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A double-shooting’s being investigated in Clearlake. Police say it looks like the shooting Monday where two people ended up with injuries, could have been connected to marijuana. Police get a call to the 15900 Block of 20th Avenue to a disturbance. They later found two shooting victims at a hospital, a male and female, both from Clearlake. The woman was shot in the arm and the man in the face. The man was flown to another hospital. The female told police two unknown masked men broke into their home, breaking in the front door and said they were out-of-county law enforcement then assaulted them and shot at them during a struggle. She says the would-be crooks took off in what might have been a Honda accord or Honda Civic with modified exhaust. They’re described as black men in ski masks and gloves. Police say while processing the crime scene, they found several indicators of large scale marijuana production at the home.

Child sex abuse charges have been filed against a former Ukiah man who disappeared last year after allegations were made against him from Child Protective Services. Ukiah Police say they got a reports last December from CPS about an 8-year-old child being sexually abused repeatedly between 2012 and 2013. At the time of the report, the victim was in protective custody of CPS. Detectives learned that the suspect in the case was a relative of the victim who had left the area identified as Silviano Gonzales, also known as Govino Gonzales. UPD says detectives couldn’t find him for a year but they did on Monday. They arrested him on suspicion of lewd acts with a child younger than 14, unlawful sexual intercourse, and other charges.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors has taken away their support to allow voters to decide whether the County should leave the state of California and help form a new state. Supervisors voted unanimously at their meeting Tuesday to rescind an ordinance they passed last March to put an advisory measure to voters next year asking if the county should join the new State of Jefferson. Those in favor want Lake to join several Northern California and Southern Oregon counties in forming the new 51st state. Lake County News reports Board Chair Anthony Farrington asked for the vote, pointing out this year’s wildfires required a lot of support from the state, and the Jefferson movement’s financial analysis did not add up to the same level of help. A Lake County Jefferson Declaration Committee member at the meeting said they will proceed anyway, with or without the county government.

More information released on the case of two young children’s bodies being found in a storage unit in Northern California and a starving, injured 9-year-old at a house about 140 miles away. The Press Democrat reports a woman and her teenage friend have been id’d as possible suspects and arrested. The two dead children, a 3-year-old girl and 6-year-old boy were found last Friday at the storage facility in Redding. It all started with a call about the starving 9 year old in Quincy, the girl went to the hospital, but her condition has not been publicized. The two arrested are held on $1 million bail. The two were being held on suspicion of felony child abuse, torture and mayhem. Police say the two dead children or possibly two others had been in the pair’s custody.

The California population is growing. The state added another 350,000 people over one-year for a total number of just under 39.1 million. The numbers released by the state dept. of finance Wednesday, showing the growth between July 1, 2014, to July 1, 2015. The numbers show a natural increase due to births, but there were also deaths. The rest of the numbers come from migration into and out of the state. California adding about 145,000 people from other countries and lost 61,000 to other states.

Ukiah’s building official and others are touring the Palace Hotel as part of a mediation agreement with the building’s owner. The City Atty. says they need to see the current condition of the building before getting into mediation saying they haven’t seen inside the hotel in “quite a while”. The city had asked for receivership to take over the building. A hearing with a judge ended with the judge advising mediation. The city atty. says they asked the hotel owner for an inspection before they agreed to go thru with mediation, which has been set to start late January. Inspection this morning.

A woman from Ukiah stopped a break in at her home, but police say she’s one of many lately. Police say the woman in the 400 block of South School Street reported a man was trying to break in December 9th and he was kicking and slamming against her door after blocking him from opening it with the door knob. She called police. A few minutes before that, police say, another resident called to report someone on the front porch of their residence as officers were on the call to the South School Street break in. Police report multiple burglaries and attempted burglaries earlier that day too. One person saw someone leaving their side yard and found their garage door was pried open and a backpack stolen.

A transfer of property has been agreed to by the Brooktrails Township Board of Directors Mendocino County deemed unbuildable. The county got the property and called the Township to donate the lot and the costs to transfer it. It’s a ½ acre piece of property that was created as a lot with aerial surveys in the 1960’s. The Willits News says some of those lots might have looked okay on a map and sold to vacation-home seekers, but some were actually on the side of a cliff or in other areas considered unbuildable. The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors found it had been collecting fees on parcels they couldn’t sell in the Brooktrails area, but hasn’t done anything about it until now.

2 people, already on probation making a list of crimes they were going to commit. The pair arrested in a car with stolen packages Tuesday in Encinitas with their "to-do" list, one item noted, "steal mail and shoplift." They were stopped after an delivery driver called in someone following him as he dropped off packages. Police say they found five stolen packages, drugs, methamphetamine, heroin, a gun and stolen mail addressed to more than a dozen people. Nineteen-year-old Kristina Green and 38-year-old Gary Withers of San Diego have been arrested on suspicion of gun, drug and theft crimes.

A man in the Xmas spirit, paying off more than $106,000 in shoppers’ layaways at a couple of Wal-Mart stores in northeast Ohio. Local TV reporting the man told Wal-Mart employees he liked doing something special around his birthday each year and insisted on remaining anonymous. He paid off almost $70,000 for layaway items at the Steelyard Commons store in Cleveland and $36,000 for items in Lorain. Items included toys, 70-inch televisions and a pair of socks.


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