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A group of local investors looks to be interested in taking over the long vacant Masonite property. The Daily Journal reports Factory Pipe owner Ross Liberty told the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors he’d like to take 65 acres of the long-empty mill property along with a group of local investors calling themselves the “Ukiah Industrial Park Team”. The team looking into buying land seen from Highway 101 at State Street to develop, saying it could bring as many as 600 skilled jobs to Ukiah. The board is going to take up the matter at their meeting this morning. The newspaper reports it looks probable the board will support the proposal with a formal letter. Liberty bought 10 acres of the Masonite property in 2012, to expand Factory Pipe.

A couple in Ukiah, something of a miracle. They’ve conceived identical triplets without fertility methods. Kira and Cody Swan seeing doctors at UCSF who’ve told them they’ve beaten the odds, conceiving three identical daughters, one egg, splitting 3 times. Something the Journal of Biosocial Science says only happens 20 to 30 times in a million births. The couple looking for help with the cost of healthcare and traveling back and forth to the hospital has a crowdfunding site up at The babies due in March.

The Mendocino Council of Governments has a list of potential needs in the area of transit. The Mendocino Transit Authority is looking into the subject of providing service and setting priorities for needs of as many as 95 recommended unmet transit needs. The council of governments will get the analysis and pass it on to its Transit Productivity Committee in April or May before budget talks. There would possibly be some recommendations made for funds included in MTA’s 2016-17 transit claim for funds.

The 3-year-old stepson of a CHP officer got a hold of a gun and shot and injured his teenage brother. The 15 year old in Stockton shot in the foot last Saturday night and had a non life-threatening injury. Police say the brothers were playing hide-and-seek when the 3-year-old found the CHP officer’s .22-caliber rifle in a closet then shot his brother. The name of the officer has been withheld and the CHP is investigating the shooting. Stockton police handed the case over to the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office to see if charges should be filed.

A man from Lake County walking across lanes of traffic on the 101 in Windsor has been killed after three separate vehicles hit him. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office identified the man as Brandon Harlof of Nice. The Sheriff’s dept. reports Harlof was walking in the lanes of the northbound 101 late Sunday night and suddenly crossed lanes of traffic and was hit. First a silver Dodge Charger hit the man. Then after the Charger, a car hit the man too, followed by yet another, the first a 1999 Cadillac , then a three-axle truck and trailer. All three vehicles pulled over and waiting for the CHP and traffic was diverted from the area.

Congressman Mike Thompson has announced a nearly $2 million dollar Emergency Relief grant to fix or reconstruct highways and roads on federal lands damaged by the Valley fire. The money comes from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration. Thompson says the fire caused damage to critical infrastructure and says it’ll be a long way back to repairing and rebuilding. He says the money will help continue progress. The Valley fire caused major damage to area highways including pavements, signs, guardrails and safety features, destabilized slopes and embankments, and debris from trees and burned structures.

Flood prevention work happening in Clearlake. Today and tomorrow the Clearlake Public Works Department is taking out about 45 linear feet of failing storm drain and replacing it with new pipe. City crews will have to saw cut and excavate a trench about 5 feet wide across the entire roadway and curb, gutter and sidewalk across and to the northeast side of Lakeshore Drive. It’s about 45 feet long. The city is installing detour barricades around the area and traffic will be rerouted.

A bogus bomb threat called into St. Mary’s School. Police in Ukiah say the hoax was called in yesterday just after lunch time. Students were evacuated as a precaution as police and the Ukiah High School resource officer searched the facility with staff. They found nothing and allowed kids to go back to class. The threat was someone calling the school saying there was a bomb, then hanging up. Police looking for help from the public regarding the incident.

Not everyone’s happy about proposed raise hikes of as much as 22 percent and 10 percent for Mendocino County’s district attorney and sheriff. The Press Democrat reports union representatives of county employees say some of their members are making less than they were five years ago. The newspaper reports the pay raises will be voted on this morning. It would bring District Attorney David Eyster’s yearly earnings from about $195,000 to more than $236,000 and the Sheriff Tom Allman’s nearly $255,000 to almost $280,000. The rank and file employee unions say the possible rate increases show the Board of Supervisors favor department management over other employees.

A driver in New Jersey apparently confused as to where she was has been charged with DUI. Port Authority police say they arrested Karol Andino early Saturday after she stopped her car looking for New Jersey. She was near the Holland Tunnel when cops approached. Officers told her she was there, but she kept saying she was "looking for New Jersey". Cops say her blood alcohol level was .25 percent. The state’s legal limit is .08 percent.

A man in Pennsylvania’s been arrested after cops found his name on his sweatshirt… the shirt he wore to break into a taxi company where he once worked. Police say Joshua Jording is facing burglary, theft and related charges after cops saw security video with the suspect wearing a shirt with the name "Josh" on it. His home was searched, where police found that shirt, plus two guns and two smartphones taken during the burglary last week at the Veterans Cab Co. in Unity Township.


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