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Bail’s set at $450,000 for an 18-year-old man arrested late last week for allegedly stabbing a woman in Ukiah. Police in Ukiah say Michael Gerry Daniels James of Ukiah was arrested at his home Thursday. The Daily Journal report the victim saying she was walking with friends in Ukiah last Tuesday when she was suddenly stabbed multiple times. She was taken to a hospital in serious condition. She told police she didn’t know the area, she’s from Willits, but police say she was attacked in the 500 block of South School Street. Investigators say the victim and suspect had a “prior dating relationship.”

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is set to talk about the continuation of a local health emergency due to the Valley fire. The agenda for their meeting today includes a presentation from the Lake County Health Officer requesting another continuation of the local health emergency initiated Sept. 22nd. It has to be revisited for extension every two weeks. Lake County News reports the agenda also includes an update from a Mendocino National Forest Ranger on the Upper Lake District.

A man in Lakeport arrested after a police officer who knew he was not allowed to be driving saw him… driving. Police arrest Jose Aguilar who had a suspended driver’s license and was on active California Department of Corrections Parole. The Officer who tried stopping him says Aguilar took off in a Nissan Pathfinder. So the officer chased him with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office responding too. Aguilar was driving erratically, blowing thru stop signs, driving on the wrong side of the road and faster than 60 M.P.H on Main Street. He ended up in Kelseyville where, hitting a couple of steel poles by Kelseyville High, but he kept going. Aguilar eventually arrested for Felony Evading Police with disregard for public safety, a Parole Violation, Hit and Run and driving on a suspended license recklessly.

The co-founder of Napster and billionaire, Sean Parker is getting behind legalizing marijuana in a big way. Sean Parker is one of four people working to legalize the drug in California. The Associated Press reports Parker started the work on the Adult Use of Marijuana Act which was submitted Monday. The proposed initiative is one of many filed with the attorney general’s office for the November 2016 election.

Possible solution for the homeless community… tiny homes. The Clearlake City Council had a presentation last week for a local development of tiny homes which are apparently a hot trend in transitional housing for the homeless. A Tiny Home Village is also being utilized as a solution to affordable housing. The proposal for a self-managed, self-governed community with shelter and resources for a better standard of living like employment, educational and health assistance.

The newest police officer in Lakeport is meeting the City Council. The council meeting in closed session tonight at 5:30, then the regular session starts right after in City Hall. The Lakeport Police Chief is introducing the newest officer, Jason Fisher. The council will also hear the winners of the 2015 Halloween Coloring Contest.

A retired doctor and former board member of the California Medical Association says he’s leading a well-funded statewide effort to legalize recreational marijuana. Donald Lyman, of Sacramento, is the main backer of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act which was introduced by Napster co-founder and former Facebook president Sean Parker. The proposed initiative, is said to be the one of many, that will most likely qualify and withstand any opposition because of the financial backers deep pockets. If legalized under this proposition, adults 21 years and older could possess, use and share up to an ounce of marijuana, plus there would be a 15 percent excise tax on all retail sales, though localities could still ban marijuana sales in their jurisdictions.

The strongest El Niño conditions in almost 20 years churning up in the Pacific Ocean so chances are increasing for heavy storms this winter. FEMA officials are urging those in California to buy flood insurance. They say 37 percent of all flood insurance claims since 1978 in California, have come after just two winters, 1982-83 and 1997-98. Those are the last times there was a strong El Niño. Both of those winters featured pounding rainfall causing flooding, mudslides and other damage across the state.

A judge rules Ukiah and the owner of the Palace Hotel may want to consider mediation to work out their differences. At a hearing yesterday, there was no ruling on whether the hotel should go into receivership. The judge calling it an extraordinary, harsh and last-ditch remedy. The judge questioning if the building is considered a nuisance, saying the city has to prove it is. A telephone conference is set for both sides Nov. 16th, with the possibility of mediation.

The owners of a local Coldwell Banker realty office say someone is dumping trash on their property. The Daily Journal reports Kerry Vau and John Lazaro found a huge load of trash dumped on their business’s driveway. They had previously complained to police that someone had been dumping more and more sheets of cardboard, a possible sign of a nearby homeless camp with those living there moving thru their property on Mason Street near East Perkins Street. Police apparently dropped by and said the city would have things cleaned up but it might take up to a week. The pair says nobody came by to clean up. Then a county supervisor went to the creek and cleaned it of remaining trash and debris. The city manager says cleaning up homeless camps is a complex problem needing to be done under certain legal procedures.

A woman who had a little too much to drink, got herself bit by a tiger after she broke in and tried petting the big cat. Police in Omaha, NE say the woman had a severe hand injury. They say she showed up at a hospital, acting aggressively and seemed to be intoxicated after apparently sneaking into the local zoo and was bitten after reaching into the tiger exhibit. The woman has been cited for criminal trespass.

More than candy for some trick-or-treaters in Quebec. The kids accidentally got bipolar meds instead of candy. A pharmacy accidentally handing out the anti psychotic pills to kids after a customer dropped her 17-year-0ld son’s prescription on the way out of the store. Another customer picked up the fallen meds and left it on the counter, but it was too close to the candy bin. Then an employee mixed it in with the candy by accident and gave it out to kids. They are seven individually wrapped pills. The local police say ingesting the pills isn’t dangerous, but side effects include nausea, tremors and suicidal thoughts.


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