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The Clearlake Planning Commission is scheduled to talk about possible amendments to the city’s medical marijuana cultivation ordinance. Lake County News reports the City Manager is bringing a recommendation to the Commission tonight to have the City Council take up the amendments at their next regularly scheduled meeting. The City Council approved the current ordinance in June after a referendum challenging an outright ban the council had passed in February; but in a report prepared for the Commission, the City Manager says the council is not happy with it and have formed a committee to recommend changes. The committee is apparently looking at stricter rules that are easier to enforce.

The chair of the Lake County Board of Supervisors reportedly wants a do-over on last spring’s resolution to let voters decide whether Lake County should join the secessionist State of Jefferson. Lake County News reports Anthony Farrington is going to ask the board to consider a request to rescind the resolution they voted 3-2 in favor of for a 2016 measure. It would ask County residents if they want to adopt a “declaration of support” to separate from the state of California and join several Northern California and Southern Oregon counties in forming a new state. Farrington says his reasons to rescind the resolution include the need for access to State of California resources during catastrophic events such as the recent fires, and the lack of a clear financial plan from State of Jefferson backers for how the poorest counties could come up with enough money for basic public services. The board meets this morning.

Police in Fort Bragg warning the public about sky lanterns. The dept says one had falling into a tree still burning. The police dept. getting a call last Thursday that a “flaming sky lantern had fallen to the ground” then hit a tree and continued burning until it was put out. They say there’s been an increase in the use of the lanterns and they want to public to know the oiled rice paper is highly flammable with a waxy material or candle as a heat/light source. The lighting of the candle causes the lantern to lift off like a hot air balloon and once it comes down it could pose a serious fire and safety hazard. They say anyone who starts a fire due to the lanterns could face charges. They say the charges could be the same as someone who carelessly or negligently discards a cigarette or other flaming or glowing substance that starts a fire.

The Clearlake city council is not approving the banning of dogs in public parks and beaches. After a long debate, the council said no because if would punish responsible dog owners for the actions of a “few bad apples”. Plus they said there’s no other alternative options for people to exercise their dogs. This from the council meeting last week, the council looking for ways to clean up city parks and reduce the amount of citations and arrests. The City Manager says legislation from 2012 allowed dogs in recreation areas and it’s created problems. He says pet waste stations have been vandalized, plastic bags for pet waste have been flushed down park toilets, and gangs use dogs to intimidate other people. The council will consider a redrafting of the ordinance though with possible bans for continued offenders.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. has arrested a man from Lower Lake after finding more than 100 images of child pornography. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) let the Lake County major crimes dept know about the child pornography that was being uploaded to specific IP and email addresses. They identified Lee Buckmaster and served him with a search warrant. Detectives took media storage from the home with videos and still pictures they say had kiddy porn on it. Buckmaster faces charges of possession of child pornography and he was booked into the Lake County Jail on $200,000 bail.

A new mayor in Clearlake. Council member Russell Perdock was chosen as mayor at the council’s regular meeting Thursday night. Perdock and Vice-Mayor Gina Dickson both got the nods for the position, but the nomination of Perdock was seconded, holding things up. In the end the vote was unanimous with Perdock nominated by Joyce Overton and Dickson by the last mayor. The new mayor has been on the city council since 2014. He was with the Lake County Sheriff’s office for a time, making it up to the rank of chief deputy. He was also on the city’s planning commission.

The mouth of the Russian River has been reopened after water backed up into its estuary, flooding the Jenner Visitor Center and nearby parking lots. It drained to the ocean. The dammed water broke through a natural sandbar sealing the river closed last month which ended with the estuary rising after recent storms. The water was so high last week, it spread partway onto Highway 1, so the highway had to be closed to a single lane, looking like a lake was next to it. The Sonoma County Water Agency manages the river estuary. They say they were hoping to breach the sandbar early last week but high surf made it too unsafe so the river just kept rising until flooding out the Jenner Visitor Center.

More than 20,000 people showed up in Sonoma County at the Emerald Cup outdoor cannabis competition. The Press Democrat reports the event is a celebration of cannabis culture. It was over the weekend, both days in Santa Rosa. Organizers say they had their biggest attendance ever. 21,000 showed up this year as opposed to 13,000 last year and 7,000 in 2013. The first time, the event was in Mendocino County, and a little more under wraps, 12 years ago. They call it the equivalent of the Oscars for the cannabis industry. Producers from the “Emerald Triangle” of Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity counties come to the event along with the public.

