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Westamerica Bank says its donating the Upper Lake branch to Hospice Services of Lake County. Today’s the last day for the branch due to low usage so loans and other services will move to the Lakeport Branch. The executive director of Hospice Services confirms the donation to Lake Co News saying Westamerica has been Hospice Services’ bank for many years and was likely a contributing factor as to why they were chosen. The building’s furniture, chairs and some other items are also being donated to Hospice Services, which will either be used to furnish the building or will be taken to the organization’s thrift shops.

Police in Fort Bragg looking for a gang member they say was involved with several others in a fight at Safeway last month. Police say Mario Sanchez, Alex Sanchez and four juvenile members of the Sureno (Sur-AYN-yo) Street Gang assaulted two men who lost consciousness. Fort Bragg Police and Mendocino County Deputies and the County’s Multi-Agency Gang Suppression Unit served several warrants on one of the six suspects. Five then were arrested including Alex Sanchez. Mario Sanchez is still on the run. Police say he may be armed and dangerous.

A man in Fort Bragg’s been arrested after police say he pulled a knife on police officers arresting him for pulling the knife on someone else. Fort Bragg Police called out Tuesday morning and met with the victim on the Noyo Bridge who told them he had been threatened by Shon Foote. When Officers found Foote to bring him in, they say he took the knife out of his pants and held it in a threatening way toward the cops. They tased him, and after a struggle to subdue him, took him to the hospital and then to jail where he faces charges including battery of a peace officer.

A man on Highway 1 working on a construction project near Fort Bragg has been injured after being pinned between a concrete barrier and a dump truck. The CHP reports the driver of the truck, Andrew Sabini of Lakeport was dumping dirt onto the construction zone south of Seaside Beach and hit uneven terrain causing the trailer to shift, pinning another man Michael Martinez against the barrier. He went to the hospital. CHP says neither drugs or alcohol were a factor in the accident.

Most people in Willits are using less water as part of the mandate by the Governor. Governor Brown urging residents to cut back on residential water use by 25 percent. The state Water Resources Board has found a wide disparity between daily water use per capita around the state. In Willits though the baseline use was just over 68 gallons per day.

Northern California law enforcement asking the public to help find a missing 14-year-old girl who left home last month. Dusty Bateman left home in Fort Jones Sept. 11th and was seen that day in Weed. She’s considered at risk. Police in Etna, the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office, the Weed Police Department and the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department are working together to find the girl. Cops say she has connections to Trinity County, in Hayfork, the Oroville area in Butte County and Sacramento County.

Restaurant owners and managers are reporting back after an urgency ordinance in Fort Bragg due to the drought. The city council reversed their position Tuesday night for the use of disposable tableware at all the restaurants in the city. Now they’re just encouraging that. Several people spoke out on that plan at the city council meeting Tuesday, some saying they had success with compostable tableware, others, not so much.

The proposed expansion of Walmart in Clearlake the topic of an open house by the city council. Last week community members had a chance for Q&A on the project regarding the draft environmental impact report which is being prepared. Walmart representatives and construction professionals were there answering questions and detailing the project which is about 40,000-square-feet more added on to the already 105,000 square foot store. The draft report will be open for public review after its done in 3 to 6 months.

A meeting set after several residents complained about trees being pulled in the Valley fire area. State and local agencies will be there to talk explain the tree cutting and also talk reforestation. Agencies working on fire recovery and tree removal to be at the meeting Monday. The work to remove burned, dead or dying trees. Some community members said healthy trees were also being taken out that didn’t seem to be in the right of way. The County Supervisor Rob Brown organized the meeting for Monday night at Cobb Mountain Elementary School at 6. He says he’s followed up on some reports finding some accurate and some trees were clearly burned and needed to be felled.

Fire crews still patrolling the Valley fire area to make sure it’s totally out. The fire’s been fully contained for about 10 days or so after burning nearly 77-thousand acres since Sept. 12th. There were reports earlier in the week of a flare up in Napa County and a hot spot in the Anderson Springs area. The patrols to continue for a few more weeks.

Police in Arizona say an officer had to shoot a cow loose on a freeway near Phoenix because it was stopping traffic. A Department of Public Safety spokesman says they had several calls Wednesday night about the animal running around U.S. 60 and Interstate 10 after it got out of a cattle truck with a flat tire. A trooper shot it after it headed to the interstate even though they tried to stop it. The cow was later euthanized.

Hundreds of bees somehow got onto an American Airlines flight in Dallas, headed to Germany. The insects hitched a ride from Las Vegas. An American spokesperson says a beekeeper and the airline team were able to take care of the situation with no one getting stung. A beekeeper removed a queen and the swarm but the queen’s scent hung on and more bees headed back which also had to be removed.


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