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A Middletown man has reportedly been found shot to death on a Marin County hiking trail and the Marin County Sheriff’s Office says he was holding onto the leash of his dog which was also shot but survived. The Press Democrat reports that a hiker found the body of Steve Carter around 6 p.m. Monday along a trail about 20 miles north of San Francisco. A Sheriff’s Office spokesman says they think Carter drove to the trail in his car but the car is missing and believed to have been stolen by the killer. The Sheriff’s Office says anyone who spots the car – a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta station wagon – should consider whoever is in it to be armed and dangerous.

Hundreds of dead fish have washed up in Baylis Cove. It’s the second major fish die off in Clear Lake within a week. A resident reported the die off near near Jago Bay between Clearlake Riviera and Anderson Marsh. The resident said they saw bass, catfish, crappie, bluegill and bait fish washed up. The last die off last week off Clearlake Park, about 2 miles across open water from Baylis Cove.

FEMA says more than the anticipated 2,000 people and businesses have registered for federal disaster aid. FEMA staff in Lake County counting up the number who’ve registered hitting about 2,300, but they say there could be more. Funds go to those who need repairs or to replace items beyond repair, replace a home destroyed by fire, pay for temporary housing and — through the SBA — cover lost personal property. The SBA loans are low interest. FEMA has sent out 20 inspectors to Lake County to speed the process, they’ve so far gone thru well over 500.

There’s less than a week left for the Gov. Jerry Brown to act on multiple bills. The Gov. is believed to be signing measures to fight climate change and to regulate the state’s medical marijuana industry. He hasn’t said much about other bills coming his way. He signed many other bills last weekend including the right to die bill, one requiring police to collect data about race and other information on civilian stops and outlawing the sale of ivory elephant tusks and rhinoceros horns. 400 other bills are awaiting the Governor’s signature or to be sent back for more work.

Millions of dollars of assistance requested by the director of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services from the federal government. The money to go to debris cleanup for the Valley and Butte fires. The director sent a letter to the FEMA office of Response and Recovery to move things quicker for Lake and Calaveras counties. The letter said it was important to the county’s economies that the debris removal happen faster so folks can rebuild. Both counties saying the amount of debris is beyond their capabilities to manage and remove. A preliminary damage assessment from the Butte and Valley Fires said to be in the neighborhood of 98 million dollars.

Part of Highway 20 near Willits had to be closed for a time after a truck hauling lumber flipped. The California Highway Patrol reports the driver pulling trailers loaded with lumber west on Hwy. 20 when he couldn’t get around a left hand turn yesterday morning. The rig overturned, spilling lumber onto the highway, then hitting the guardrail. The driver had only minor injuries.

Helicopters may still fly over the burned out land of the Valley Fire as part of the mop-up operation. Firefighters are still improving existing lines and mopping up hot spots and working on landscape rehabilitation. Damage Inspection Teams have done their first and second round of assessments of structures destroyed by the Valley Fire. 1958 structures destroyed including; 1280 homes. 93 structures were damaged including 41 homes. The Valley Fire is finally 100% contained, burning nearly 71,000 acres.

The teen in Laytonville who killed family members he had been living with got 71 years in prison. Talen Barton sentenced yesterday after pleaded guilty to the murder of his friend and his friend’s dad. He’d been living with the family almost 2 years. He’s expected to go to San Quentin. The 19 year old sentenced for the stabbing death of 17 year old Teo Palmieri and his father, Coleman on July 19th. Teo’s mom, Cindy Norvell a well-known area doctor was injured along with her brother who was visiting from Canada. Barton might be considered for parole around his 90th birthday. Apparently he wrote a letter to a friend from jail saying he hated Teo Palmieri, who used to be his best friend.

There will be 3 people to choose from for one seat on the Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District’s board of directors. The three, incumbent Al White, and his challengers Phil Baldwin and Tyler Rodrigue. Another board member apparently missing half of the scheduled meetings due to problems with a fellow board member. But she says she had no plans to leave her position.

A student at the University of Connecticut got into a bit of trouble after a confrontation with a campus food court manager. The manager wouldn’t let 19 year old freshman Luke Gatti buy macaroni and cheese with bacon and jalapeno peppers and Luke got a tad heated. Police say he shoved the manager at the student union in Storrs. The manager refusing service because of an open alcohol container. Gatti’s charged with breach of peace and criminal trespass.


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