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The fifth fire in Guerneville in the last week has destroyed a home. A fire official says two of the fires are considered suspicious. The fire over the holiday weekend in a vacant home near the east end of the city. When firefighters got there the home was totally engulfed in flames. There were no injuries reported and no cause has been determined. Another fire started Saturday and damaged the Russian River Health Center, putting it out of commission. Fire investigators say the clinic fire was definitely human-caused but they weren’t sure if it was intentional or unintentional. The clinic serves 3,500 people in the Guerneville and lower Russian River area.

A state grant to the Lake County Library to help victims of the summers fires in Lake County. The California State Library says its offering $15,000 in federal Library Services and Technology Act money to the Lake County Library for collection development. County residents affected by the fires have gone to the county’s libraries for rebuilding and to get info on property and personal loss.

A warming center’s opening thanks to a group of local churches for the homeless and needy. Starting after the New Year on January 4th, the warming center opens at the Lakeport Seventh-day Adventist Church on the corner of Hill Road East and Park Way. The hours are 6 p.m. to 7 a.m., Monday through Friday until April 1st. Those staying at the warming center get dinner, breakfast and can take showers. The space will be physically and emotionally safe for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Many new laws take effect next week, starting Jan. 1st though, state law will require most businesses $10 an hour, minimum wage. Konocti Vista Casino started the new wage Christmas week. So those already working at the casino will go up to 10 bucks an hour and the same for new hires. Most businesses in the state have to follow state and federal laws regarding wages, but Indian gaming casinos pretty much follow federal rules because casinos are on federal land.

Congressmembers Jared Huffman of San Rafael and Brad Sherman of Sherman Oaks are part of a letter signed by other members sent to the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of the Treasury looking for clarification for homeowners who get water conservation rebates regarding paying federal taxes on the rebates. Right now the IRS considers water rebates taxable income but the congressmembers say the IRS should reconsider the rebates as a reduction on the purchase price of home improvement.

Emergency laws could be passed by Bay Area cities regarding growing and selling medical marijuana ahead of statewide changes to regulate the medical drug for the first time. The Gov. Jerry Brown had signed three bills into law all as one which is called the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act which starts Friday. The trio of laws to come up with a template for the industry almost 20 years after the drug was legalized as medicine. There will be a new state agency to regulate, suspend, and even take away licenses from dispensaries starting in 2018. The law will also mean the Medical Board of California can investigate doctors recommending the drug too much. It will be a misdemeanor for the doctors who over prescribe for financial interest in a licensed medical marijuana facility and the law allows tighter regulations on marijuana farmers who pollute streams and rivers.

State officials say there are more cases of norovirus, also known as winter vomiting disease. The state Department of Public Health says there’s been 32 confirmed outbreaks of the virus since Oct. 1st that could have affected as many as hundreds of people. They warn it’s highly contagious and can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. You can get it if you’re near an infected person, eat food or drink liquids with the disease or if you touch contaminated surfaces or objects and then touch your mouth.

California cops trying to figure out why a naked man was out in frigid temperatures when he went into a home and stole a purse. Police in Auburn say the boyfriend of the homeowner chased the suspect, Adam Pettibone then Pettibone ran off, got into an SUV and got away, but not before he hit the boyfriend with the SUV. Police found the SUV nearby and arrested Pettibone for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and burglary. He was being held on $250,000 bail.

A couple in New Hampshire had second thoughts on their divorce, but the state’s high court didn’t agree. The state’s Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling saying no to vacating the couple’s divorce after 24 years of marriage. Terrie and Thomas McCarron argued on appeal their divorce decree should be tossed because they made up and were together again, but the justices unanimously said no. a lawyer appointed by the state said allowing the divorce could jeopardize all of the state’s divorces.

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