A new report shows many water abusers in the state are professional athletes and sports executives in the San Francisco Bay Area. They’re being fined for using too much water during the 4 year historic drought. The Oakland Tribune reports ( ) that A’s manager Billy Beane, San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey, former world champion figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, retired NFL running back Maurice Jones-Drew and Sacramento Kings co-owner Mark Mastrov are among nearly 1,900 customers the East Bay Municipal Utility District is citing for using too much water this fall.

Neighbors in one Utah community are putting decoy packages on front porches to try to deal with holiday delivery thieves. Some of the items in the packages in the Daybreak neighborhood of South Jordan include rocks, old clothes and junk televisions. Some are even using surveillance video to try to catch thieves in action. Neighbors say if thieves get bogus items, chances are good they won’t return.

Deputies in southern Maine say they had to visit a home because its owner had a raunchy anti-terrorist Christmas light display they say looked like it might have been support for the Islamic State group, ISIS. The Portland Press Herald reports ( ) the homeowner spelled the word "ISIS" on a board under the deck of their home in Limerick. The York County Sheriff says it concerned neighbors who thought the guy might have been an "ISIS sympathizer", but in reality it was a lit up plastic Santa on top of a deck that looked to be urinating on the word ISIS via a strand of white lights.

The Calif. Coastal Commission gets the Mendocino Town Plan Update after it was unanimously approved by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors. The update’s been a work in progress for 4 years. The county’s consultant for the town plan update has reviewed some recent major changes since it was updated a year ago. That includes an annex for the Mendocino Headlands State Park of Big River to be redesignated from forestlands to open space, including public access and Mendocino Historic Review Board guidelines. The approved draft had thumbs up and down from the public.

Unless congress steps in deals for the Klamath River Basin after several years could expire next year. The Daily Journal reports some North Coast tribes and other organizations are not giving up getting 4 dams removed from the basin and look to be up for a challenge next month for the dam’s being renewed. One of three Klamath Basin agreements, proposes removal of four hydroelectric dams by 2020 to protect salmon. If it’s approved, it would be the largest dam removal project in U.S. history. Right now the four dams are part of a major long-term relicensing deal with federal and state agencies. The owner PacifiCorp has agreed with the state of Calif. to delay the process. If it’s not renewed by the beginning of next year, PacifiCorp says they’ll try to relicense again, a process, the company say, is nearly complete.

A celebration of outgoing Mayor Doug Crane. A goodbye to Crane before the next city council meeting. The celebration is open to the public tomorrow night, starting at 5:30 p.m. in the council’s chambers and will end just before the council meeting starts at 6 p.m. The new mayor was appointed 2 weeks ago, Vice-Mayor Steve Scalmanini gets his chance as part of the rotation process approved by a previous council. The seat gets filled by the council member with the longest uninterrupted service and who has not previously served as mayor.

It won’t be long before Ukiah’s got its own Chipotle Mexican Grill. Crews started breaking ground yesterday on the restaurant at the northwest corner of East Perkins Street and Orchard Avenue. The Daily Journal reports the city’s Senior Planner says their first work is grading and the installation of utilities, then they’ll put up the building. Plans have already been submitted and planning staff will take a look at them. As we reported over the summer, the Ukiah Planning Commission approved the restaurant’s permit. Community members at the time said they were happy something would take the place of the long vacant property across the street from McDonald’s.

A memo of understanding is close to being agreed to between the Fort Bragg City Council, Municipal Improvement District and the Noyo Center for Marine Science. The Noyo Center’s become a nonprofit over the years and this memo will clarify roles and responsibilities, plus spell out legal provisions including indemnifications, insurance and the like. The project will be a work in progress. The Daily Journal reports the Noyo Center Board of Directors can also independently define and refine key concepts, priorities and direction and Fort Bragg will allow work products and concepts developed up to now. $150,000 from the Waste Management Community Benefit Fund is going to the center after the memo is signed. The city and the center will choose a spot for the center to be located.


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