 30% contained. After 100’s more firefighters went to the fire along with dozens more engines and other equipment. More than a thousand firefighters have come to help since Monday. There are inmate hand crews helping cut brush and building fire lines. At last count there were nearly 2,400 firefighters on the scene. The forecast calling for some rain, but also more wind overnight. So far 585 homes are known to be burned and possibly more. Damage assessment crews continue looking thru burned areas. Officials say they expect it to hit 1,000 or more. As many as 9,000 homes are threatened and 19,000 residents have been evacuated.

A man from Lakeport has been arrested for attempted looting of evacuated homes. The Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. reports seeing a parked car in Kelseyville near a section of Highway 29 which had been closed to traffic because of the Valley Fire. Deputies say they saw a man and woman in the car in front of a road barricade and it looked like there was items in the car being hidden by the man. There was gloves, a black bandana and a backpack with Royce Moore. There were warrants out for his arrest so he was immediately detained. There were burglary tools in the backpack and a fake gun. He was arrested for possession of burglary tools, two warrants and possession of controlled substance paraphernalia.

Just over a quarter century since its first run, the Napa Valley Wine Train has been sold. The company made the announcement yesterday. It comes a month after controversy surrounding a group of nearly all black women on the train for their book group were tossed from the train. The train purchased by a partnership of a Washington state hotel group and a California real estate company.

The Valley Fire’s spread into Sonoma County near the Geysers power plant. Cal Fire reports the fire had quieted some in that area though so crews cut a line next to it. Fire crews stayed close by yesterday protecting The Geysers geothermal facilities. The fire moving to the southeast, further into Napa County yesterday afternoon. It blackened a few hundred more acres, burning south of Butts Canyon. Lake County Sheriff’s Dept says they think the one woman found dead in Anderson Springs won’t be the last fatality because of how fast the fire was moving. There are several reports of missing people and cadaver dogs are being brought in for searches. Law enforcement out in Hidden Valley Lake and Middletown after reports of looting. 2 people have been arrested, one found with burned-out safes in their car.

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors says as many as 15 county employees may have lost their homes. 49 full-time and nine part-timers have homes in the fire zone and at least 3 dozen of them have been evacuated and three have definitely lost their homes. Another employee’s home has been seriously damaged.

Hotel owners say rumors they’ve overcharging those leaving their homes due to the Valley Fire are not true. The manager of the Lake Point Lodge in Clearlake Oaks says a front desk clerk made an error to raise rates, because of demand. Eight guests charged $249 for rooms that in low season start at $100 less. An apology and explanation was posted on the hotel’s Facebook page. But there were more than 500 comments on the page, some urging a boycott. The Discovery Inn also got the same treatment. The state board of equalization is investigating some hotels after hearing complaints. The Lake County Sheriff also says he’s investigating reports of price gouging.

Post fire looting is a thing and many law enforcement officers have been on patrol in Hidden Valley Lake and Middletown. In one case, suspected looters found Monday with burned-out safes and the Lake County Sheriff says more have been arrested on suspicion of looting too. Deputies are patrolling the fire areas saying Middletown and Hidden Valley Lake were the most vulnerable because homes were still standing after residents remained evacuated.

At least a dozen families went to the Bu-Shay Campground near Lake Mendocino after being evacuated from the Valley Fire area. The campground said they were expecting more people to come in because Lake County shelters were quickly filling up with evacuation orders still in effect. The campground is currently only open to evacuees. Two locals are staying at the campground to make sure there’s a volunteer on site all hours. Volunteers at the campground say they still need food, gas and lighting for the evacuees.

Updated school closure info. The Lake County office of education reports due to changing fire conditions some schools are staying closed this week and others open today. Lakeport Unified, Upper Lake Union High, Upper Lake Union Elementary, and Lucerne Elementary School Districts will be back at school today. Those staying closed include the Kelseyville Unified and Konocti Unified School Districts. They reopen Monday.

There had been an advisory that State Highway 29 would re-open to traffic between Kelseyville and the intersection of Highway 53 in Lower Lake. Now the Sheriff’s Dept, says fire activity in the area is too dangerous so it’s staying closed. State Highway 29 south of Highway 53 is still closed to all non-emergency traffic. Many roads into the area, so – called feeder roads are closed to all traffic except residents and employees of businesses in unaffected areas. Those include:

State Highway 175
Bottle Rock Road
Siegler Canyon Road
Diener Drive
Red Hills Road

Escorts again into evacuation areas to take care of livestock and pets, This morning at 8:30, Sheriff’s Deputies are escorting residents to their homes. You must provide proof you live in the evacuation area. Escorts start at 8:30 am and end at 5:00 pm. Those who need to go to Lower Lake, Hidden Valley Lake and Middletown meet in the main parking lot of the Lower Lake High School. No escorts to Loch Lomond, Cobb or Anderson Springs because of continuing firefighting.

A library at the center of the Valley Fire still standing, but staying closed until further notice, the Lake County librarian announcing the Middletown Library is waiving all fines and fees. Other branches, in Lakeport, Clearlake and Upper Lake are open. Anyone affected by the fire can come to those libraries to use computers to check email and communicate with family. There is free WiFi, and power outlets to charge devices.

The fire has scorched 100 square miles or so, that’s larger than the cities of San Francisco and Oakland combined. 4 firefighters have been injured 585 homes burned and 9,000 threatened. More than 19,000 people have been evacuation centers and flooded centers, including Kelseyville High School, Napa County Fairgrounds, Highland Senior Center and Big Valley Rancheria Gymnasium.

Cal Fire says they may have found the origin of the Valley Fire, a shed in Cobb. Investigators spent yesterday looking at the shed on Higher Valley Road in the town of about 18,000 people. The shed is across the road from where the first call came in to report the fire. The Valley Fire has charred 70,000 acres and has been burning since Saturday.

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