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Mendocino County Sheriff Deputies believe they have apprehended one of two men who allegedly stabbed an 18 year old man multiple times in late October. The victim he was at the soccer field at the Grace Hudson Elementary School when he was approached by two Hispanic males who appeared to be between 18-20 years of age. He says they were upset because he was wearing blue. He told the men he wasn’t in any gang but they began to stab and beat him. The victim was eventually able to run away. He was recently able to identify a 17 year old suspect with ties to a local gang and was in custody on unrelated charges.

Arson is suspected in a fire last night on Sherwood Hill Drive in Willits, California. Deputies say they arrived on scene and found a large pile of burnt garbage and other unrecognizable debris outside the resident just below a bedroom window. Police believe Gerald Simpson who stayed in that bedroom of the house belonging to a 73 year old woman, started that fire. After searching deputies eventually found Gerald. He’s being held in lieu of $30,000 bail.

Bass fisherman and fishing guide Paul Bailey of Kelseyville caught some monster bass, that could be a world record. Bailey was filming a video at Bullards Bar Reservoir in Dobbins when he landed what could be a new world record for spotted bass. The bass weighed 11.4 pounds and easily topped the current record of 10.4 pounds. Unfortunately To be confirmed as a world record a certified biologist must examine the fish and it has to be weighed on a certified scale. that didn’t happen is this case and there is some question if it will be accepted as an official world record.

After barely conserving enough water in October to meet the state mandate, Ukiah rebounded in November to “quite easily” meet the standard. , Water and Sewer Director Sean White reported to the Ukiah City Council that some rain and some cold really helped to cut down water usage. Last November the city used 69 million gallons of water, but this year it was just 51 million a reduction of 26 percent, well above the 20 percent mark the city barely squeaked by last year. The city is working on a rebate program for installing low flow toilets in order to keep those water conservation numbers up.

Several churches around the county, Led by Lakeport Seventh-day Adventist member Taylor Johnson, want to create a warming shelter for the region’s homeless to protect them from the elements. The group presented the idea for the center at the board of supervisors regular meeting earlier this week. They want the center to open in early January and run through April 1st. In addition to providing shelter from the elements the churches hop to connect Lake County’s homeless to continuum of care services and to gether information from them. The proposed shelter would be at the seventh day Adventist church. The shelter would require volunteers from other faith based organizations that would help serve hot meals and beverages to those that visit and a “grab and go” breakfast in the morning.

A Tuna Christmas” opens tonight. Lake County Community Theater presents the sequel to “Greater Tuna,”last years play about Christmas in the tiny town of Tuna, Texas. Two actors portray the 22 eccentric personalities in the play. It opens tonight at the Lower Lake Schoolhouse Museum at 7 p.m. and continues weekends through Dec. 20,

Still no Dungeness Crab season. The delayed Crab season was discussed yesterday after North Coast legislators Sen. Mike Mcguire and Assemblyman Jim Wood, also the leaders of the California Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture, called for a special meeting focusing on public health issues, ocean conditions and the coastal fishing economy. The crab season was officially delayed Nov. 6, nearly a week before the kick-off of the commercial crabbing season, , after unsafe levels of domoic acid were detected in crabs off the state’s coast, created by an upswing of toxic algal blooms. If ingested by humans, the state agencies said, low levels of domoic acid can potentially cause nausea, diarrhea and dizziness. At higher levels, the toxin can cause short-term memory loss, seizures and in its most extreme case, death. Cat Kuhlman, executive director of the Ocean Protection Council. is calling for new investments and partnerships to respond to ocean changes. McGuire is hopeful, that the season could be reopened in “the next couple of weeks.”

A Ukiah couple is busy preparing for a very rare surprise. Kira and Cody Swan, conceived three identical daughters — without fertility intervention. Kira, about to be a first time mom three times over says crazy is the only word she has for it. The Journal of Biosocial Science found that the phenomenon of identical triplets occurs only 20 to 30 times in a million births. They’ve started a crowdfunding campaign to help with the cost of buying three of everything. They’ll meet the triplets around march 1st.

Jack London State Historic Park is gearing up for a yearlong celebration in 2016 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the famous author’s death. London’s passions for the outdoors, writing and entertaining are reflected in the activities planned throughout the year. Highlights include a writing contest for students with cash prizes and a September gala event at the winery ruins. ark officials are hoping that interest in the anniversary will help fund capital improvements to the park.


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