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A man in Covelo (Koh-Vehl-oh)’s been arrested after a report of shots fired in a preschool parking lot. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports getting the call to the 76000 block of High School Street where it was reported a man was holding a shotgun and had shot twice at a dog that he says killed his chickens. Gabriel Alejandro Ferreira is accused of the shooting, no kids were on school property at the time and there was no damage to the school. Ferreira was arrested for reckless discharge of a firearm and possession of a firearm on school grounds and held on $100,000 bail.

A man and woman from Willits arrested after reports of a brawl. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports they found there was an alcohol-fueled fight between two adult sisters which led to multiple family members and friends getting involved too. Deputies say there was a man bleeding from the head when they arrived. They say he’d been hit in the head with a baseball bat or similar object. A woman sitting near the man had a laceration to her head, from a blunt object. Another woman was found at a home nearby complaining she was hit in the head multiple times too. Police say Jose Barriga-Padilla caused the injuries on all three victims. Talisha Barriga was also arrested for the physical assault of one of the victims.

A car crash that took out some power in Kelseyville is believed to have been caused by a woman who police say fell asleep at the wheel. The woman hit a utility pole around 8am yesterday morning after dropping her kids off at school. The Daily Journal reports the pole came down across both lanes of Konocti Rd, just west of Cole Creek, closing the road for much of the day and taking out the power for more than an hour. The woman has minor injuries; a 10-month-old baby in a car seat was not hurt. Police say neither drugs nor alcohol were involved.

A public meeting on the status of trees being removed after the Valley Fire gave some answers to concerned residents. District 5 Supervisor Rob Brown had the meeting Monday night at Cobb Elementary School. The Record Bee reports there were representatives from CalFire, CalTrans, AT&T, PG&E, the Department of Public Works and the University of California Lake/Mendocino County Cooperative Extension there discussing how they were involved in tree removal. They talked about plans to distribute about half-a-million seedlings to nurseries for cultivation and urged as you clean up your property, leave as much dirt and soil in place as possible and you can leave some branches, sticks, and logs to help minimize erosion.

With the rainy season coming on and winter weather around the corner, Fort Bragg Police are reminding you about driving in the rain. Many roads are at their most slippery when it first begins to rain, as oil and dust which has accumulated on the road has not yet washed away. Police ask that at the first signs of rain, you should slow down, and when you turn on your windshield wipers you should also turn on your headlights.

A fire quickly put out in Napa County, in the wilderness north of Lake Berryessa. Cal Fire reports the fire scorched about 2 acres in a very remote area. Cal Fire dropped firefighters off by helicopter to put it out. No structures were threatened and the fire was away from communities. It was reported at 6:15 a.m. north of Berryessa Peak and the lake. Cooler temperatures and higher humidity helped with fire fighting. The fire’s cause was under investigation.

Several people from Cobb and outside the community were all at the Village Pub to raise money for the owners of another local hangout who lost their home in the Valley Fire. Mutt & Jess owners Merrilee and Jesse Cahill were not insured. The fundraiser had a $20 donation, a silent auction, live music and booze flowing. The Village Pub owner Barbara Flynn organized the affair. Flynn says all businesses work to prop the other up. The better establishments do, the more the entire community thrives.

Two of the looting cases during the Valley fire have been resolved. One of the many cases of looting dismissed and another is set for preliminary hearing later this year. The Mendocino County DA says one other case was dismissed. That one involving Steven Worley of Whispering Pines who police chased for a time. He had stolen items in his car when he was stopped. But the DA closed the case saying Worley had permission to possess the safe, which belonged to one of his friends. Another case with a man from Cobb, Jeremiah McGinnis, pleaded to two charges of burglary which included stealing and repainting an SUV.

The Ukiah City Council is considering approving the installation of two new wells. The Daily Journal reports the Public Works Director will ask the council to approve building one new well and to replace another. The cost for both, just over 1 point 1 million dollars. The city hired a contractor to check out the two wells and design new ones if need be. Staff says the city got a grant that would cover the wells but it was allocated elsewhere. They say the grant might cover everything, something to be considered at their meeting tonight.

Police in Santa Barbara hauled a man in for crashing a wedding, biting a cop and a police dog. Police get a call last Saturday where it’s reported a stranger appeared at the wedding, possibly high on drugs. Guests tried to toss him, but during a confrontation with two cops, he punched one, bit him, then bit a police dog on the leg. The confused dog then bit an officer. The man was arrested and the two officers were treated for various injuries.

Police in NYC on the lookout for a man a bus driver says threw urine in his face. Police say the man got on the bus in the Bronx with a 5-year-old boy and argued with the driver as it pulled into a station, then threw a vial of urine on him. Police say he then took off with the boy. The driver had irritation on his face and eyes and was taken to a hospital.

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