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A man in Nice has been arrested for an assault. The Lake County Sheriff’s office reports getting a call Sunday morning and finding a man on the front porch of a home when they arrived. They say there was a victim, bleeding profusely, who’d been stabbed multiple times. Deputies say the victim told them James Ledesma stabbed him because he told Ledesma he thought he was a thief which angered him. He says Ledesma came to his house and they had a fight when he was stabbed. Apparently there was a surveillance system at the home which recorded the incident seeing exactly what happened. Deputies say it appeared Ledesma had a knife as the men argued, the victim kicked Ledesma who stabbed the victim. Ledesma was arrested for attempted murder and booked into the Lake County jail.

CAL FIRE’s Mendocino Unit says its transitioned to the winter burning season. This as the weather’s cooled and there’s less of a threat of wildland fires. CAL FIRE is not require burning permits until probably May but warns to remember burning must comply with Mendocino County air quality regulations. For more information you can go to the web site at And CAL FIRE reminds you that cooler temperatures and rainfall alone do not prevent fires from escaping control and landowners are responsible for safely burning outdoors and maintaining control at all times.

A short film showing the cultural and historic significance of Anderson Marsh and nearby areas has won the 2015 Governor’s Historic Preservation Award. The film, “A Walk through Time: the Story of Anderson Marsh” made by California State Parks, the Koi Nation of Northern California, the Advanced Laboratory of Visual Anthropology at California State University, Chico, archaeologists and others. The area is Indian land, the ancestral territory of the Koi Nation of Northern California, a Southeastern Pomo tribe thought to have lived in the area as long as 14,000 years ago. The film one of nearly a dozen that won an award this year.

The name of an abalone diver who died on the Mendocino Coast has been released. The Mendocino County Coroner’s Office says Victor Segundo De Leon of San Francisco died Sunday while diving for abalone off a Gualala beach. The coroner says he died of a medical emergency while diving with a friend off Cooks Beach. His friend found him floating face down and alive but unresponsive. The friend called for help, pulling his friend onto shore. He was given CPR on the beach but it was too late.

No more prayer invocations at Eureka City Council meetings. Beginning next year, the ordinance means agendas will be the same, without the prayer invocation. The decision earlier this week passed the council unanimously. This comes after a three years running lawsuit by a lawyer challenging the constitutionality of the council’s practice of prayer invocations during meetings. The city attorney says it was just about quote, “ease of administration” when setting agendas saying the current agenda process has two readings before the council and a 30-day wait before it can take effect.

Registration for Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster money is over. The Valley Fire Long Term Recovery Task Force said they had larger than expected project estimates. Monday was the last day for applications. Last week at the task force meeting, the county Auditor-Controller estimated the amount for county projects was up $12.6 million. That’s because of tree removal with estimates that had been close to 12 million, jumping to $24.4 million. The county has to cover at least $1.7 million. The federal government is covering 75 percent of the costs from the fire that meet FEMA standards, leaving the state liable for 18.75 percent and the county at 6.25 percent.

A free turkey dinner in Middletown at the Twin Pine Casino & Hotel. The hotel working with the Moose Lodge 458 of Santa Rosa providing a Thanksgiving meal for those in need and for victims of the Valley Fire. The Community Thanksgiving Dinner from 2 to 6 p.m. tomorrow featuring the traditional meal and deserts. The Moose Lodge 458 is sponsoring the event. They got donations, organized volunteers, and will cook all the food. Twin Pine Casino and Middletown Rancheria of Pomo Indians also gathered donations and volunteers and secured the facility. And in Willits, it’s the 26th Willits Community Thanksgiving. Their’s from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Harrah Senior Center. Everyone is invited and there is no charge to anyone.

The Blood Centers of the Pacific working with Lake, Sonoma and Mendocino county fire departments for a giant blood drive. It’s the 10th Annual Bucket Brigade Blood Drive Challenge December 7th until January 30th. The last nine years had brought almost 9,000 people out for the challenge who’ve donated thousands of pints of blood. They say last year, they got nearly 600 people to donate more than 500 pints of blood for patients in Northern California hospitals. Geyserville Fire Protection District won first place with 61 people attending, Windsor Fire Protection District was a close second with 56 total attendees. They say this year, they hope to get a combined total of 10,000 participants.

The Mendocino-Lake Community College District is refinancing part of approved Measure W bonds saying it’ll save taxpayers $36 million. The Community College Board approving the move so the District administration is going for lower interest rates to refinance bonds from 6.46 percent to 4.72 percent.

The city of Ukiah says yes to mediation as an alternative to receivership for the Palace Hotel. But the city attorney says that can only happen if both sides agree to certain stipulations. Lawyers for the city spoke to lawyers for the owner of the hotel last week, agreeing verbally on mediation. No more work will be done on the building though. The lawyers speaking to the retired judge assigned the case about possible mediation, agreeing to draft paperwork which has been sent to Eladia Laines, the hotel owner. The city attorney says he has no formal response yet. But once it’s signed by everyone, the judge will get it. The judge had urged all parties to consider mediation instead of receivership.

One of the People Mover cars from the ride at Disneyland has been sold at a Los Angeles auction, fetching nearly a half million dollars. The elevated tram ride took visitors for a slow tour thru Tomorrowland from 1967 until 1995. The car sold for $471,500. The auction last weekend had hundreds of items from Disneyland including the marquee sign for the Golden Horseshoe Revue, which got nearly $50,000, and an original poster for the Rocket to the Moon attraction, which got $28,175. Bids came from around the world.

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