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Two women are charged with robbery and criminal conspiracy for an alleged attack on a Ukiah woman earlier this month. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says the victim claimed she was assaulted December 1st by two women who drove up and confronted her about a previous encounter where her cell phone was stolen. The two are identified as Maria Gonzalez of Ukiah and Alison Sanchez of Willits. Police issued a be-on-the-lookout for the two and the next day got an anonymous tip from someone who spotted them. Both were booked into the Mendocino County Jail where Gonzalez was being held in lieu of $155,000 bail and Sanchez on $150,000.

Cleanup and fire debris removal still going on in Valley Fire areas of Middletown, Anderson Springs, Cobb and Hidden Valley. Property owners who haven’t signed a Right of Entry (ROE) allowing CalRecycle onto their property for debris cleanup, or submitted an application so a private contractor can clean their properties have been sent a Notice of Nuisance and Orders to Abate. They have a month from the date of the notice to do either. If they don’t comply, the County will have their lot cleaned, then the property will be assessed for the amount to abate and there will be a lien be placed on that property.

The bodies of two young children have been found in a commercial storage unit in Northern California during a child abuse investigation. Police say a starving and injured 9-year-old was found at a house about 140 miles away from the bodies. The 3-year-old girl and 6-year-old boy’s bodies found Friday in Redding. Homicide detectives are looking into motivation and cause and possible suspects. They say it all started after a call to a possible child abuse case in the town of Quincy. A 17-year-old boy and 39-year-old woman have been arrested on abuse allegations related to the starving 9-year-old. The two held on $1 million bail.

Numbers released for Black Friday gun sales show record amounts of sales of firearms. The hot sales continued for days after the San Bernardino attacks as we’ve reported. But new data from the state and fed show firearms purchases in California triggered 1.5 million federal background checks for the first 11 months of the year. Then in December when sales typically spike anyway, proved true again. State data shows sales were way up over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, four times higher than the average number for other November days.

Olive oil becoming quite the Calif. commodity, especially in the north part of the state. Sales apparently going up after the Italian oil labeling scandal. Seven Italian olive oil companies are being investigated for improperly labeling their oil. Italian farm lobby Coldretti says the fraud happened by adding imported olive oil to domestic. The seven companies being investigated are Bertolli, Sasso, Carapelli, Coricelli, Santa Sabina, Prima Donna and Antica Badia. This and a bad 2014 harvest had sales climbing in California. Plus Calif. has strict requirements.

There’s been another extension for the proposed Ukiah Costco so it’s still in a holding pattern. Defendants, including the city of Ukiah, asking for more time to file a response to the opening brief. The Record Bee reports recent filings in the case show more time requested in the First District Court of Appeals by lawyer William Kopper. His brief was due a month ago. He got 30 days, then last week filed for another delay of his opening brief. The defendants, include Costco and Mendocino County, have until the 3rd week of January to respond to the extended appeal. It was first filed by the group “Ukiah Citizens for Safety First” which has basically just the lawyer remaining as the sole member.

A robbery at a gas station turned into a full on brawl in Roseland. Police say the owner and an employee fought off three teenagers Saturday night. The owner, Satnam Singh, says his dad and co-owner saw one of the teens steal some stuff and told him to put it away and leave, but another teen came in. Then Singh and an employee cornered the would be shoplifter, and another who stole one of their cell phones. Police say it became a huge fight which was caught on camera, the owner using a golf club, which broke in half during the fight. Another incident at a nearby convenience store happened Monday, which police say may be related. They’re still on the run.

That bridge replacement project on Soda Bay Road is almost done. The Lake County Public Works Dept. Director says it could be delayed a bit though, because of weather. They’re hoping Cole Creek bridge could reopen next week. Rain’s expected the end of the week though, the contractor was hoping to pave mid-next week. They basically have striping and the bridge approach rail to finish. So if possible, if could even open as soon as Monday.

The final meeting of the year, after a busy one for the Middletown Area Town Hall. They took nominations for a board election after the new year. The meeting only lasted about a half hour last Thursday. During the meeting, the new board secretary was introduced. One main item on the agenda was the board nominations for 3 of 5 seats up for re-election. It’s a 2 year commitment. The nominees will give a presentation at the January meeting and the election will happen right after. When they return, they will still deal with the after effects of the Valley fire will be a big agenda item for 2016.

A man from Houston could go to jail for proposing to his girlfriend, in the middle of a busy freeway. Vidal Valladares (vee-DAL’ vah-YAH’-dah-rehs) has been charged with obstructing a roadway which is considered a Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $2,000. It happened Sunday, the man on one knee in the middle of Interstate 45, proposing as angry drivers shouted and honked their horns. (She said yes.)

A television station in Iowa doing a live update about a bank robbery in Minnesota as police report the same bank being robbed by the same suspect a second time. KIMT-TV of Mason City outside Sterling State Bank in Rochester Tuesday as a bank employee runs out, pointing out the robbery suspect. The reporter then says to the camera, "I have to go. I have to call 911." The robber arrested just outside Minneapolis.


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